Madeiran Jet Ski World Champion!; ‘Sea of Madeira Exhibition’ at The Whale Museum, Canical; The Second Madeiran Organ Festival 14-24 October 2011;

Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:

Madeiran Jet Ski World Champion!

The young Madeiran Henrique Rosa Gomes has become Jet Ski World Champion in the category ‘Junior Ski 13-15 Lites’. Congratulations Henrique!

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Second Madeira Organ Festival:14-24 October 2011see film above

More than a decade of restoration

“For more than a decade, the organs of Madeira have been restored. Seven historical organs are now available to be played in their respective churches. This work of conservation and restoration was carried out by the master organ builder Dinarte Machado, who placed his great dedication and competence in the service of this cause. He was also responsible for the conception and construction of the new organ of the Igreja do Colegio Church, an instrument that, because of its characteristics, increases enormously the repertoire of this kind of music that it is possible to perform in Madeira.”

“As part of this project, developed in close cooperation with the Diocese of Funchal, and in accordance with the Regional Government’s cultural projects, DRAC has always endeavoured to show that the restoration of this unique heritage is part of a wider objective, which includes making these instruments known to the public and, above all, including them in a project that enriches in a particular way Madeira’s cultural programming. Thus, also over the years and as these instruments were being restored, CD recordings were made of the repertories appropriate to each organ, an initiative that culminated in the book Organs of the Churches of Madeira, an thorough inventory of the extant heritage of organs in this Autonomous Region.”

“The II Madeira Organ Festival thus reaches the highest stage in the objective implicit in this strategy of restoration and dissemination: the inclusion of the historical organs and that of the College Church in a project that, taking into account its uniqueness in the realm of classical music, could provide a significant enrichment of our normal programming in terms of cultural and touristic possibilities, of the attraction and consolidation of cultural audiences.”

10 organ concerts between 14 and 24 October 2011

“With 10 concerts taking place between 14 and 24 October, in different churches and places in the Region, the Madeira Organ Festival has as its artistic director the organist João Vaz, a specialist in this historical patrimony, who has devised a diverse and rich programme, perfectly adapted to the characteristics and potentials of the different instruments, and through which it will be possible to hear works by the most famous composers of early sacred music, in various kinds of performances, in which “the king of instruments” is accompanied by chamber groups or by the orchestra, providing the audience with moments of the highest musical and artistic quality.

Supported with funds from the European Union, the Organ Festival is part of the “Madeira Cultural Festivals” project, a brand through which, from 2010 to 2013, the Regional Secretariat for Education and Culture, though the Regional Council for Cultural Matters (DRAC), seeks to augment and improve the cultural programmes on offer in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, promoting in addition in the wider market of cultural tourism that which is best in our identity, in terms of patrimony, art and culture.”
João Henrique Silva
(Regional Director of Cultural Affairs)

More on the Second Madeira Organ Festival

“The Madeira Organ Festival was launched last year as the coronation of one more decade of an attempt to restore and revitalize the organ heritage of Madeira, apparent through the various restorations undertaken, the construction of the new organ of the College Church and the publication of the inventory Organs of the Churches of Madeira.
Portuguese and English instruments

“The organs of the churches of Madeira reflect, in their diversity, something of the cultural history of the island. Alongside 18th-century organs of Portuguese construction, reflecting the different stages of the evolution of Portuguese organ-building, the English instruments of the 19th century bear witness to the important British presence in Madeira. To this nucleus has been added recently the new organ of the College Church (Igreja do Colégio), the result of a willingness to endow the Region with an instrument able to be used in a wider repertoire.
Following the orientation established in the first edition, the Madeira Organ Festival aims in this year’s programmes, to enhance the characteristics of the organs of the Region, with repertoires appropriate to each of the instruments. The organs of the church of Machico and the Convent of Santa Clara in Funchal (the oldest historical organs in Madeira) appear in solo recitals (including works by composers active in the Peninsula Iberia and the former Spanish colonies in South America), while others (some smaller in size) are included in vocal or instrumental ensembles. The organ of the College Church, on account of its size and versatility, is once again the centre-piece of the Festival, being employed in two solo recitals and a concert with orchestra.

It is hoped that the range of artists taking part, and the variety of programmes presented, will permit the enjoyment of different facets of the international organ repertoire, while emphasizing the richness of the Region’s heritage. The voices of the organs of the churches of Madeira are thus heard once again.”

‘Sea of Madeira Exhibition’ at The Whale Museum, Canical

Link to Museu da Baleia official site:

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