2011 Blandy’s Madeira Bicentennial; Portuguese businesses expanding despite economic crisis; Air Berlin Madeira flights: project sales to increase 16,5% Summer 25,8% in Winter; Ferry incident at Funchal Port;

Portugal & Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:

2011 Blandy’s Madeira Bicentennial

“Blandy’s Madeira has been synonymous with quality Madeira wine.

The Blandys are unique in being the only family of all the original founders of the Madeira wine trade to still own and manage their own original wine company. The family has played a leading role in the development of Madeira wine throughout its long history and members of the family continue to live on Madeira, maintaining a tradition that goes back to 1811.
Michael and Chris Blandy are the 6th and 7th generations to work in the business.”

Photos from the Diario Newspaper of the New York Event:

Blandy’s Madeira are holding events in the UK, US and of course Madeira to celebrate the Bicentennial

2011 Blandy’s Madeira Bicentennial Event dates:

San Francisco: 22 March
New York: 24 March
London: 9 June
Madeira: 23 September

Diario article and Photogallery: http://www.dnoticias.pt/actualidade/economia/256567-blandy%E2%80%99s-madeira-celebra-200-anos-com-duas-provas-de-vinho-nos-estados-u

Air Berlin Madeira flights: project sales to increase 16,5% Summer 25,8% in Winter

Diario article: http://www.dnoticias.pt/actualidade/economia/256414-air-berlin-espera-subir-vendas-para-a-madeira-em-165-no-verao-e-258-no-i

Portuguese businesses expanding despite economic crisis

Reuters Video:

Casa Ermelinda Freitas, a Portuguese winemaking company which has been in the same family for four generations, are looking to sell more of their wine abroad as Portugal’s economy struggles….


Ferry incident at Funchal Port

There was an incident on Saturday with the ‘Volcan de Tijarafe’ ferry

Diario article: http://www.dnoticias.pt/actualidade/economia/256562-ferry-espanhol-embate-no-porto

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  1. Two links Buying property in Portugal and Madeira, and walking in Madeira.

    This April’s edition of A Place in the Sun magazine.
    In this month’s alternative destinations we make a port of call to the lush Portuguese island of Madeira, famous for its cake, wine and fireworks and see why Brits have been flocking there for centuries.


    On the same website.
    The Portugal property market is expected to face further difficult times ahead after the country’s Prime Minister Jose Socrates resigned on Wednesday after parliament had rejected the Portuguese government’s plans for an austerity budget to avoid an EU bailout

    Portugal now faces a bailout similar to the rescue packages witnessed in Greece and the Republic of Ireland last year, placing the country’s economy into greater turmoil, which in turn is likely to impact negatively on the Portugal property market.

    “Every opposition party rejected the measures proposed by the government to prevent that Portugal resort to external aid,” Mr Socrates said in a televised announcement.

    He added: “The opposition removed from the government the conditions to govern.”

    Portugal property prices have been falling nationwide in recent years, as a consequence of the economic downturn.

    A RICS report released earlier this week indicated that the prices of homes in Portugal are likely to continue falling, due to the country’s political and economic uncertainty. Property prices fell in all regions of Portugal last year, with the exception of the island of Madeira, where average property prices increased by 1.2 per cent year-on-year.

    Walking in Madeira: Levada walks, coastal trail and mountain treks.
    On an island just 23km by 58 km, Madeira offers some fabulous walks from bucolic valleys and rugged mountains to dramatic cliffs, vertiginous ravines and rural heartlands where levadas, the ancient water channels, run along terraced slopes to irrigate vineyards and fields.


  2. AND for your “fim de semana” viewing pleasure we have the following website for streaming free movies and television program:


    It may take a bit of practice to learn to avoid the advertising, but it is worth it.

    THEN – to turn it into a fun and educational experience ( oh no – how to wreck a good thing…..) pair it with this web-site:


    Which will give you the Portuguese (continental) subtitles.

    Then you decide whether to watch with the English sound on or to only use the Portuguese subtitles


  3. Pete, I have the following dates:

    18th April Monuments and Sites Day
    18th May Museums Day
    27th September Tourism Day

    The Botanical Gardens website states free entry on the following days:
    21st March World Forests Day
    30th April Anniversary of the park
    18th May World Museums Day
    1st July Madeira Day
    27th September World Tourism Day

    For lovers of fado and Ana Moura, yesterday’s online New York Times had a front page article on novo fado.

  4. EasyJet flight here from Lisboa yesterday late a.m. suffered a bird strike to one of it’s engines shortly before finals ….. landed safely, well handled by the crew and made a rather interesting sound (engine surge/stall?) as it commenced short finals.

    Aircraft still sat on tarmac awaiting new engine and service crew – wonder how they will arrive? We have certainly seen more bird (seagull) activity near the Airport of late…….

    Time to enjoy the sun and garden then! Hope that your journey back to the U.K. is going well Martin…..

  5. Following the recent bird strike episode, EasyJet are pleased to announce a new addition to their in flight menu:

    Duck a la Orange…..

    Served on a wing and a prayer and lightly toasted.


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