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Best Photos of Madeira Island.

A photo show on the flickr site.

Transport from other times – collection of old photos.

The Madeira Quase Esquecida page on Facebook’s Secret Madeira is dedicated to rediscover the almost forgotten Madeiran heritage that is still present on the island.



Photo shows on the Diario website

Re-enactment of the Via Sacra in Câmara de Lobos

Photos of the traditional Good Friday re-enactment of the crucifixion.



‘Carros de madeira’ on Porto Santo

Photos from the ‘wooden cars’ race held this Easter.


News, 23rd – 24th April

São Pedro responsible for the deaths in Madeira

The Public Prosecutor found no evidence to establish any human responsibility for the deaths of 48 people during the storm that devastated the island on February 20th, 2010. He concluded that all the deaths resulted from natural causes. The criminal investigation has now been closed but the families can still pursue civilian prosecutions. It is the culmination of a painful process for them and they can now access any financial support. The findings of the prosecutor were disputed by the PCP-M and CDU-M political parties who wanted a parliamentary commission of inquiry to determine any political responsibility, but this was blocked by the PSD. The CDU-M will offer legal assistance to families who wish to challenge the prosecutor’s decision.

SATA ceases to operate on the Lisbon-Funchal-Lisbon route during the winter season

The Azorean airline SATA International will not operate on the Lisbon-Funchal-Lisbon route during the 2011/2012 winter season. Flights will end on October 10th and resume from 25th March to 28th October, 2012. During 2010, the company flew 11.2% more passengers on this route, from 157,224 to 174,821, increasing the occupancy rate to 75%. The problem is the uneven distribution throughout the year, so the company will concentrate on the summer season.

Female Portuguese winemaker honoured as ‘Newcomer of the Year’

Filipa Pato was voted ‘Newcomer of the Year’ in the ‘Wine Awards 2011’, awarded by the German publication ‘Feinschmecker’. She is the first Portuguese woman to receive this distinction. Filipa, 36 years old, lives in the Beiras region and has ten years of experience. The judges were impressed by the excellence and the innovative character of the wines. For the first time, six women were nominated and due to a strong candidate from Italy, she thought she would never win the title. Women are dominating more and more wineries. This recognition is important for her business in Bairrada where the vineyards are presently leased but she dreams of one day owning her own.  Filipa is the daughter of winemaker Luis Pato and she says both tradition and innovation are important for wine production. She has recently changed the name of the business to "FPato" in case her children want to follow in her footsteps. In 2007, Filipa and her husband William Wouters created the project ‘Vinhos Doidos’ and produced the wines ‘Bossa’ and ‘Nossa’. ‘Bossa’ is promoted as a wine to take to parties and gatherings and ‘Nossa’ as a good white wine from Bairrada.

Porto Santo islets being recovered for visitors

The six islets of Porto Santo are being recovered through the Life project.

Website for Life Ilhéus do Porto Santo (English and Portuguese):

Porto Santo Geopark is working towards UNESCO approval

The aim is to attract more tourists to the island. Geoparks are formed to protect the geodiversity, promote the geological heritage to the general public and support sustainable economic development through geotourism.

Website for Porto Santo Geoparque (Portuguese and English):

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