‘Funchal Music Fest – Live 2012’: 17-19 August, 2012; Madeiran Sílvia Silva contestant in ‘A Voz de Portugal’; Payment to chemists problem; Madeira public bus information;

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Madeira public bus information

From Paul: Dear readers thanks for the guidance on Madeira public bus information online and in books!

‘Funchal Music Fest – Live 2012’: 17-19 August, 2012

The Music Fest last Summer 2011 in Funchal was a great succes with 16,000 attending. Headliners included the British band ‘James’. Portuguese acts in 2011 included David Fonseca.

link to Diario Newspaper article: http://www.dnoticias.pt/impressa/diario/301147/5-sentidos/301193-funchal-music-fest-de-17-a-19-de-agosto

From Paul: Many thanks Peter. I work full-time and short of time often! appreciate contributions such as this on fast moving, developing stories.

From Peter in the comments section.

Payment to chemists problem

“The Order of Doctors in Madeira admits public health problem…The president of the regional section of the Madeira from the Medical Association admitted today that the suspension in the reimbursement of medicines, implemented from 00.00 at pharmacies in the archipelago, can become a public health problem.

“This will become a public health problem, we have decompensated chronic illnesses, especially diabetes, hypertension, and people with lack of medicines for the treatment of neoplastic diseases,” said Henrietta Reynolds.

The National Association of Pharmacies (ANF) left today to ensure dispensing medications to credit due to failure of the Regional Government’s plan debt payments to pharmacies, worth 77 million euros.

“Our reaction is of great concern to patients in the Autonomous Region of Madeira,” said Henrietta Reynolds, considering “regrettable” situation and believing that is before “the effective insolvency of the Region.”

For the president of the regional section of the Medical Association of Madeira, “the central government must take action.”

“This is inconceivable in a region that is part of a whole nation. What we can do is ask for government intervention, that someone is trying to get ahead,” he said, expressing displeasure over the issue and hope that will soon be exceeded.

At the beginning of last week, the NPA said in a statement that it would no longer guarantee the credit dispensing medications from today.

“Pharmacies waited until the limit of its possibilities. They held that they were made today [Friday] that would allow a payment plan to resume the settlement of the debt in eight years,” referring to the statement, stressing that “this payment was not made nor was any explanation given. ”

ANF, which regrets the situation and hopes that the executive Madeira resume the payment plan, also said that from today the beneficiaries must apply directly to the Regional Government “to share in the price of drugs so far was soon discounted by pharmacies at the time of purchase. ”

In December, the NPA also took place after the executive led by Alberto Joao Jardim has ceased to fulfill the plan, but retreated after the security of their implementation.

The Government made a commitment to stabilize the two million euro for November and, while continuing to ensure the minimum monthly payment of four million euros, has not occurred, prompting the decision, which does not affect people who have other health subsystems.

link to recent Diario article on the problem: http://www.dnoticias.pt/actualidade/madeira/301297-divida-as-farmacias-cresceu-porque-se-deu-prioridade-as-obras-publias

Madeiran singer Sílvia Silva in ‘A Voz de Portugal’ TV contest

Sílvia Silva is one of the contestants in ‘A Voz de Portugal’. The young 24 year old Madeiran is in the Paulo Gonzo Team.


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  1. From the dnoticias.pt…Medical Association calls for the Government and the solution admits responsibility SESARAM ..Concerned the lack of reimbursement of medicines..
    The Medical Association considers “intolerable that patients Madeira suffer the consequences of irresponsible management of regional and national levels in recent years” and admits blame SESARAM politically and, if possible, legally.

    In a statement sent to our editorial, signed by the President of the National Executive Council, José Manuel Silva, and the president of the Medical Council of RAM, Henrietta Reynolds, the Order states that the lack of access to medicines with locals sharing is a word ” dramatic and shocking “and says he understands the position of the National Association of Pharmacies,” it is not open to criticism “, but feel” intimately bound up with patients benefitting from the Regional Health Service, who can not see their access to damaged essential drugs. ”

    “The Order of Physicians calls on Regional and Central Governments to solve quickly the problem of funding the Regional Health Service of Madeira, which obviously can not be financed by pharmacists.”

    The Order notes that management has warned that health “is more conditioned by personal and political issues than by rigorous technical criteria and calls for profound changes in orientation and hierarchy.”

    “If you prove to the consequences arising from the inability of users SESARAM to ensure access of beneficiaries to essential drugs, the Medical politically responsible and, if possible, legally, the hierarchy of SESARAM,” reads the statement that concludes: “In Portugal, the leaders must fully assume its responsibilities.

  2. More updates from the dnoticias.pt….ANF ​​response: “No one accepts to finance the debt of Madeira”..Association says it has postponed until the limit of their ability to suspend credit to the Regional Government…The National Pharmacy Asssociação reacted to the news conference held by the Secretaries of Finance and Social Affairs, accompanied by a statement of the Regional Government, stressing that “the sole responsibility of the NPA” was to have “left drag on for too long this situation”

    In a statement, the ANF Regional Government accuses of being “solely responsible” for the current situation, noting that at issue “of co-payments since 2009, worth 77 million euros,” although the Regional Government thinks “everything this is the result of political manipulation. ”

    “The only political exploitation we know is led by the Regional Government, which makes repeated promises and agreements with pharmacies that never meet,” said ANF, adding: “This way of managing the public interest in the Autonomous Region of Madeira is affect the majority of sectors. ”

    The Association notes that in May 2011, the pharmacies accepted the proposal of the Regional Government for settlement of the debt in eight years. However, “little time elapsed, the Government failed to deliver the goods.”

    “No one accepts to finance the debt and the Madeira Regional Government knows it,” added the ANF. According to the Association, “all attempts of the Regional Government and the ANF, some of them joint, so that the bank financed the delay in payments to pharmacies were rejected.” Nevertheless, ANF postponed “up to” suspend the ability of credit to the Region. “The deteriorating economic and financial situation of pharmacies is public knowledge, many of which are already insolvent,” reads the statement, which is also said that “the Regional Government is solely responsible for the suspension of credit so you should quickly find the financial solution to meet the payment plan for delays in 8 years, which he proposed ANF and accepted. “

  3. On a more lighter note. Repeat from the other day blog as no comment was said. Maybe it was miss read.
    What did readers think of last years Christmas lights and Fireworks, due to the cuts. Looking back on past memories, you can see they is less lights and Fireworks, I thought they did well. A suggestion for next years Christmas lights, why not main land Portugal or EU land make a light exchange with each over to save money.

  4. From the Dnoticas.pt..Madeira back to the front pages of national newspapers
    DN covers debts paid by subsidiaries to the Government, I guarantee that Garden Journal is to “rope around his neck”
    Madeira to be back on the covers of national newspapers. Because of default to pharmacies that led to suspension of reimbursement of medicines.The DN addresses the issue, referring aa use by the Madeira Regional Government “money to pay the pharmacy public works.” The morning reports that the executive Madeira chose to pay the debt in December of regional companies, leaving outstanding debts (they also expiring) to pharmacies.”The Government blames Lisbon by drug suspension, but paid 86 million of debt of subsidiaries by the Region.
    The situation financially mna wood is also the first of the ‘I’. The newspaper headline: “John Jardin with a rope around his neck. Madeira no money to
    pay salaries. ”
    Check the main national newspaper headlines:
    Daily News
    “Garden of pharmacies diverts money to pay for public works.”
    “300 petrol stations at risk of bankruptcy.”
    “What can condemn ‘reu Ghoba’ accused of quadruple homicide.”
    “Left demands explanations of deviations from the deficit.”
    BBC News
    “Catroga EDP-paying millionaire.”
    “‘King Ghoba’ confesses to a psychologist and sex movie with Ivo.”
    “Poisoning kills couple and baby son in Torres Novas.”
    “Course at the University Independent: Judge decides to hear Socrates.”
    “There is no original documents in the file of student Jose Socrates.”
    “Study points to the ban on smoking at the door of restaurants.”
    “Golden Ball: Messi equals Platini with the third consecutive trophy.”
    “Meeting today to suspend the decisive strike in the ports.”
    The Associated Press
    “Ministry pushes 7 million debt to the hospitals.”
    “Gas kills family during sleep.”
    “120 thousand families pay three times for DTT.”
    I Newspapers
    “Threat of chaos in the State: Court forces to return CTT pay cuts last year.”
    “Tobacco: Dean of the Medical Law Review attacks against smoking.”
    “Ports: 600 exports are attacking.”
    “Construction: Government has given the green light to 900 redundancies in Soares da Costa”.
    “John Jardin with a rope around his neck. Madeira without money to pay salaries.”


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