Update of Paul’s blog on March 24th & News March 29th–30th thanks again to Elaine

Update of Paul’s blog on March 24th

«The Mannerism and the Baroque Styles»

The Department of Cultural Affairs yearly opens an exhibition celebrating the World Heritage Day. The Direction of Services of Cultural Heritage has conceived a display under the theme of two great art movements: the Mannerism and the Baroque. “Get acquainted with Cultural Heritage: The Mannerism and the Baroque styles – From modest movements to exuberant volumes” opens on April 18th at the Sala dos Arcos – Colégio dos Jesuítas and may be visited until the 17th of June.

The exhibition aims to highlight the potential of local Heritage as a privileged instrument of our educational system in the development of its student’s knowledge and skills.

The exhibition is divided in two parts. A theoretical one, linked to the framework of the seasons and concepts of both artistic styles, and a practical one, where visitors can apply the concepts previously explained.

The International World Heritage Day was created by ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) on April 18th of 1982 and approved by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in the following year. This celebration aims to raise public awareness towards the diversity and vulnerability of cultural assets, as well as the effort involved in its protection and preservation.

Another update

The Pestana Group welcomes the prize to the architect Souto Moura. He designed the emblematic Pousada de Amares in Santa Maria do Bouro and the Pousada da Serra da Estrela in Covilhã, which is scheduled to open in 2012. The group will continue to renovate the Pousadas of Portugal in conjunction with the best national architects.

News, March 29th – 30th


7,380 passed through the Port of Funchal

On Monday, 7,380 passengers from four cruise ships passed through the Port of Funchal. The Naviera Armas ferry, the Volcan de Tijarafe, arrived late from Portimão in the Algarve, delayed until a berth was free. The AIDAblu and the Island Escape visit every week. The Costa Serena is also a frequent caller whereas this is only the second visit of the Seabourn Odyssey, its inaugural visit was in 2009. The AIDAblu with 2,200 German passengers arrived on Sunday at midday and left at 17.00 on Monday. The Island Escape carried 1,300 passengers and 200 finished their cruise at Funchal. The Costa Serena disembarked 3,100 passengers at 08.00 and sailed at 18.00. The smaller Seabourn Odyssey (380 tourists) cruise ship came from Miami, crossed the Atlantic, arrived at 08.00 and sailed for Lisbon at 18.00.



Fishermen ‘miraculously’ saved

Three fishermen from Santa Cruz were found 14 hours after their boat capsized. One was a professional and the other two amateur fishermen, all in their sixties. The incident occurred from Wednesday to Thursday last week in the vicinity of the Desertas. The seven metre long boat capsized around 17.00 and they were rescued by 08.00 the following day after spending the night on the upturned boat. The rescue vessel was another fishing boat sailing for the same area. The men were ‘miraculously’ rescued as the sailing of the second boat was nearly postponed because of windy conditions. They have all recovered from hypothermia and their boat was found about eight miles off Santa Cruz by relatives and friends. It took six hours to retrieve the boat and tow it back and the Port Captaincy will investigate the cause of this memorable ‘adventure’.

Madeira Airport is the best in Portugal

From a study in 2010, Madeira Airport was considered the best in Portugal at the level of Overall Satisfaction, with a rating of 4.2. All parameters for this airport were rated above 4 on a scale of 0 – 5. The five categories were: Marketing, Infrastructure and Airport Equipment, Airport Services, Finance and Administration and Ground Staff. The companies surveyed were responsible for transporting 76% of passengers through Madeira Airport in 2010. The second and third best airports were Porto and Faro.


Tunnel and ‘new’ road to Jardim do Mar

The road linking Calheta to Jardim do Mar is to be completely renovated. There will be a tunnel and protection from landslides and falling rocks. This will entail constructing bridges and flyovers, pavements, lighting and drainage networks. Another major intervention is the stabilisation of the slope at Ribeira da Fajã das Éguas.The first phase of cota 200 (between Vasco Gil amd Lombo dos Aguiares) should be completed by this October, then the contract for the second phase between Lombo dos Aguiares and Fundoa will be awarded.

‘Revolution’ in hotels

In Santa Cruz, the hotel industry is changing. Two units are being modernised, the D. Pedro Garajau is to become an aparthotel and a new luxury hotel is planned at Portinho. The two hotels in Caniço de Baixo being updated are the Four Views Oasis and the Vila Ventura. This is to comply with current legislation and market requirements and some of their old equipment is to be delivered to disadvantaged families in the county. Planning permission has been sought for a luxury hotel to be built at Portinho, depending on the availability of finance. In relation to D. Pedro Garajau, it was stressed that there will be no reduction in services provided, just a change in the type of business.

Madalena and Ponta do Sol beaches are candidates for the Blue Flag

This year, a total of 16 beaches are candidates for the Blue Flag award. This is one more than last year. Unlike last year, Calheta is not entering and Ribeira Brava is still not in a suitable state. The Marina of Funchal is a candidate but Quinta do Lorde is not reapplying. The awards will be announced on May 5th.

4 thoughts on “Update of Paul’s blog on March 24th & News March 29th–30th thanks again to Elaine”

  1. I find it unbelievable that Madeira airport is voted best in Portugal, dont get me wrong its a nice airport, but if you get stuck there for hours on end, then your buggered for something decent to eat, i think the food places there are rubbish, and its time this was addressed….

  2. I’ve just noticed Martin’s comments on March 30th. Madeira Medical Centre might not have been paid for your NHS care as it has not received enough reimbursements from the Regional Government. It will be declared insolvent if it does not receive finance soon and employees are without wages. The Secretary of Social Affairs has asked the Finance Department to intervene. Still little money from Portugal (only 1/12th?) for rebuilding after February 2010 and the opposition parties are suspicious that it will be ‘diverted’ by the Regional Government. The EU funds have reached Portugal and should be in the Region this week. If they do finally reach here, will they be ‘diverted’ too?

    I thought there would be disagreement about Madeira Airport. Duty free very poor with only Blandys busy, lack of seats once you pass through passport control and queues everywhere.


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