Portugal must increase productivity; FREE admission to many museums on Tuesday; World Tourism Day in Madeira Tuesday 27th September; Madeira’s Local Government – Municípios Madeirenses in Graphics;

Portugal and Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:

Lead stories in the Portuguese Press on Monday include:

From Portugal Daily View

Portugal must increase productivity

From The Jornal de Negócios

image from Wikimedia Commons

“‘Portugal will need an increase in productivity’, reports Jornal de
Negócios, voicing the beliefs of Olivier Blanchard, chief economist at the
IMF interviewed in Washington. For Blanchard the ECB must continue its bond
buying programme and the European Union is running out of time to solve the
crisis. Steen Jakobsen from Saxo Bank said that without Europe there is no

Madeira’s Local Government – Municípios Madeirenses in Graphics

Civil servants, Population and percentage of Civil servants per 1000 inhabitants:

From the Diario Newspaper link: http://www.dnoticias.pt/impressa/diario/284675/madeira/284694-camaras-pesam-mais-a-oestea-cmf-emprega-mais-gente-mas-ja-redu

FREE admission to most museums on Tuesday

World Tourism Day Tuesday 27th September; World Tourism Day Events in Madeira

From the Diario Newspaper

FREE admission to most museums on Tuesday includes

Photography Museu Vicentes from 10 e as 17 horas and will not shut for lunch on Tuesday.

Museu Vicentes the oldest photographic museum of the Iberian Peninsula is in rua da Carreira, n.º 43, Funchal.It has a stock of more than six hundred thousand negatives

Museu Vicentes website: http://www.photographiamuseuvicentes.com.pt/

Full Programme

– Free admission to gardens:
Botanical, Palheiro, Orquid and Quinta da Boa Vista.

– Free admission to museums:
Museu do Bordado,
Museu Quinta das Cruzes,
Museu Henrique e Francisco Franco,
Museu de Arte
Museu Etnográfico da Madeira (Ribeira Brava),
Casa Museu Frederico de Freitas,
Universo de Memórias,
Photographia-Museu “Vicentes”,
Arte Sacra.

Madeira Story Centre (50% discount).

– Funchal:
Folclore performance between 03.30 and 06.00 p.m.
Distribution of flowers and souvenirs in the information desk of the city centre.

– Airport:
Folclore performance between 04.00 and 06.00 p.m..
Distribution of flowers and souvenirs to tourists on the arrivals lounge.

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  1. Thanks Deb. It isn’t so much the pattern as the kind of material that will stand up to outside use that I am looking for. I haven’t checked that shop though, and will. I appreciate your detailed directions, as always.

    Hadn’t thought of eBay. Will follow up there if I need to.

  2. UV radiation levels too high in Funchal and Porto Santo

    Funchal and Porto Santo continues today with a very high value of ultraviolet (UV), according to the Meteorology Institute (IM).

    In the very high level, MI recommends the use of sunglasses with UV filter, a hat, t-shirt, umbrella, sunscreen and to avoid children’s exposure to the sun

    These precautions should thrive between 13 and 15 hours.

    Ultraviolet radiation can cause serious damage to health if the level of UV exceed safety limits, according to information available on IM.

    The index has five levels of radiation, between the low and extreme, depending on the index reaches 11

  3. looking at the figures for Calheta (number of council employess per thousand of population), the Diário mathematician got it drastically wrong, and Calheta shouldn’t be in the ‘red zone’.

  4. Regarding the situation in Madeira, Cavaco Silva said he knows that Friday Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho will be addressing the autonomous region’s fiscal situation in parliament and admitted that it will not be possible to reveal the restructuring plan for Madeira before the regional elections. However, this will not compromise the transparency of the electoral act (elections will be held 9 October), because “people from Madeira will get to know (…) the efforts demanded in the future.”

    Cavaco Silva also commented on the cut to the Single Social Tax backed by IMF-EU troika, saying that the “generalised reduction of the employers’ contributions to Social Security will have to be accompanied by a rise in VAT, which is a mistake”. Privatisations of public assets were also discussed. Cavaco Silva refused the possibility of a selling off and alerted to the need of caution when “elaborating the privatisation process”.

    Throughout the interview, the president stated that “2012 will be a very difficult year”, but said he hopes to see signs of economic and employment recovery in the second half of next year. Cavaco Silva also said that the three years given to Portugal to fulfil the requirements of the bailout “are tight and demanding”, emphasising that the country “will depend heavily on the international conjuncture”.


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