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International, Portugal & Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:

Flights from Germany to Madeira

From Anam website, Press Releases section:

Germania & Air Berlin Airlines

Germania fly to Madeira Airport from Bremen, Friedrichshafen and Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden..”

“Air Berlin flies to Madeira Airport from Berlim, Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Hannover, Dresden, Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg and Zurich..”

“On 28th April 1979 the first airberlin jet took off to Palma de Mallorca. At that time the airberlin fleet consisted of only two airplanes. Today airberlin is Germany’s second largest airline and flies its passengers to top destinations in Germany, Europe and the whole world…”

Notes accompanying the corporate film above.

Flights from France to Madeira

Direct flights from Lyon to Madeira

Aigle Azur is the 1st airline to serve regular and direct flights from Lyon to Madeira

From April 5th, 2012 Aigle Azur will offer a new destination from the airport of Lyon Saint Exupéry: Madeira.

Flights from Paris Orly to Madeira

Aigle Azur also operates to Madeira Airport from Paris Orly, with two flights every Saturday, all year round.

Flights Funchal – Lyon-Saint Exupéry:

– Thursdays, from April 5:

ZI 348 Funchal>> Lyon 11h55> 16h20
347 ZI Lyon>> Funchal 8:15 a.m.> 10.55

Flights Funchal – Paris Orly Sud:

– Saturdays:

ZI 338 Funchal>> Orly Sud 18.00> 22.15
ZI Sud 337 Orly>> Funchal 14.25> 17.00

ZI 1660 Funchal>> Orly Sud 13.00> 17.25 *
ZI 1661 Orly Sud>> Funchal 18.25> 21.00 *

link to ANAM website: http://www.anam.pt/home-254.aspx

easyJet’s big plans for 2012 in Portugal

From ‘The Algarve Resident’ November 2011

Excerpts from the Article:

“easyJet looks set to have transported a healthy 3.7 million passengers to Portugal by the end of this year (2011) – 200,000 more than in 2010..

According to easyJet Portugal director Javier Gandara, the company is to open its own base in Lisbon in April 2012.

“Our long-term commitment is to continue expanding in Portugal, a market which still has space to grow despite the crisis,” he said in an interview with the business newspaper Negócios.

This was because companies needed to “travel more” and “spend less”.

The company estimates that in 2012 it will carry four million passengers, essentially through its new hub in Lisbon.

Last year (2010), easyJet announced that it would open a new base at the city’s Portela airport where it planned to base seven aircraft and invest around €300 million in planes, create 15 new routes and 2,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Because of the current financial crisis, the company says it has reviewed its goals and has signed a new agreement with the Government with the new changes included.

Javier Gandara said that the “crisis was set in in Portugal”, the price of jet fuel was “through the roof” so “we therefore have to cut our cloth accordingly”.

EasyJet is planning to relocate two new planes to Portugal in addition to the one that it has flying to Funchal, while in the short term at least 100 new jobs are to be created.

The easyJet Portugal director said that Government sweeteners were not the reason for taking the decision to make a base at Lisbon airport but added that it would receive support from the Government-funded ‘initiativa.pt’.

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Cecília Meireles, said that the new base was “very important for tourism” and would not only “bring in an extra two million passengers a year” but would also have a spinoff benefit to tourism worth €600 million.

New routes to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Venice, and Asturias?

In April 2012, easyJet is to launch new routes to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Venice, and Asturias, which will join the 16 existing routes. In 2012, the ‘low cost’ airline expects to transport 225,000 passengers from Lisbon alone.

In the initial phase, easyJet will operate out of Terminal 2 and then will move to another airport which the Government will choose at a later date…”


Lisbon Airport to get underground connection

From Portugal News:


Fado, Painting and Dancing in the Zona Velha, Funchal

Last Friday in a tribute to the Portuguese art ‘Fado’ singing and as part of
the second edition of the art project ‘Zonart’ which consists of painting
and live art Fado, Painting and Dancing took place in Travessa das Torres.


Investing in Portugal: Lisbon

All images unless otherwise stated from the Diario de Noticias Newspaper.

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  1. from the dnoticias.pt CMF suspend trash collection on Saturdays from April….
    The service will be maintained only in downtown and in areas of hotels, shopping and dining..From April, the City of Funchal (CMF) will suspend garbage collection undifferentiated Saturday morning. The service will be maintained in the city center and the shopping, restaurants and hotels.

    The announcement was made this morning by the president of the municipality, at the Station Solid Waste Management of nurseries, where they were presented with four box cars with 5 m3 for the selective collection of waste and also waste. It is an investment of 216 thousand euros, made entirely from the municipal budget.

    Miguel Albuquerque explained that the acquisition of these vehicles, equipped with geo-referenced system that is being introduced into the fleet of the Department of Environment of the House, means an increase in solid waste collection more efficient and less spending.

    The vans have a low emission of greenhouse gases and a system that works by gravity dump reducing energy costs in the process of garbage collection.

    “We will reduce the time and the days of indiscriminate waste disposal and we will gain scale to reduce personnel costs, with fuel and wear material,” conveyed to journalists, after realizing “this means that from April is no longer made undifferentiated collection on Saturday. ”

    The CMF decided to reduce to five days the working hours of employees, because mechanization reduces the number of hours required to perform the work. So Saturday morning, will be suspended garbage collection undifferentiated, keeping only exceptionally and in the center of Funchal and in commerce, restaurants and hotels. Currently, city officials Station Waste Treatment work five days and more Saturday morning.

    “Our idea, from April, is to reduce the number of hours available for the collection of waste, to ensure greater effectiveness through geo-referencing system and improved circuits and ensure a minimum expenditure of taxpayers’ money on this service that chamber provides, “summarized Miguel Albuquerque.

    After having reached a selective recycling of 26.17% in 2010, the CMF estimates that in 2011, the value is “substantially equal”. However, it is expected that, in the number of tons of garbage collected, the numbers fall below the 77,000 tons recorded in 2010 by CMF. Miguel Albuquerque is pointing to a contraction in consumption due to the crisis.

  2. Easyjet may have big plans for expansion in Portugal but unfortunately they have closed the route between London Stanstead and Funchal. The only option left is to travel from Gatwick which is absolute miles from where we live in the Midlands. We were going to visit our apartment in Funchal over Christmas but when we saw the price of the flights alone we decided to take a Red Sea Cruise instead. The price difference was not enormous when compared to the flight cost. Does anyone know of a good budget route to Funchal from any Midland Airport or indeed Stanstead or Luton?

  3. Nice one old chap, an observation that Deb and I have also made Martin – often! Be it a posh or poor eating house, dessert spoons only, wrapped in table tissue………

    But then, we’ve never eaten at “The Vine” – perhaps they’re proper posh with proper soup spoons?

    This is indeed an interesting “issue” – one that we’ve just “gone along with” over the years – but why no soup spoons indeed?

    Answers please and observations from fellow blog readers appreciated……

  4. Mary – if you are able to leave it until the last minute, ie the week before, Thomson and First Choice offer very good deals from Birmingham and East Midlands. The only drawback, of course, is that they may be fully booked and you may have to delay it a week. I looked at going to Birmingham just before Christmas from Funchal and I could have got a return for £160 – that was booking it on the Friday and due to fly out on the Monday. I think it is even cheaper if you are flying from the UK here.


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