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Top Casino Hotels of the World

7. Hotel Pestana Casino Park (Madeira, Portugal)

The Hotel Pestana Casino Park is located in Funchal, Madeira, on a cliff overlooking the bay. This five-star hotel is styled to have a classic, warm Mediterranean look. Sporty guests will enjoy the hotel’s tennis courts or a cool dip in the pool, while nature lovers can wander through the neighbouring forest and take in gorgeous scenery filled with hundred-year-old trees and lush tropical plants. The Casino de Madeira is part of the hotel and features 200 slot machines, card games like Poker and Blackjack and games like Roulette and Craps. The casino’s Copacabana Bar, with its live music and cocktails, is a great place to observe the casino’s bustle and excitement.

Available starting from 82 pounds per double room via Onhotels (29.04.2011 – 01.05.2011)

Ten reasons to travel in May

Madeira for the whales and dolphins

May is a great time to visit Madeira. The jacaranda trees are in bloom and this is the month when the Bryde’s whale (a smaller relative of the blue whale) returns to the waters around the island.

Naturetrek ( takes advantage of this event with a five-day holiday focusing on sea excursions to spot both Bryde’s and sperm whales, and a wide variety of dolphins.

The tour departs on May 28 and costs £895 per person (two sharing), including flights, accommodation, transfers, boat trips and guides.

Stansted Airport: Savvy travellers opt for city breaks and summer sun for the Bank Holiday Extravaganza

WITH Easter and the Royal Wedding giving us the chance to take just three days holiday in return for 11 days off work – travellers looking to make the most of the Bank Holiday bonanza are opting for a mix of cultural city breaks and summer sun to escape the UK.

easyJet, the UK’s largest airline, reports that the most popular destinations for Stansted

1 Malaga

2 Madeira

3 Faro

4 Barcelona

5 Amsterdam

The sunny shores of Malaga and Madeira appear to have the strongest draw for Stansted passengers, closely followed by top Algarve resort, Faro where travellers can enjoy world class golf courses, a majestic marina and gourmet cuisine.

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  1. Business section of today’s Guardian reports that Portugal has revised the budget deficit for 2010 to 9.1% of national income. This is blamed on the decision to include three public-private partnerships into the nation’s debt. The original target of 7.3% for 2010 had been previously revised upwards to 8.6%. The IMF and EU will probably ask for increased taxes, alterations in the labour laws and cuts in benefits. Jardim is reported to have talked to the IMF about help for the Government’s 6,000 million euros total deficit (Diario, 24/4/2010).

    Meanwhile, the EU wants its 2012 budget increased by 4.9%, including a 2.6% increase in the amount needed to pay the pensions of their civil servants.

    Dia da Liberdade today?

  2. Don’t you love the EC?
    Most of its member nations are on austerity programs.
    This includes reducing pay and benefits of civil servants who cost far too much money.
    The EC should be reducing its expenses, after all the delegates are paid huge amounts of dosh and are part-time, many having full time jobs elsewhere.
    When is the EC accounts going to be audited?
    Mumblings of fraud abound.
    A full audit would quell disquiet.
    If no adult in the EC was by law, not obliged to pay more than say 10% of income in taxes them life would be wonderful


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