More Madeira flights information; Talks to tackle the euro zone debt stall; Ericeira, Portugal FIRST WORLD SURFING RESERVE (WSR) in Europe; Direct flights from Norwich Airport to Madeira 2012; President criticises of some of the austerity measures; Brazilian surfer Adriano de Souza wins Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2011;

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Talks to tackle the euro zone debt stall

Ericeira, Portugal, First World Surfing Reserve (WSR) in Europe

From The Portuguese- American Journal:

“The village of Ericeira, mailand Portugal, is now officially a World Surfing Reserve (WSR), becoming the second WSR overall and the first in Europe.

The Ericeira World Surfing Reserve was officially endorsed on October 14 by Portuguese President Aníbal Cavaco Silva and was acknowledged in the Portuguese National Assembly.

The President acknowledged the significance of preserving the surfing coastline for not only the thousands of Portuguese surfers, but also for the vitality of Portugal’s economy, the health of the coastal and marine environment, and maintaining a high quality of life for residents.

“When we talk of surfing at our beaches, we are talking about much more than a sport: we are evoking a lifestyle and a relationship with the sea that is very Portuguese, a relationship that is natural and ancestral,” the President stated. “The designation of Ericeira as a World Surfing Reserve should serve as an example to stimulate everyone to aspire to a more environmentally healthy country with an excellent standard of living.”

Ericeira named World Surfing Reserve – Portugal

Brazilian surfer Adriano de Souza wins Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2011

“Despite being in superb form at the famed Supertubes break in Portugal, Kelly Slater couldn’t muster one final winning result, as Brazilian surfer Adriano de Souza defeated Slater in the Finals to win the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. With his closest competitor in the World Title chase Owen Wright being eliminated in the third round by rookie John John Florence, everything has lined up for Kelly Slater to win his 11th ASP World Title at the heavy Ocean Beach breaks off the coast of San Francisco.

The opening waves of the Rip Curl Pro Portugal Finals proved to be the difference. Slater, who had priority, opted to let de Souza have the first wave while he waited for what he thought would be a better second wave. De Souza’s wave netted him a 9 out of a possible 10 points, while Slater’s wave was a dud. That exchange was the difference in the contest.

“It’s been an amazing event,” said Slater. “I can’t remember a time when we’ve had so many 9s and high 8s and we’ve all just got barreled off our heads for three days straight. It’s been pretty amazing. Unfortunately, there was really only that one good one in the Final and I made a priority mistake and let Adriano (de Souza) have it. It’s obviously a good result for me and it makes things harder on everyone else. Let’s hope for good conditions in San Francisco.”

The ASP World Tour now heads to San Francisco, where the world’s greatest surfers will be tackling arguably the world’s most challenging waves. Barring an early exit from the event coupled with very high results by Wright, de Souza, Joel Parkinson and Taj Burrow, Slater will very likely be celebrating his 11th World Title at Ocean Beach, home of the Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco…”


President criticises of some of the austerity measures

From Portugal Daily View:

“The Portuguese press are focussing this Thursday on what may turn into an institutional crisis over the 2012 state budget: the President’s criticism of some of the austerity measures included in the document could give rise to a crisis within the government…”

image from Diario Newspaper

“Público Newspaper saying that President Aníbal Cavaco Silva’s comments yesterday deeming the scrapping of public servants’ bonuses as probably being a “violation of the principle of fiscal equity”, might be a sign for parliament to push for amendments in the 2012 state budget document. The president’s comments, writes Público, might constitute an incentive to the main opposition party, the Socialists, to vote against the document…”


Direct flights from Norwich Airport to Madeira 2012

From Travel Daily News:

“Having successfully operated a series of flights to Madeira from Norwich International Airport in 2011, Norwich Airport confirms that Atlantic Holidays will be offering 3 direct flights from the airport next year.

The flights will depart on the 11th June, 2nd July and 29th October 2012 to this exceptionally popular destination. Madeira is an irresistible holiday destination, boasting a sub-tropical climate, a wealth of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.


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  1. admin thanks for ur hard work to remove most of my innocent posts re finanses, etc, like even today re market rumor.

    I am not intreseted anymore to post.

    keep your cenzorship going on but without me


  2. Tom, I am on another blog (expatsportugal) where the admin has just been called by the police station to show up with his lawyer to answer to a charge of slander. He personally has not posted anything slanderous, nor did the original poster if all was looked at rationally.

    However, the admin is considered the ‘publisher’ of the material and now has a time consuming, possibly expensive and definitely stressful situation to deal with.

    I personally do not think any of my ideas/thoughts are worth expressing in a way that risks putting admin in that kind of situation.

    Whatever (if) might have been cut, your ideas are coming through loud and clear and you can feel assured that even without more material, your voice is being heard.

  3. my post was today about the president statement which is above in your blog

    there was not my personal comment in it

    just simple reprint

    and u have removed it. I am not getting

    what’s above is fine what was mine was no no

    seems crazy to me

    where is freedom of expression by the way?

    shell we talk here only about weather and what I eat on my diner or any other meaningless topic??? don’t u think its wasting of our/your time???

    slaves of big brother that’s what we are.!!!
    Me says no- u, sure, be a slave I don’t care

  4. Tom – nothing was deleted from you today – I have just checked – only items 1 and 3 above were received. The article to which you previously refer was one in Portuguese which contained the word “prostitute” more than once. This was automatically removed in the interests of good taste.

    No censorship here other than the removal of items that are potentially regarded as spam i.e rubbish, promotional items, and those likely to cause offense. Ellen – funnily enough it may be that the case above is one where the publisher was deemed to exercise editorial control. Nobody has ever sought to do that on this site.

  5. From the Euronews….Portuguese island to become first CO2-free island

    In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a silent green revolution is underway.Graciosa, a small island in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, is set to become the first C02-free island in the world.

  6. Good news for me is the availability of flights from Norwich to Madeira.
    When the dualling of the A11 from Barton Mills to Thetford is finished–2013? it will be a quick run–say 35 minutes to the airport for me.
    And the infrastructure delays of the large airports reduced.
    Hooray I say.

    The dualling of the A11 at this point was promised to be completed, by the then Minister of Transport–Ernest Marples, to me in person, by the end of 1963 having been delayed from plans made in 1937 and set back again in the 50s.
    So I’m keeping fingers crossed that the start on the road made this week will be completed.
    Flights to Libya will be next I bet.
    Lots to see out there.
    Next road we need is the improvement between Cambridge and the A1.
    Isn’t France, Spain and Portugal blessed with wonderful roads using British money from the EEC club membership payments?
    We could have done with that money for our roads.

  7. Yes, Thank you Martin, on behalf of all you EEC club taxpayers, for funding our super duper new roads out here – and jolly good they are too = especially at this end of the Island! Gosh, I can now be at the 1, Beach – 2, Airport – 3, Funchal – 4, Super Shops – 5, Levadas – 6, Lidos – 7, Mountain Peaks – 8, and access to ALL points N.E.W.S. so quickly – TA!

    Although I do like to take the (old) high road and the (old) low road sometimes to see the “real” Madeira – Och Aye = still there, still unspoilt but with a helping hand to access, by way of the new roads, thanks EEC.

    Sorry Martin ……. and you can drive your vintage/historic cars all over our roads whenever you want, for free! Looking forwards to seeing you all here again soon.

  8. Martin Its the same roads from Spain that deliver cheep food to UK. Its the same roads that UK deliver same road goods back to Spain. Its the same roads Spain travels food to Portugal down to Madeira by ferry to feed its people and holiday makers for cheaper holidays. Madeira sends its wine and ports back to Portugal by ferry to use the same roads back to Portugal to Spain. Its go on all over the EU delivering goods and wealth to much needed jobs every where, everyone gains. Cut waste yes, so the European people can use this money for wealth and jobs. Pulling out Uk could be called a dirty trick, like USA did after the stock market crash in the 30s, the rest is history. Lets learn from the past and say we all need each other.

  9. Martin I was looking at quotes the other day in the internet, this one come up by a famous person. “The British do not expect happiness. I had the impression, all the time that I lived there, that they do not want to be happy; they want to be right.”
    ― Quentin Crisp. Take note of the last bit, where do everyone go after we proved a point. What the EU needs is unity, vision, honest with each country, run a tight ship on budges,cut waste, like close one of the Parliaments, either use it as upper house and one like lower house. Every leader, MEP or those who have a job in the EU, stop as if they just had a war, think what caused this mess and what can everyone do to help. I lied as a nation, to get in the Euro, I took out more then I put in, admit their mistakes. Then start a new vision of listening to everyone, then point scoring. Make new rules and agreements. Every thing went to far to the right, mainly by the bankers given too much slack, then how they used to run the banks. The first rule on a new written paper is. We serve the people, for the people and its people, we only the servants to the people. Democracy is our master which we serve and our control. A united European people in peace is our aim, with free trade. Lets get back to basics what we all asking for. Other counties will look at the EU after this crisis if we all pull this off. They will say counties like South America, Asia etc, look at the EU they changed to a better world. They made mistakes and put their difencies aside, for a greater good for all. We human we all make mistakes, lets learn from our past and work our problems together, and never let purfume of money lead our minds into a daze again, we use our brains for a better world and tommrow.

  10. There was a showroom in Sao Martinho selling what looked very good cabinets behind the pink apartment block we stayed at last time. There are some more on display near the old Auction Rooms.
    I reckon if you could get Ikea stuff you would be doing very well.
    Best of luck Debs.
    Fitted kitchens can be a nightmare


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