Madeira Carnival 2011-70% occupancy hotel sector; ‘Carnaval da Madeira’ 4-8 March 2011 Full Programme; Portuguese wine exports to UK double in value;

Portugal & Madeira news from Paul Abbiati:

Madeira Carnival 2011-70% occupancy hotel sector

The Diario Newspaper reports that the Madeira Government Tourism Secretary estimates that the hotel sector will have 70% occupancy during the Carnival week. A 7% increase on 2010.


‘Carnaval da Madeira’ 4-8 March 2011

One of the best in Europe and one of the best in the world outside of Brazil!

The Children’s Carnival Party

The Madeira Carnival festivities include the Children’s Carnival Party to be held on the morning of the 4th of March, with the participation of children from Funchal’s schools, in a show with their own. The “Solidarity Carnival”, an initiative by the Association for Community Development of Funchal, is held on the afternoon of that same day and culminates with a show held at the Municipal Garden. On this day, the downtown area is flooded with: carnival and brass bands that play out specific themes and animation theatre groups that will interact with the public, apart from other carnival musical performances.

Carnival Theme: The “Magic Forest”

The “Magic Forest” theme will serve as the motto for the creativity of the eight floats groups that will be participating this year in the Carnival parade on Saturday evening, March 5th, going out to the streets and showing the creativity of the different groups that will perform in this colourful and lively parade, totalling more than 1,100 participants – in a journey of unique beauty. At the end of the procession, the participants will gather at the Town Hall Square, where, in a magical atmosphere of sound and costumes, there will be animation by a dance amongst the participating groups and the public.

“Carnaval das Avenidas”

On Sunday night, March 6th, three Troupes will liven up the downtown area with the “Carnaval das Avenidas” a performance to be held in the main streets of the city centre.

The Trapalhão Parade

The Trapalhão Parade will be held on Carnival Tuesday, on the 8th of March. It is a typical Madeira Parade, open to the participation of individuals or groups, including tourists, where humour and social satire are the favourite themes of the participants. Many “trapalhões” (bunglers) entertain and interact with the public, thereby justifying the term “it’s Carnival – nobody takes it badly”.

Full Programme here in pdf:

Portuguese wine exports to UK double in value

Harpers Wines & Spirits Trade Review:

“Exports of Portuguese wines to the UK have doubled in value, showing increases up to 99.1%, according to the National Statistics Institute of Portugal.

Increases up to the end of November 2010 at 99.1% by value and 22.5% by volume.

Tania Oliveira, ViniPortugal’s UK manager, said: “We have seen new retailers really embracing Portuguese wines this year.”

Image caption: red wine grapes growing in the Portuguese wine region of the Minho. These grapes maybe used for red Vinho Verde

“Companies such as Naked Wines have really adopted Portugal in the last 12 months, and have great plans for 2011.

“Laithwaites and The Wine Society, amongst others, are doing a tremendous job.

“You will see both Asda and Sainsburys increasing their offering of Portuguese wines over the next few months, and the independent sector is as loyal and enthusiastic as ever about the diversity and interest Portuguese wines have to offer their customers.”

The Annual Tasting of Portuguese Wines takes place at Lord’s Cricket Ground.”

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Could you possibly tell me where the car inspection facility is in Funchal and how to get there? Just realised the car has to be inspected (MOT) by 4th March………….oops so will have to go to Funchal rather than wait until the mobile unit visits Prazeres.

    Your help would be very much appreciated.

  2. Betty

    Coming from the Santa Cruz end of the Island, you come off at Junction 13 for Boa Novo/Jardim Botantical/Palheiro Golf – the MOT Station is then right in front of you. The staff there are extremely helpful and help you through the process. Good luck!


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