Art Deco exhibition continues in Madeira until February; Art Deco in Porto; Yellow weather alert

Portugal & Madeira news from Paul Abbiati:

Art Deco in Madeira

‘Martin everso’ prompted me to post this again today from his comments about this exhibition . Thanks Martin.
The Art Deco exhibition at Casa das Mudas above Calheta Marina has more than 300 pieces of furniture, paintings, statues, ceramics, glass and silverware and other decorative objects from some of the most famous Art Deco decorators like Lalique, Brandt, Perzel, Leleu, Porteneuve and Ruhlmann.
Art deco in Porto

Ruhlmann was the creator of the dining room in the Casa de Serralves in Porto, one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in Portugal.
“Casa de Serralves is a house and museum located in Parque de Serralves in Porto, Portugal.

Owned by the Serralves Foundation, the house was built by the second Conde de Prado, Carlos Alberto Cabral and designed by the architect José Marques da Silva. It is a unique example of Streamline Moderne architecture in Portugal.

Completed in 1940, Casa de Serralves welcomed presentations made by the Foundation between 1989 and 1999. In 1996, Casa de Serralves was classified as a building of public interest due to its architectural interest. Today the house is part of the the Museu Serralves.”

Source: Wikipedia

link to Casa Das Mudas, Art Centre Madeira  site:

Yellow weather warning for rain issued for Madeira region by Institute of Meteorology (IOM):

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  1. Hi

    happy New Year everyone.

    I am curious does anyone know what the position is with the Savoy. When I was in Funchal in December work seemed to have ground to a halt and I was, probably unreliably,told that there may have been an owners falling out.

    I raise this as I was today offered a weeks timeshare at The Royal Savoy at a ridiculously low price and from a “good” source.

  2. Art Deco …… alive and well in Funchal, the Farmers Market and building (?) alongside it, are splendid examples of Art Deco architecture but not advertised?
    Does anyone have any information as to the architect etc? Thanks.
    Good articles/info Paul, thanks.

  3. Allen, I have a timeshare in the Royal Savoy, it is a luxury but one I have never regretted buying

    The owners have worked together for years and are serious business men, I cant see them putting personal feelings before profit


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