Adventure Holidays in Madeira; ‘Avalanche’ Raposeira, Calheta, Sunday; Film: a holiday in Madeira; Russian Classical Ballet comes to Madeira; Taxes will rise in Madeira;

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Adventure Holidays in Madeira

‘Avalanche’ Raposeira, Calheta, Sunday

The Associação de Ciclismo da Madeira has organised another edition of Avalanche on Sunday 18th December. This will be the fourth ‘Cross Country’ ‘Down Hill’ event organised in Raposeira, a freguesia of Fajã da Ovelha in Calheta region.

The organisers promise an event at European level with about 100 participants.The Poster with Programme is below.

Link to short film of a race start at the 2009 Avalanche:

Partida da Avalanche Rapsoeira 2009 on

Film: a holiday in Madeira

below an excellent film of a holiday in Madeira!

Russian Classical Ballet comes to Madeira

Tuesday evening was the first 2011 performance of The Russian Classical Ballet.

“The performance of “The Sleeping Beauty,” at “Centro de Congressos do Casino da Madeira” was based on Charles Perrault’s tale – “La Belle au Bois Dormant” which is considered one of the ballets that arouses great interest among the general public.

The Show was sponsored by the Classic Stage and carried by the Russian Classical Ballet, with music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, libretto by Marius Petipa and Ivan Vsevolojsky, choreographed by Marius Petipa, Evgeny Gurenko scenography, costumes by Irina Ivanova and lighting design by Denis Danilov.

Danced by all companies in the world, this masterpiece of Tchaikovsky is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful pages of the renowned Russian composer.”


Thanks Martin for the feedback in the Comments section:

“The Russian Ballet at the Congress on Tuesday night was absolutely excellent.
Their rendition of Sleeping Beauty was wondeful and at 35 e each good value.
The house was half full and gave a standing ovation at the end.
It costs 45 e at the Theatre over Christmas and I recommend you attend.
The dancers were in absolute synchronisation when required and showed great skill.”

The Nutcracker
December 20 – 9.30pm
December 21 – at 5pm and 9.30pm

Madeira Dance Company & Carlos Fernandes Dance School
Municipal Theatre Baltazar Dias
Org.: Madeira Dance Company & Carlos Fernandes Dance School

“The Russian Seasons in Madeira”
December 25, 26 and 27 – 8pm
Russian Ballet Performance
Choreography: Tatiana Linnik
Madeira Congress Centre Auditorium – Casino
Booking:[email protected] / or contact: 918 479 077
Org.: Paladar à Música

Below one of the ballet performances posters:

Taxes will rise in Madeira

From Portugal Daily View:

The Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho said in a TV Interview on the Portuguese News Channel ‘SIC Noticias’ Tuesday night that taxes would almost certainly rise in Madeira to the same levels as practiced in the rest of the country as “it would be difficult to draw up a credible adjustment programme (for Madeira) that does not involve raising taxes”.


Images from the Diario Newspaper unless stated.

33 thoughts on “Adventure Holidays in Madeira; ‘Avalanche’ Raposeira, Calheta, Sunday; Film: a holiday in Madeira; Russian Classical Ballet comes to Madeira; Taxes will rise in Madeira;”

  1. Martin Do you think everyone wished we had the 1960s back? Including the Brits, Germany and the rest of the Euro land. That genuation had most things right. Everything was recycling, tight banking and running a tight ship. People brought mostly they own products with some importing. Good car makers and jobs. NHS was well run and care for. It was not perfect of course, but well run. People asked for better pay, their money went into pensions. etc. What happened, what a mess. Everyone in. I was watching a BBC2 The Party’s Over: How the West Went Bust. The Germans learned from their mistakes. You have to make something, what people wants to make the profits. Where Children was about to leave school and was asked what do they want to do when they left school. Engineering, and was helped into local engineering firms as a trainee. Germany a huge exporter now to places like China. Sounds a blast into Britians past Eh! The Germany history was interesting where they had huge interested rates, lorry loads of money or anything to large to put money in, to pay wages etc. Hope history dont repeat itself on that. Lets hope everyone learns from the past to make a better future. That to run tight ships and the Public sector can start by having monthly tight budgets, in return try and keep their jobs so they spend their wages into the country. Its called recycling and all Governments could learn and change their was of looking at things. They a saying look at the history books what did they get right and we got wrong. They was rules there for a reason.

  2. I read that there are planned public transport strikes planned in Portugal for the second week in January. Can anyone tell me if this is just for the mainland or includes Madeira

  3. Maybe Pete, BUT you could only buy a Morris Marina, Maxi, Mini, Allegro or MG (thanks) ALL sharing the same body/engine parts and rust from bad base metal produced in the U.K. – oh, and a ford (fix or repair daily) if you were unlucky – the unions (BMC) had a strangle hold on the economy ….. until Maggie Maggie May – and DID!

  4. Jon I always supported British hifi. Least the banks was not in this mess, they all got us in, as they run banks tight ship. Not everything British was bad. They a lot we can learn from the Germans in industry. The Programme I was on about the Chinese leader met Conservative leader with business, when they finished The leader flown to Germany with more then double the amount of business. Maggie down fall dont forget was Maggie. We need to look back into making things, new ideas and new inventions.

  5. Certainly not sorting manufacturing was very silly.
    Banks for years would not finance manufacturing without great persuasion.
    They only understood quick returns or property which was encouraged to gain value so protecting their loans.
    Teacher training colleges dominated by marxists.
    Creative thinking and individuality, the will to succeed, crushed.
    The establishment of the lowest common standard.
    BBC anti manufacturing and idolising people such as Bragg and Attenborough and not our engineers….merely the historical ones.
    Massive taxes
    State intervention into the individual life.
    It’s too late.
    England is doomed to become a pawn of the Common European marxist state..dependant on the largesse of others.
    Start our grandchildren learning the various Chinese dialects.

  6. Martin I agree with some of your statements. By China do lack high technical know how. The programe did state they quick learners and will go to UK for studying. China will be like Japan did in the past. Everything needs to be looked at again. This is a best time to do so.

  7. Hi Custard lovers……………

    Goodies actually sells Birds custard powder. Probably a bit more expensive but hey – its Christmas.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you who keep me up-to-date with everything in Madeira. Sorry I can’t contribute more but my husband has an ongoing illness which keeps me pretty busy.

    Here’s to a better 2012 for everyone.


  8. I think that “Modelo” = Continente also stocks the custard powder AND our local Supermecardo Martibom also does ,,,,,, along with just about anything else = including a fresh local Turkey if I want one for Christmas !

  9. Just returned from a perfectly sunny, warm and relaxed QUIET stroll around Funchal.
    Never have we seen Funchal so deserted …… empty cafes/restaurants etc and whilst many shops were open, they also were empty. However, it was so peaceful to stroll through the municipal gardens, wave to Santa, clamber about his train, marvel at the grotto and then to listen to the orchestra across the road – full brass and woodwind with huge and varied percussion sections, keyboards and guitar all producing varied good quality music – – a real treat, perfect setting, perfect weather, perfect!
    The sea/harbour front in particular was deserted but oh so lovely to amble along in the sun….NO cruise ships in.

  10. Does anybody have any idea why there have been fireworks let off in the Camera do Lobos area every morning this last week – as early as 5.30am, but always before 6.30?

  11. I suspect that the fireworks are associated with the Missa do parto (Childbirth Mass) as a way of waking everyone up – – – to go to the church! Certainly, our church bells chime loud and clear at 5 a.m. alerting folk to the mass starting at 6 a.m. – the mass, prayers, songs, music and all are then relayed to our bedroom by loudspeakers until 7 a.m. – when we get up to do the chickens! Fireworks can also be heard around the area, at times and locations various, often making one jump a tadge!But hey, it’s Christmas and part of the local traditions – I for one do not mind hearing the early morning mass and find it quite calming and melodious and well, “Christmassieeeeee” in all the right ways = family, friends, villagers all together celebrating the “real” meaning of Christmas, no bad thing these days = better than U.K. style binge drinking office parties etc!

  12. Neal this is to celebrate: Missa do parto (Childbirth Mass) and Missa do Galo (Rooster’s Mass -Midnight Mass)
    The Missas do Parto are one of the oldest religious mass celebrations in the Madeira region. On the nine days before Xmas Eve devoted Madeirans go to mass very early in the morning to pray for Mary’s nine months of pregnancy and each service is finished with a small get-together in front of the church including singing, music with traditional instruments such as rajão, braguinha and castanholas and enjoying home-made liquor. The celebration of the pregnancy of the Virgin Mary finishes on the 24th December with the midnight mass (Missa do Galo).
    Missas do Parto are celebrated very early in the morning to symbolize the fact that Jesus is the light that comes into the world like sunrise.

    We were at our local bar at 7.30 this morning to have Canje (chicken soup) and drinks as part of this celebration.

  13. Well done Elaine for joining in the celebrations – I am not sure though that I could stomach Canje at 7.30 am! Perhaps just a Garoto at that time in the morning! We’re hoping to sit in our local cafe, adjacent to the church, in the next day or two at 7.00am!

  14. Apologies – people have reported that they have been unable to make contributions since yesterday – each “Comments” section was set to automatically close after seven days – this has now been extended in Paul’s absence.

  15. Portugal’s first family silver sale goes to China From the Euro news.

    Portugal has taken the first step to fulfilling the terms of its EU-IMF bailout, by selling a major chunk of the country’s biggest company to the Chinese.

    The government is getting rid of most of its stake in the electricity firm EDP – more than 21 per cent – to China’s Three Gorges Corporation for 2.7 billion euros.

    The remaining four per cent of the government holding can not be sold until next year.

    On top of that Three Gorges will provide a further four billion euros in financial support, and has promised to build a wind-turbine factory.

    EDP’s renewables business is the fourth largest wind energy company in the world, and makes the Chinese the global leader in the sector with a major foothold in Europe.

    The sale was a precondition of the 78-billion euro EU-IMF bailout to keep debt-laden Portugal afloat.

  16. Duarte is a good English and Portuguese speaking auto engineer just past the Hotel Raja in Lido towards Ajuda on the opposite side of the road.
    His premises are elevated above the road with a few cars for sale next to the workshop entrance. I entrusted my MGB to him adjusting the rear brakes as requested and repairing the broken gearlever connection as an extra for 15 euros in total.
    There is a workshop up from the old railway atation…. good work but tried to grossly overcharge. They capitulated when challenged. I did know as much as them about the job they were doing for me.


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