Madeira’s Quinta do Arco rose garden: one of the greatest in the world;Roads closed update 26 January 11.30 am;

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29 visitable gardens of Madeira!

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29 visitable Madeiran gardens are now beautifully explained in ‘The Gardens of Madeira’, a new book by Gerald Luckhurst, himself a specialist tour leader and garden designer on the island.

The Quinta do Palheiro Ferreiro, as it was known for the first 200 years of its life. This stunning place is still open to visitors and is a spectacular combination of camellias, English-style, sub-tropical profusion, Madeiran flora and the many South African plants that Blandy, born in South Africa, brought in to vary the style.”

Madeira’s fascinating local flora

“Besides its huge geranium, Madeira has a fascinating local flora. There is a Madeiran foxglove and a Madeiran bluebell, a pretty Madeiran lavender which I have just lost outdoors and a rare red-flowered Teucrium heterophyllum in a family that gardeners associate with blue flowers only.”

100-year-old Dragon trees

Up at the headquarters of the Madeira National Park there are 100-year-old Dragon trees, the extraordinary Dracaena draco whose blood, or sap, was once believed to heal bruises.

Madeiran plants are also prone to gigantism. The Madeiran sow-thistles are monstrously tall and we certainly do not want them in London. Ecologists explain these oddities as plants adapted for the constant battle against parasites and predators.

The Ribeiro Frio gardens

“Since 1960, the Ribeiro Frio gardens in the north have sheltered many of the endangered island species. The spotted orchids are safe, as are many of the bright Madeiran daisies. Imports characterise the Madeiran style of gardening.”

Madeira: a receptacle for plants from floras all over the world

“When the Portuguese rediscovered it in the early 15th century, they called it Madeira, their word for timber, because it was so thickly forested. They are then said to have burned and cleared it with bonfires for the next seven years. Foreign plants poured in, including sugar, and the complication of the flora was continued by waves of visitors, the English patrons of the wine trade, the many Portuguese with links to South America, and garden owners who realised that flowers from South Africa will grow spectacularly in this new home. Madeira’s garden flora has now become as diverse as the dogs on Sicily.

Quinta do Arco: one of the great rose gardens in the world

Quinta do Arco is one of the great rose gardens in the world, the garden of Miguel Albuquerque, who has collected more than 17,000 bushes and seen many of them grow to unimagined heights.

A great sweep of the scarlet-red bush rose, La Sevillana, dazzles visitors to this remarkable collection.

The remarkable gardens of the Pestana Village Hotel

On hillsides in the south, brilliant blue agapanthuses run like wildflowers among dreamy drifts of white hydrangeas. Since 1996 the remarkable gardens of the Pestana Village Hotel have become a patchwork of imported planting, 118 species of which flower continuously in every month of the year. Bougainvilleas are on every garden wall…

Monte Palace Tropical Garden

Plants from all over the world enrich this collection of 100,000 species including azaleas, heather and a wide variety of ferns. The garden has a collection of cycads (encephalartos), which are considered living fossils. The garden contains some 60 of the 72 known species. There is also an area devoted to Madeiran flora, with samples of most of the species in the Macronesia Laurissilva Forest, in addition to other endangered species like the Pittosporum coriaceum, more commonly known as mocan.

This quinta used to belong to Charles Murray and, until the 1940s, housed the Hotel Monte Palace. This wonderful quinta, with its palatial house surrounded by gardens and lots of trees, was once visited by Isabella of France, when the consul George Stoddart lived there. Today it houses the José Berardo Foundation, a private charitable institution, which safeguards and preserves works of art. It also has a museum and restoration workshop.


Roads closed

E.R. 202, entre o Poiso e o Pico do Areeiro foi encerrada ao tráfego devido à queda de neve nas zonas altas

1ª Secção

E.R. 201 – Caminho dos Pretos

E.R. 202 – Entre o Poiso e o Pico do Arieiro

2ª Secção

E.R. 101 – Entre o Sitio da Felpa e São Jorge

E.R. 219 – Acesso a freguesia Ilha, Santana

3ª Secção

E.R. 101 – Entre a Ponta Delgada e Boaventura

4ª Secção

E.R. 105 – Entre a boca da Encumeada e os Estanquinhos

E.R. 223 – Paul do Mar

Informação da responsabilidade da RAMEDM – Estradas da Madeira S.A

Rua da Serra de Água entre o Arco e a Vila da Calheta está encerrada.

Informação da responsabilidade da da Concessionária de Estradas, ViaExpresso


Encerramento temporário do Ramo de saída da Faixa Norte do Nó 5 da VR1 (Ponte dos Frades)

A VIALITORAL – Concessões Rodoviárias da Madeira S.A, informa o encerramento temporário do Ramo de saída da Faixa Norte do Nó 5 da VR1 (Ponte dos Frades) devido à construção da Via Rápida Câmara de Lobos / Estreito de Câmara de Lobos.

Informação da responsabilidade da Vialitoral – Concessões Rodoviárias da Madeira S.A

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  1. Elaine Admin – Der – Paul do Mar flooded houses: we are ok. Thanks for the concern. Noone was injured. The part of the village affected is called LAGOA!! (lagoon) because until the new seawall was built and drainage from rainwater down the mountains improved.. it used to flood every winter…Its below sea level..Probably that was Iva being interviewed on the radio…several houses -the older ones on lower ground were flooded – fortunately they don’t have many inhabitants…

  2. Quinta do Arco is on the north coast, Martin…. Arco de São Jorge. They’ve got a nice cafe there.. it was about 2 years ago when I was last there. The Pestana Village Hotel is near Reid’s… opposite side of the road. But I’ve never thought to poke my nose into the gardens.

  3. Thanks Martin – other duties prevent, as discussed/mailed!?!
    Pestana Village gardens are WELL worth a visit = mature, well tended and stunning and that’s just the approach driveway/walk up to reception!
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