News, 19th – 20th April – thanks to Elaine

VI EncanTunas – Festival de Tunas Femininas da Madeira, 13th and 14th May

imageThe Four Seasons is the theme of this event organised by Tuna D’Elas, Tuna Feminina da Universidade da Madeira. Four tuna groups will take part: Atituna – Tuna Feminina da Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação da Universidade do Porto; a FTuna – Tuna Feminina do Instituto Politécnico de Guarda; a TFOUP – Tuna Feminina do Orfeão Universitário do Porto e a Tun’Obebes – Tuna Feminina de Engenharia da Universidade do Minho. The event starts on the 13th at 17.00 with ‘Pasacalles’ (Parades) in front of the Igreja da Sé, followed by ‘Serenatas’ (Serenades) at 22.00 in Ribeira Brava. The day’s events finish at O Molhe discotheque. On the 14th May, there is the sixth edition of “EncanTunas”, starting at 21.00 in the Centro de Congressos da Madeira. Participating in this concert will be TUMa, Tuna Universitária da Madeira; Estudantina Académica da Madeira; Enfertuna, Tuna de Enfermagem da Madeira, with the Orquestra de Ponteado. The festival ends that day with a party in the Copacabana.

Baltazar Dias Commemorative Show, April 29th – May 1st

The Escola de Bailado Carlos Fernandes will perform A Branca de Neve at the Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias, between 29th April and 1st May, to commemorate the World Day of Dance. Performances begin at 19.00 on the 29th and 30th April and at 18.00 on the 1st May. Over one hundred students will be involved and tickets cost 15 euros. The nine scenes depict the fairy story, Snow White, written by the Brothers Grimm, set to music by Emilio Aragón.

Funchal Council holds ‘Funchal – Cidade Florida’ competition

imageThis is the 14th consecutive year for this contest which is intended to expand the urban green spaces in Funchal, eliminate degraded abandoned areas, encourage participation in urban agriculture and improve the quality of green spaces. This year, the competition includes family gardens and verandas, terraces and staircases and will consider the relevance of individual participants in overall embellishment. The contest runs between April and August, with registration until 6th May.

New Parque Florestal dos Salões and three afforestation projects in Porto Santo

The Parque Florestal dos Salões was opened yesterday in Porto Santo. This is a green area for leisure covering 14,780 square metres and is near the city centre. This development is crucial for residents and tourists and to oppose the impression that  the island is arid and barren. The area includes picnic areas, paths, gardens, a car parking area with ramp access to the park which is situated in a forest nursery. Three new projects for Pico Castelo, Morenos and Pico Branco will prioritise native tree species that can adapt to the environment. The aim is to recover as much of the original forest cover by planting indigenous species that may occur in that area. The social aspects of forestry have also been focused on with three walking circuits already made and a pedestrian path will be created between Fonte da Areia and Zimbralinhos.

Porto Santo hotels above 50% occupancy this Easter

The occupancy rate this year is slightly lower than last year when Easter fell in March. The Sousa group manages the hotels Torre Praia, Praia Dourada and Lua Mar and they have an occupancy rate of 75% from this Wednesday until Sunday. Most Easter visitors will travel on the Lobo Marinho ferry. The weekly direct air link with Italy, in partnership with the Vila Baleira hotel, is usually almost fully booked.

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