Portuguese Super Agent: Jorge Mendes; Prazeres, Calheta art: ‘Galeria dos Prazeres’ New Exhibition; Madeira second highest GDP in Portugal; Madeira hot spot for the young and the chic; Madeira: a girl’s guide to the best shops, hotels and restaurants; Leeds to Madeira: direct flights start

Portugal & Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:

Portuguese Super Agent: Jorge Mendes

A Football Report .com:

“He speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish, carries an army of mobile phones, sleeps few hours, possesses a fleet of 100 footballers valued over €650m, earns millions each year and is Portuguese.

Jorge Mendes is one of the world’s few ‘super agents’ who accomplished this astronomical recognition before reaching his 40th birthday.

Jorge Mendes is a reoccurring name in modern football and one that has been the pioneer behind the success of stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricardo Carvalho and Jose Mourinho off the field.

Mourinho in August 2010

In the space of 15 years he transformed from a night club owner into one of football’s most powerful and respected agents.”

Link: http://afootballreport.com/post/3581783565/jorge-mendes-the-portuguese-super-agent

Prazeres, Calheta, Madeira art: ‘Galeria dos Prazeres’ New Exhibition

Exhibition of Fernando Aguiar ‘Galeria dos Prazeres’ opens 4th March, 7pm.

The ‘Galeria dos Prazeres’ is in the Quinta Pedagogica dos Prazeres complex behind Prazeres Church in the centre of the village.

Madeira second highest GDP in Portugal

In 2008, GDP per inhabitant expressed in terms of purchasing power standards in the EU27’s 271 NUTS-2 regions ranged from 28% of the EU27 average in the region of Severozapaden in Bulgaria, to 343% of the average in Inner London in the United Kingdom. This information is taken from data released by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.

Sunset on Madeira Island with The Desertas Islands in the background

GDP, and thus GDP per inhabitant, provides a measure of the total economic activity in a region. It may be used to compare
the degree of economic development of regions. GDP does not measure the income ultimately available to private households in a region. Details of the methodology used can be found in “Regional Accounts Methods: gross value added and gross fixed capital formation by activity”, Eurostat, 1995, ISBN 92-827-0159-X.


link: http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/cache/ITY_PUBLIC/1-24022011-AP/EN/1-24022011-AP-EN.PDF

“Madeira has reinvented itself as a hot spot for the young and the chic..”

Madeira: a girl’s guide to the best shops, hotels and restaurants

The Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/portugal/madeira/8328714/Madeira-a-girls-guide-to-the-best-shops-hotels-and-restaurants.html

Excerpts from the Telegraph article:

Vila do Peixe, a traditional Madeiran restaurant. Then sit back and enjoy the bay views (Câmara de Lobos)

Many restaurants in Madeira are in beautiful locations such as this one at Doca do Cavacas on Funchal’s ocean front next to natural rock pools.

Café do Teatro, in Funchal’s main street, is an elegant eatery and bar serving coffee by day and cocktails by night, when it transforms into a club with a DJ catering to a younger crowd (cafedoteatro.com)

Loja 56:

The Madeiran stylist Patrícia Pinto owns a colourful boutique, Loja 56, selling women’s designer collections and retro homewares (56 Rua Nova de São Pedro)

Sneakers Delight : take home a pair of limited-edition trainers from Sneakers Delight, a Portuguese chain store (7 Rua da Alfândega)

Go whale-watching
. A trip out to sea on a dolphin/ whale-watching lasts just over two hours and exeprienced crew offer fascinating insights into the waters around Madeira one of the best places in Europe to see whales, dolphins and turtles. The Calheta coast which is the sunniest and warmest has different whale and dolphin operating from Calheta marina. One of the oldest companies whalewatching which stresses respect for all marine life, conservation and education is Lobosonda

The photo of a common dolphin (delphinus delphis) in front of the fishing village Paul do Mar is published with permission of lobosonda:


link to Telegraph full article from which excerpts were taken:

Direct flights from Leeds to Madeira start

Travel Daily News.com

“Yorkshire’s first direct scheduled flight to the beautiful island of Madeira took off from Leeds Bradford Airport today (14th February), thanks to the North’s leading leisure airline with friendly low fares, Jet2.com…”

Jet2.com Boeing 757 lands at Leeds Bradford Airport, UK, 2008

“The first Madeira bound Jet2.com flight departed on 14th February 2011, taking passengers to the picturesque Portuguese island.
The brand new weekly service will operate until 31 October 2011 and prices start at just, £49.99 one way including taxes.”

Travel Daily News: http://www.traveldailynews.com/pages/show_page/41641-First-Jet2com-flight-to-Madeira-takes-off-from-Leeds-Bradford-Airport

Jet2.com: http://www.jet2.com/

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  1. I think that you will find that the photograph is in fact “SUN RISE” on Madeira with the Deserta Islands in the foreground … best viewed from Gaula. Tsk Tsk ….. Daily Telegraph please do verify before you telegraph – !

  2. Debt crisis critical moment for Europe – Portugal
    Overcoming the sovereign debt crisis once and for all is a critical test for the European Union, Portugal said on Monday, appealing for urgent and effective support to defend it against renewed market attacks.

    Portugal has fought for months to stave off an international bailout after Greece and Ireland succumbed but there are growing doubts about Germany’s willingness to support expanding or reconfiguring the bloc’s rescue fund enough to calm investors and reduce the pressure.

    Prime Minister Jose Socrates told a conference organised by Reuters and local TSF radio that the sovereign crisis was the biggest challenge to the European Union and the bloc’s prestige depended on defeating it.

    “I believe it’s time to understand that the answer to this crisis must be European … The response to this situation must be European, because it’s a systemic problem,” he said.

    “The sovereign debt crisis is the biggest challenge the European project faces. The biggest challenge since the project was launched.


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