News round-up 26th–28th March

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Yellow-crowned Night Heron  – 1st for Madeira, 2nd for Western Palearctic

It seems that this Heron has been around Funchal marina since the beginning of February 2011 at least, though the people who observed were curious but not real birdwatchers… Thanks to Fernando Silva, who, on the 24th of March, told us about an uncommon heron roosting at his boat and then sent us a picture of it, taken on the 17th February 2011, we were able to identify and to confirm its identification with some other birdwatchers: a Yellow-crowned Night Heron Nyctanassa violacea.

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Five Friday Facts about Madeira

There is much to praise the island of Madeira for. However, we’ve managed to squeeze in these five to get you fired up about a place that’s popular all year round with families, couples, and travellers alike. A cheap holiday to Madeira has a lot to offer.

News, March 26th – 28th

Regional Government publishes a list of donations received after the storm, around 14 million euros

The Government of Madeira published a list of monetary donations and gifts, totalling around 14 million euros, delivered to more than 50 institutions to help victims of the storm of February 20th, 2010. Monetary donations to 50 institutions totalled 11,835,869 euros. The highest amount went to Investimentos Habitacionais da Madeira (IHM), (Housing Department), receiving 3.8 million euros. Donations came from Canada, Australia, UK, South Africa, Germany, Taipei and Korea. Other large amounts went to Cáritas Diocesana do Funchal (more than 1.7 million euros from 33 different sources), Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa (more than 1.6 million euros) and various development associations in the areas most affected, namely ADBRAVA – Ribeira Brava (915,000 euros), ASA-Santo António (666,000 euros) and ADECOM- Monte (192,000 euros).

The Diocese of Funchal was one of the main benefactors, contributing 280,000 euros, whilst Teleféricos do Monte gave 50,000 euros to help rebuild the capela das Babosas in Monte, which was completely destroyed by the storm. Local councils, fire departments, sports clubs and associations received donations from several sources. Mota Engil contributed 1.2 million euros towards the construction of 18 apartments for rehousing families. Cáritas Diocesana also received diverse materials valued at 354,000 euros and Crua Vermelha, 111,000 euros. Other items on the list are: thousands of litres of paint, thousands of sacs of cement, other construction materials, 80 mobile phones, gas, food, architectural help, cars, free wine to help revive the restaurant sector, household electrical appliances, transport of donated goods from the continent to the region and temporary accommodation.

APD facilitate mobility of tourists with special needs

On April 6th, the Secretary of Tourism and Transport, Conceição Estudante, will sign a contract between the Associação Portuguesa de Deficientes – Delegação Local do Funchal  and the Tourism Agency ‘Sunrise Tours’. This partnership aims to provide support for tourists with special needs, especially with limited mobility, by offering excursions around the island in appropriate transport.

‘Minor’ Emergencies will have new area by the end of the year

Within the remodelled Emergency Department at the Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça, there will be a separate area for less urgent patients. These are patients labelled green and blue under the Manchester triage system. These are 35 – 40% of attendances as people go for inappropriate reasons but still need to be treated. They will be seen by family doctors. A commission comprised of doctors from the hospital and health centres has been formed to optimise resources. This new space will allow better treatment for the most urgent cases (yellow, orange and red).



IN @ Rua da Alfândega, 1 – 8 April

Events of music, photography, fashion, cinema, theatre and a typical arraial madeirense will transform the Rua da Alfândega in the first week of April. The aim is to revitalise trade and tourism in this area. This week was chosen to coincide with the Mercado das Oportunidades.

Núcleo Museológico – Rota da Col

The Rota da Cal – Associação de lnvestigação e Divulgação de Fornos de Cal have a new project at the Núcleo Museológico – Rota da Col, Achada do Furtado do Barrinho, Lameiros, São Vicente, during the 4th to 9th April. This project will reconstruct the history of quarrying and transportation of limestone, cutting and transportation of firewood and  the use of the lime kiln situated at the Forno do Barrinho, and will be recorded for the production of a DVD. There will also be a demonstration of thatching using traditional techniques and materials (palheiro – straw). Integrated in this project is the study of calcified fossils found at the Sítio dos Lameiros which date to the Miocene period, more than 5 million years ago.

X Exposição Regional do Limão with Despique

The Regional Lemon Festival takes place on the 13th – 15th May in the parish of Santana. There will be food, traditional entertainment groups, theatre, dance and music, as well as a typical Festa do Despique. The event is organised by the Casa do Povo da Ilha. The Festa do Despique is to help preserve the knowledge and experiences gained by generations of local people, concerning improvised music and singing. This festival normally draws thousands of visitors with organised tours from various parts of the island.

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  1. Schöner und gut recherchierter Artikel. Die in dem Post genannten Theorien kann ich so bestätigen. Auch Ich habe auch bereits einiges zu in diesem Bereich in Erfahrung gebracht und überlege ob ich ebenfalls einen kurzen Artiken dazu schreiben sollte. Viel Glück auch in Zukunft mit diesem Blog.

  2. I hope the 3 to 4 hour and longer wait for the “green” patients is improved. As a ‘green ” patient, decided by a twerp in triage, I waited and waited whilst becoming increasingly poorly on the point of collapse until I was taken to the private Maderia Medical Centre near the Mercado for urgent treatment to remedy a mis-application of a drugs cocktail by the prescibing doctor.
    It left me in a bad state.
    Poor Madeirans need a lot better regard by their politicians.

  3. The sixth fact about Madeira is that the pavements, kerbs and roadways are a dangerous trip hazard.
    They are left in a poor state.
    Broken edges
    Poor stairways
    I thought of photographing each dangerous pavement hazard and sending them to some responsible authority.
    After a hundred in as many metres I decided that as there were so many holes and hazards nobody cares, so why bother.
    The authorities don’t seem to mind that elderly tourists and Madeirans are exposed to so many hazards.


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