Rali de Portugal: Madeiran Bernardo no TOP 10; Portuguese invention to make luggage traceable; April cultural events in Madeira; Dennis Potter production in Calheta, Madeira; International Day of Monuments & Sites 18 April;Why ‘Tremoços’ are wonderful!; Igreja do Colegio: Barroco masterpiece;

Madeira and Portugal News from Paul Abbiati:

Rali de Portugal: Madeiran Bernardo no TOP 10

Diario article: http://www.dnoticias.pt/actualidade/desporto/256388-bernardo-no-top-10

Portuguese invention to make luggage traceable
Portugal News:
The University of Minho Polymer Engineering Innovation Centre (PIEP) in Guimarães in northern Portugal along with four companies and a research centre is behind a project to incorporate radio frequency identification (RFID), wireless sensor network (WSN) and GPS into suitcases so they can be followed anywhere in the world.
“Some airlines already tag suitcases, but these have a cost every time a bag is tagged, whereas the PIEP solution incorporates the devices inside the bag so travellers only have to pay once, project director Bruno Pereira da Silva said at the weekend.
The smartcases can be used anywhere, but 90% of the market will be air travellers…”
“Travellers with such bags can track their luggage from a mobile phone and know if they have been loaded onto their flight before takeoff.”
“Ten thousand bags go astray every day in the EU costing millions of euros.“
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) met this week to discuss the approval of the invention
Link: http://www.theportugalnews.com/cgi-bin/article.pl?id=1105-3

April cultural events in Madeira

Dia Internacional dos Monumentos e Sítios, 18 April

18 April until 17 June 2011: ‘O Conhecimento do Património – O Maneirismo e o Barroco: do Movimento Contido à Exuberância dos Volumes’ at the Colégio dos Jesuítas – the Jesuit College next to Igreja do Colégio in Funchal City Square.

More events actually on the day or on other days of the month of April to commemorate the Day are listed in the Diario article here:


Igreja do Colegio: Barroco masterpiece

The igreja do colegio in the City Square, Funchal is one of the best examples of Barroco Church architecture in Portugal. The interior was recently restored.

More details will be posted here on the blog later.

Potter work to be performed at Casas Das Mudas in Calheta

A production of the Dennis Potter work “Azul Longe Nas Colinas” (Blue Remembered Hills) will be performed at Casas Das Mudas in April – dates and a film clip are below:

According to the Diario Newspaper:

From 22 – 24 April at C. C. e de Congressos do Porto Santo.

From 29 April to 1 May at Centro das Artes, Casa das Muda

With Albano Jerónimo, Bruno Nogueira, Dinarte Branco, Elsa Oliveira, Leonor Salgueiro, Luísa Cruz and Nuno Nunes
Starring: Beatriz Batarda
Music: Bernardo Sassetti
Co-production: Casa das Mudas Arts Centre, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Teatro Nacional São João and CulturProject

Why Tremoços (white lupins) are wonderful!

Madeira blog.eu:

“White Lupins (Tremoços) is presented here in Madeira as an appetizer with having a beer at a bar (Taska) on the island.

White lupins (Lupinus Albus) belongs to the Fabaceae family and are traditionally grown in the Mediterranean countries. Australia is the largest producer in the world. The dry grain Lupine is toxic and contains a number of Alkaloids that has a bitter taste, and so these are only edible after boiling in water and salt.

On nutritional point of view, these yellow beans are almost the same level as a steak. It has three times more protein and two times more Phosphor than cow’s milk. White lupins are high in Fibre, vitamins B and E, Calcium, Potassium, Iron and Omega 3. Furthermore, the low starch content makes it an excellent ally in controlling the level of blood sugar and a good companion for low-fat diets. It has also healing properties to stimulate the renewal of skin cells. In short, it’s a real wonder bean!”

Source: http://www.madeirablog.eu/

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  1. Can anyone help me out on this one? I have an address I cannot locate or make sense of.

    It is Complexo Habitacional, St. Amaro 1 no. 3, 9350 Funchal. I think is it near the big Sa in Funchal but can’t figure out if “Complexo Habitacional” functions as a street name or is an apartment complex or an area – in which case how would I find it etc. Apparently the address is complete.

    Any suggestions much appreciated.

  2. Ellen you are having the same problem as I did.
    “Complexo Habitacional ” means a huge development of apartments.

    You need a street name.

    I live in a complex (painted pink) and it was not until I lived in it for some weeks that I found a concrete display panel with the name and full address.
    Apart from this the buildings have no names just nubers by the mailboxes at each entrance.
    Street name
    Habitation name with Bloc letter, floor number and apartment number/letters.
    Then parish
    Post code, then Funchal.

    Ask to be taken there it will save you a lot of grief!!

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