Snow on the serras-update on roads;Madeira CAB wins Portuguese Basketball Cup first time;Flights to Madeira from Norwich; Business News: Goodbye ‘Modelo’ Hello ‘Continente’;Calheta: jewellery course; Telegraph on Madeira: readers’ tips, recommendations and travel advice;

Portugal & Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:

Roads closed mainly due to snowfall

The website of Madeira Protecção Civil advises that these roads are closed mainly due to snowfall: link:

1ª Secção

E.R. 103 – Entre o Terreiro da Luta e o Poiso

E.R. 202 – Entre o Poiso e o Pico do Areeiro

E.R. 203 – Entre o cruzamento com a E.R. 215 (Santinha) a E.R.103 (Poiso)


2ª Secção

E.R. 103 – Entre o Ribeiro Frio e o Poiso

E.R. 202 – Entre o cruzamento da E.R. 215 (Terreiros) e o cruzamento da E.R.103 (Poiso)

E.R. 218 – Entre o Pico das Pedras e a Achada do Teixeira


4ª Secção

E.R. 105 – Entre a boca da Encumeada e a Fonte do Bispo

E.R. 223 – Entre o Jardim do Mar e a VE3 no Estreito da Calheta


“Prémio fantástico para a Madeira” -Madeiran Team wins Portuguese Basketball Cup for the first time

Diario Newspaper reports:

“Prémio fantástico para a Madeira” says coach of CAB Madeira João Freitas after they won the Taça de Portugal de Basquetebol against Penafiel 64-62, em Fafe on Sunday afternoon.

The Portuguese Basketball Cup is the top men’s basketball cup in Portugal, which is also called (Portuguese: “Taça de Portugal de Basquetebol”) and it is organized by the Federation.

Flights to Madeira from Norwich

Travel Weekly:

“Norwich Airport is to get a new service to Madeira operated by Monarch Airlines and Atlantic Holidays. The new service starts on May 9 and follows a series of flights operated to the Atlantic island last year….”

Andrew Bell, Norwich Airport’s chief executive, said: “Madeira, as last year’s full flights proved, is a destination that is highly sought after by holidaymakers in East Anglia and we are delighted that Atlantic Holidays has taken the opportunity to meet this demand.”


Business News: end of ‘Modelo’

Portugal News article:

“Modelo supermarkets are to be… replaced with the bigger Continente brand.

Continente’s trademark red and white colours are more commonly applied to large-scale hypermarkets. Also belonging to the Sonae Group, Continente’s colours will now washout the cooler blue tones of smaller Modelo supermarkets.


While it has not yet been officially confirmed, the fusion is expected to be made public next week, on Monday 14 March.”


Note: according to Madeiran media – the 15th March.

A new phase in Portugal’s distribution sector

“A meeting has been scheduled by Sonae MC, a subsidiary of the Sonae Group, to announce “a new phase in Portugal’s distribution sector.”

“In little more than four years four big Portuguese retail brands are set to disappear.

-Carrefour and Plus have been bought out;-the Jerónimo Martins group is to replace all Feira Nova supermarkets with the Pingo Doce branding;-and now Sonae is to transform Modelo into Continente.



Calheta: jewellery course

The Casa do Povo of Calheta is running ‘um curso de bijuteria’. To register and for more info:

Telefones 291 822 300
e-mail: [email protected]

Madeira News from Elaine – Thanks Elaine!

Posted in the comments section of the site Monday lunchtime. Photographs added by Paul Abbiati.

Translated from J. Madeira and D. Noticias

Panic in the serras

70 cars and their occupants became stranded in the serras do Areeiro due to the heavy snowfall. The rescue teams had to clear the snow using a bulldozer and took blankets and supplies to the trapped people. The Commander of the Volunteer Firefighters of Madeira guaranteed at 11 pm that there were no urgent problems although the snow continued to fall to a depth of 15 cm, hampering the rescue effort.

Firefighters – both voluntary (BVM) and the Municipal Firefighters of Funchal, Civil Protection, Police (PSP), Emergency Medical Team (EMIR), Red Cross, Forestry Police and Estradas da Madeira (road services) had rescued various mothers and children but several people were still trapped above the area of Poiso, on the road from Pico de Areeiro.

Priority was given to children and the elderly. A frightened mother with a five month old baby was transported back by the firefighters. The Casa de Abrigo do Poiso and the restaurant were used as first aid posts and provided hot drinks.

Diario stated 200, RTP news said around a hundred but according to J Madeira, only dozens of people stranded.

Recent update, D Noticias

More snow has fallen and can be seen from Funchal and will remain for some time. The authorities do not have snow ploughs or tyre chains, so yesterday afternoon stopped vehicle access to the Casa de Abrigo do Poiso at three places: Terreiro da Luta, the road between Santo-Poiso and above Ribeiro Frio.

Slideshow posted by Elaine in comments section:

More from Elaine:

63 cars abandoned on the serras last night and 50 centimetres deep snow in some areas of Pico do Areeiro. Dnoticias reporters have uploaded photos plus a 10 minute video.


Travel article with readers’ tips on visiting Madeira, in today’s Telegraph.
Madeira, Portugal: readers’ tips, recommendations and travel advice.

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  1. Thanks Elaine – we came home last night to Garajau at about 1015PM and the temperature was 6C – never known that in all our years of visits and certainly not since we arrived in 2007.

  2. Continentale is up and running, did my shopping this morning, came out with a rose and they had lots of goodies to try on the way round, with the locals in costume, this was the one at Garajau, but I presume it is the same at all Modelo’s.

  3. Yep, Modelo at Agua da Pena re branded also – complete with BBQ sausages and free cake, yummy! Some prices have crept up though…….and the “musac” now too loud but with more staff ……..

  4. Does anyone have any information on surfing around the North coast? A young friend is here for a week complete with wet suit but no board ….. does anyone hire or provide tuition/introduction to theses waters and safety briefs? Ta if you can help – lets go surfing now!

    Well the sleet seems to have gone and the sun is at last shinning and the wind has dropped ….. fingers crossed team – the coldest night here last night for us EVER also!

  5. Abbo, can’t seem to get the recommended site to load now ,,,,,?
    Cheers/Bom saude,
    Bem Vindo to Madeira all readers – it will SOON get warmer and sunny!
    Muito sol e calor(*;*)

  6. Helsinki,
    The photos were uploaded to the Flickr website by Marcel Peereboom (Madeira Nature Guide).
    I also thank all the photographers who kindly put high quality videos and photos of the island on the Internet. They remind me how beautiful it is, especially regions I cannot get to by public transport.

    Sue and Jon,
    Have you left anything at Continente (Modelo) for the rest of us? Judging by the Diario Noticias video from the Viveiros shop, it was busier than normal.

  7. For your information,

    Marcel, a Dutchman, just passed his final exam and is now an official certified mountain and walking guide in Madeira. He works mostly for Mb Travels and for Nature Meetings. His special interest is vegetation and has a sea of knowledge on this topic.

    Parabens Marcel !!!!


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