Happy New Year!; Ano Novo 2012 Fogos de artifício – New Year fireworks ; New Years Day Strauss concerts and more..; The corrida de São Silvestre Funchal Road Race; Future of Lido swimming complex; Impressive renovation of traditional Madeiran Country House;

Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:


Happy New Year everyone!

Link to another recording of the Display:


New Years Day Strauss concerts and more..

-10h00 – 20h00 – Performances of The Bandas Filarmónicas e Grupos Folclóricos in Funchal City Centre

-18h00 – Concerto de Ano Novo, by The Orquestra Clássica da Madeira (OCM) – at Madeira Tecnopólo in The Sala Ursa Maior

Future of Lido swimming complex

The Câmara Municipal do Funchal announces more proposals in relation to the restoration of the Lido bathing complex on Funchal’s ocean front supported by the EU Intervir+ programme including areas with free admission to the public.

Diario Newspaper article: http://www.dnoticias.pt/impressa/diario/299934/madeira/299941-lido-renaturalizado-e-com-zonas-gratuitas

Impressive renovation of traditional Madeiran Country House, ‘Casa da Ribeira Seca’ in São Vicente by MSB Arquitectos



Athletics: Funchal Road Race, 29th December 2011

Another edition of The corrida de São Silvestre, Volta à Cidade do Funchal

All images from Diario Newspaper unless otherwise stated

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  1. Lets hope that the Madeiran authorities will begin to recognise the importance of restoration over demolition and replacement with soviet style blocks of apartments.
    I am amazed that even more construction has started in Ajuda when there are loads of empty grossly overpriced apartments,
    Beautiful buildings in the old town are left to go to rack and ruin except for sponsored graffiti in the entrance doors
    I would suggest compulsory purchase of derelict buildings for sale to people like me for renovation. Should the previous owners emerge the funds are in place for their reimbursement.
    I guess powerfull forces control the destiny of derelict buildings so that huge profits can be made from their replacement.
    Madeira will look so awful one day that foreign investors will be put off.
    The cost od acess to Madeira will become so expensive it will be increasingly difficult to fill the huge hotels.

  2. ‘morning Martin, spot on, as usual…..

    We have recently had cause to venture to the “Piornais” area West of “main” Funchal (beyond Madeira Shopping, before Prai Formosa) and are mortified at the scale of destruction and so called developemnt ….. it is horrible. Huge holes in the ground awaiting more ugly (soviet) apartment blocks in front of already built ugly apartment blocks with another huge Hotel complex being (noisly) built across the new main road, in front of them, adding to the destruction of the environment, sea view and coastal land…..the whole area could be mistaken for somewhere in Tenerife and has nothing in common with Madeira whatsoever. Rows of Hotels, apartments and building sites – some never to be finished, some never to be occupied, none ever full and all interspersed with the occasional sad, lonely, derelict and deserted original house – sometimes with a sad, lonely, derelict and deserted Madeiran shaking his head in shame, frustration and saddness. Madness.

  3. Rumours have it that Soviet style blocks are built to launder Russian cash suitcased out of their country having been earned from illegal/untaxed money.
    The severe style of the blocs suits their lack of taste.
    This cash finds its way into the pockets of the less scupulous Madeirans.
    As I say this is only a rumour from widely held Madeiran beliefs that this cash lubricates the wheels for the wealthy way of life for some.
    The President closes his eyes?

  4. I seem to remember someone saying to me that there was some aspect of Madeiran/Portuguese law about family ownership of property which can prevent purchase or demolition of properties.

  5. Indeed David, as I understand it, ALL interested parties who have a family “tie” to the property must be located and signatures obtained etc. before sale….difficult as often an older property in Madeira has many interested/entitled family members who emigrated as youngsters, have had their own families abroad and are difficult to trace/contact. Therefore if “grandma and/or grandad” passes away the property cannot be disposed of untill all their children and grandchildren etc. are identified and located and sign the relevant paperwork = I quite like Martins idea though!

  6. from the Euro news…A decade of the euro.

    On new year’s day 2002 euro notes and coins hit the streets for the first time. They were introduced with much enthusiasm and optimism as a currency that people could actually spend in the shops.

    Previously — from the start of 1999 — it had been used by the world’s financial markets as an accounting currency.

    The idea was to lower borrowing costs and make trade and tourism easier, boosting growth and Europe’s clout in the world.

    The currency is now used by more than 330 million people and — despite recent events — many maintain faith in its future such as Philipp Roeckner speaking in a German shopping centre who said: “I have a lot of trust in the euro. I am not worried in the least.”

    But others do not see it as the promised stabiliser and shelter from global economic crises. Another shopper Ralf Schmidt said: “I have no trust in the euro whatsoever. Because, if you look at the economy, the promises have not been kept.”

    The problem — ignored at the beginning and now all too apparent — was that the euro was not a one-size-fits-all currency.

    The 17 different countries using it had different needs, particularly after the economic crisis hit, as Hans-Werner Sinn, President of the Ifo Institute, an economic research group, explained: “Unfortunately, things didn’t go as well with the euro as we had thought. The euro is in an existential crisis at the moment. Some countries have over-extended themselves, and their inflation, through using inexpensive credit before the crisis and before the euro. They are now left with wages and prices that are much too high, they’ve lost their competitiveness and have to finance huge foreign trade deficits.”

    As the euro were launched — overseen by the Frankfurt-based European Central Bank — many economists were sceptical.

    They were told that it would work because governments were required to cut their debt before being allowed to join and would have to make much needed fiscal and labour market reforms.

    Ten years later, the crisis has revealed how little of that reform and debt cutting was actually done.

  7. Proof again Peter that politicians cannot organise a drinking session in a brewery when it comes to finance and taxes.
    Their latest suggestion is that GB and other raise their VAT rates to match the highest currently levied.
    This will be given back to the taxpayers in the form of raised benefits.
    Reduce VAT rates to the lowest and even lower them again should be the plan.
    Money is never returned by governments.
    This latest scheme will cost each family in Britain over £500 pa.
    Merkle and Sarkosy criticise those who overspend but support this incredibly stupid scheme
    I’m for revolution.

  8. Martin Yes too many lies by all Governments. They should been some countries who got their act together, before this mess. Its the minority that spoils the world which the majority tax payer have to carry. Governments and bosses forget, when they ask for things.

  9. I agree with Debs – that isn’t a renovation. And of course the whole building is now surrounded with concrete. A colleague recently renovated an old property in Sao Vicente. The govt provides grants to restore old stone buildings etc. (or did pre crisis!) His neighbours were astonished that he didn`t just demolish and rebuild in block and render. When we did our place we wanted to restore the original property but the builder thought we were mad and persuaded us to demolish and rebuild. All around us in the last 2 years original stone walls around the various plots of land, including associated trees and greenery have been replaced with huge concrete walls. It isn`t the Russians doing this!
    Although we rebuilt on the original footprint and kept our height down by lowering the pitch of our roof, when we had some checks made on all our permissions etc subsequent to completion, our lawyer told us that we could have built frankly anything we liked!
    At our home in Essex we cannot have a satellite dish that is visible from the road. Planning permission is required to cut down a tree. Our property in Madeira is on a road named after a large tree. I asked my wife about the tree. “Oh, my father cut that down to build his house with!”
    As my mum used to say”if you make your bed you have to lie in it”

  10. Thanks Deb, I also miss writing and could do more if anyone is interested.

    There is going to be a VERY LARGE apartment block built in front of us, whilst the block behind us still has a lot of empty flats. Previously, planning permission had been turned down due to the increased pressure on the area. No doubt it has been granted in the the same way as the building next to us had three floors suddenly added!

    I am unimpressed wih the increased bus fares, etc. 4.20 return to Funchal when it presently costs 3.50. If I walk up to Cancela (15-20 minutes) and use the Funchal buses, it will cost 2.50 instead of the present return fare of 2.00. I am interested in buying the Social Pass 1 but I need a Social Security Card. I do have a Social Security number and presume this will be sufficient to apply.

    Seems austerity will cause social havoc in Madeira as it has in other countries, especially Ireland and Greece. Mass unemployment, emigration, homelessness etc. I long for the day when he EU sends itself and the euro over the cliff edge. It is the same throughout Europe and the arrogant UK is the most indebted nation in the world – 960% GDP (Eurozone around 500%).

    Happy New Year and think positively at all times.

  11. Madeira News Blog | Happy New Year!; Ano Novo 2012 Fogos de artifício – New Year fireworks ; New Years Day Strauss concerts and more..; The corrida de São Silvestre Funchal Road Race; Future of Lido swimming complex; Impressive renovation of traditional Madeiran Country House; great post. I tought this piece of news would be of interest: Wreck of Captain Scott’s ship discovered off Greenland. The SS Terra Nova, built in Dundee in 1884, was found by a research company, Schmidt Ocean Institute, when they were testing new equipment on one of their vessels.


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