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The Greatest Selection of Outdoor Activities in Madeira – in water, on land, in the sky

—video from Lokoloko.

900 celebrated the Day of Motorcyclists

The National Day of Motorcyclists was a success in the region. The Association of Motorcyclists in Madeira said that despite the uninviting weather conditions last Sunday, the day was celebrated by 900 motorcyclists. They met at the Avenida do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses, then departed at 11.00 for the Civic Centre of Ponta do Pargo for a Mass and Blessing at 13.30. A lunch was attended by 400 of the participants.

Clube Pés Livres da Madeira alter date of walk in the serras

As this Sunday is Easter Sunday, the walk scheduled for that day will now be on Monday. The route is the Serras de Machico, Maroços, Fajã dos Rolos, Antena da Portela, Funduras, Tunel do Caniçal e por fim Pico do Facho.

Great Easter for the north of Madeira

This Easter, hotels in both the southern and northern regions are nearly full with occupation rates of 80 – 100%. This is partly due to promoting rural tourism in the northern counties of São Vicente, Santana and Porto Moniz. The main tourists to the north are the English, Germans, Polish, French and Portuguese. Until March, most rural establishments were less than 10% full this year. For the months April – June, they are 80% booked, due to attractive rates. The Hotel Moniz Sol is fully booked for the days 23rd – 25th April and it is noted that their prices are below average, a way of overcoming the strong competition from the south. The national and regional markets are improving and the leading markets are the Dutch and the French.

TAP increases fuel surcharge

From tomorrow, the 22nd April, the fuel surcharge will increase for medium-haul intra-European routes, including Continental Portugal, from 34 to 38 euros per leg. Long-haul intercontinental flights to South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, America and Venezuela will increase from 145 to 155 euros per leg. European flights to Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Croatia, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Switzerland will increase by 4 euros per leg. Medium-haul journeys will increase by 11.8% and others by 6.9%. Flights from Madeira and the Azores are exempt as they had already been increased from 19 to 28 euros on April 11th.

Transavia launches flights for Paris from 39 euros has a promotional campaign for flights between Porto, Funchal, Paris and Nantes, for journeys between 13th May – 30th September. The 39 euros one-way ticket can be booked on flights from Porto to either Funchal or Paris. For Porto – Nantes, the single ticket is from 49 euros. On the Funchal – Paris route, tariffs are from 69 euros per leg and for journeys between Funchal and Nantes, flights are from 79 euros per leg.

Madeira Wine in Expovinis in Brazil

Between 26th – 28th April, Madeira Wine will be represented at the Expovinis fair in São Paulo in Brazil. Expovinis is aimed at both professionals and consumers and promotes contacts with the Brazilian and world markets. 25 countries have exhibits and the fair is expected to receive more than 300 journalists and 16,500 visitors. The Madeira Wine stand covers 18 square metres and will be attended by four exporters of the wine, namely ‘Justino’s – Madeira Wines, S.A.’, a ‘Henriques & Henriques, S.A.’, a ‘Madeira Wine Company, S.A.’ e a ‘Vinhos Barbeito (Madeira), Lda. The stand is integrated in the Viniportugal – Wines of Portugal area that promotes the best wines from Portugal. The Brazilian market is currently a booming market for Portuguese wines and Madeira Wine is committed to increase its trade to this destination. Between the XVI – XVIII centuries, Brazil was one of the main export markets for Madeira Wine. In 2010, the Madeira Wines favoured in Brazil were the three year old Doce (Sweet) and Seco (Dry) and ten year old Doce types. Participation is 70% funded by the EU (Programa Intervir +) and the remaining support is from the Regional Budget.

From the weekly Agenda on the Funchal City Council website


Funchal City Council’s poster advertising the “Funchal – Cidade Florida” competition


Grand Prix of Funchal – Jet Ski, on April 25th

The Association of Jet Skis and Powerboats in Madeira and Funchal City Council have organised the 3rd Madeira Jet Ski Race, also known as the Funchal Grand Prix. This event aims to commemorate the 25th April and provide a jet ski spectacle in the bay of Funchal. Monday is a public holiday and the Avenida do Mar and Cais do Funchal should be well populated. The event is scheduled for 12.00 – 15.30.

Cooking Show on 26th April

In the Mercado dos Lavradores, from 12.00 – 14.00. This event is held regularly to demonstrate the use of produce from the regional agro-industry and to promote the market. A chef from a local hotel prepares the food that can be sampled by those watching.

São Tiago Menor Procession on May 1st

Starting at 09.30 on May 1st in the Zona Velha da Cidade, Funchal City Council pays homage to this Patron Saint. In 1538, during an outbreak of plague, the council authorities entrusted the health of the inhabitants to São Tiago Menor. Every year, the traditional procession passes along the roads of the Zona Velha to the Igreja do Socorro.

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  1. Easter weekend fairs
    The Car Boot Sale will be held tomorrow in the Casino da Madeira car park, Saturday 23rd April, instead of Easter Day. Diario states from 10 am but according to the feiradaamizade website, it is from 8 am to 5 pm.
    Also tomorrow, there is the fourth edition of the Feira da Lagartixa from 9 am to 6 pm, Rua de Santa Maria (next to Madeira Story Centre).


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