Mourinho master plan includes waiting to take over at Man Utd; Portuguese strawberries; Lord Byron on Portugal; ‘The Portuguese Nun’ 5 stars from Guardian; Portugal opens €126 million wind farm

Portuguese strawberries

Fresh article:

“The strawberries cultivated during Winter months in the South of Portugal weren’t enough to satisfy New Year’s demands from colder countries like United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Russia.”

Key to success: quality of the produced fruit, with the natural light in the Algarve and high-end technology.

“The Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland and Russia consume strawberries during the whole year, but in winter, the natural light is not strong enough to mature the fruit, so they go for imports, meaning that Algarve runs out and “the region has not enough strawberries for all the demand”

The Algarve strawberry season, considered to be the most expensive in the world, starts in December and goes until June.”

“The demand keeps growing and we’ll raise the production in the next years”, said Pedro Vaquinhas to news agency Lusa, adding that all the fruits are of good quality and have a sure market during Winter.”

“Strawberry, raspberry, fig, blackberry, mango are some of the products that he believes can sell in the North European countries, that even if they have the technology, they don’t have the necessary natural light for the fruit to ripen.”

“Strawberry in Algarve is being cultivated under the hydroponic method in beds elevated from the ground fed by rich water and nutrients. The Algarve is the first region in the country with this production method, producing 20% to 40% more fruits than the ground level production. Around 900 tons of strawberry is produced in the region every year by this method and only 25% of it is consumed in Portugal. The other 75% is exported to North Europe, where it can be found at Sainsbury’s supermarkets, among others.”


Mourinho master plan includes waiting to take over at Manchester United

The Telegraph Newspaper:

“The Portuguese arrived at the Bernabéu last summer determined to become the one who finally admitted the Spanish giants into the cult of the manager.
Until his appointment, managers at the club generally found themselves relegated down the internal pecking order to a point just below the ball boys.
Traditionally, Real coaches did not do anything like buy players, negotiate contracts or attempt to impose a playing philosophy.
They simply turned up for work, went through some manoeuvres on the training pitch in an attempt to extract a decent performance out of galacticos who regarded them with little more than contempt, then went home, often clutching a P45.

Their job was to take the blame when things went wrong and to relinquish credit to those upstairs in the event of success.”

“I’ve decided to return to England,” he said. “I have nothing prepared about my future – I just want to be happy in my work. I have no preferences about Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea.
“I just want to rediscover the joy. I’m not saying the Premier League is the most spectacular in the world but it is the best organised … the fair play and the enormous respect for your opponent.”

But perhaps the most intriguing thing is his apparently relaxed attitude to where he might eventually hang his overcoat. At the moment, would any of the big clubs have an interest in him?
This is Mourinho’s problem: he may fantasise about coming back to the football environment where he is still regarded fondly, where we, his cheerleaders in the media, would serenade the return of the only man who can outdo Iain Holloway when it comes to English metaphor. But where could he find the sort of employment he now regards as his due?”

The Mourinho master plan

“The Mourinho master plan was for at least a two year stay in Madrid before taking up his Old Trafford inheritance. Barcelona’s increasing hegemony has put paid to that. Maybe he will need temporarily to lower his expectations. Perhaps the fans at Newcastle, Birmingham or Villa should brace themselves for an unexpected role this summer: it could be them chosen to bring back the joy.”

Lord Byron on Portugal

“Comfort must not be expected by folks that go apleasuring”

“I am very happy here, because I loves oranges, and talk bad Latin? And I goes into Society (with my pocket-pistols) and I swims in the Tagus all across at once, and I rides on an ass or a mule and swears in Portuguese, and have got diarrhoea, and bites from the mosquitoes.

But what of that? Comfort must not be expected by folks that go apleasuring.”
Lord Byron, Letter, 1809

The Portuguese Nun – Film

“Mesmeric, subtly comic and weirdly gripping, this drama set in gorgeous Lisbon is one of the year’s best – 2010..”

5 stars from Peter Bradshaw, Film Review, The Guardian:

Portugal opens €126 million wind farm in northern Portugal

Reve website:

“José Sócrates inaugurated a 48 wind turbines, €126 million wind farm in northern Portugal last Friday, with a local official saying the 96-megawatt wind power facility would supply power to 150,000 homes.

Rogel Wind farm, Portugal

Prime Minister José Sócrates inaugurated a 48 wind turbines, €126 million wind farm in northern Portugal last Friday, with a local official saying the 96-megawatt wind power facility would supply power to 150,000 homes.

According to the Government, the Terra Fria Wind Farm outside the town of Montalegre will generate revenues of €20 million, reduce carbon emissions by 117.5 tonnes and save €7 million in oil imports annually.

Portugal has carved out a leadership position in renewable energy technology.”


9 thoughts on “Mourinho master plan includes waiting to take over at Man Utd; Portuguese strawberries; Lord Byron on Portugal; ‘The Portuguese Nun’ 5 stars from Guardian; Portugal opens €126 million wind farm”

  1. The road up to Pico do Areeiro has now reopend, i went for a quick drive up there this morning, still very icy for the last 100 metres so left the car on the road , Alfie loved the snow but it was so cold my fingers were numb i couldnt do anything till they had warmed back up. I took a few pics which i will put on Flickr later today.

  2. Me Again.

    MADS Madeira Amateur Dramatic Society, is looking to meet new people on the island, you dont need to sing dance or act its just a social gathering to meet new people, and if you want to get involved whether is be backstage, helping make props, or singing and acting then thats up to you.

    If you want to meet new people, they have a meeting every month, so just get in touch with me and i will give you details.


  3. It was chilly enough at Santo da Serra market this a.m. Tobi – but bracing and fresh air with some sun! Got some lovely fresh fruit, veg and flowers – Deb is planting out her onion sets and I’m digging in a couple of new flowers – in between the odd (?) shower but mainly sunny = time for a mug of tea methinks!

  4. Love to go theatrical and help out.
    My last Shakespearian role left people talking about it for years, but we are returning to the UK for car MOT and possible swop around to LHD.
    Can’t MOT car here to be valid in Britain.
    Will have to change registration plates first.
    Must be resident.
    Pay a considerable ‘administration fee’
    Then I’d have to change it back in England
    What EC?
    About time registrations, insurances and testing were the same and valid throughout Europe.
    Then back for next autumn and winter season.
    Perhaps lucky then to find a bargain ‘piede a terre’.
    Perhaps Sterling would have regained some value.
    Perhaps I could help MADS with a Pantomine!
    Oh no you can’t. Oh yes I can. He’s behind you!
    Hope Sue and Jacgues get out safely

  5. Thanks for your concern guys, we were by the Red Sea so not in any danger at the time, I felt the danger arriving back here on the 25th and circling the Island for 45 minutes before we safely landed.

    Was interested in the MADS Jon – I tried without success when we arrived to get into contact with them, it seemed impossible and had the feeling they did not want outsiders in. I have a lot of experience actually, acting, directing, producing, back stage you name it, I even tried to sing once – as Morgan La Fee – my dear husband even got he bug – well may be it was if you want to see Sue you better join in – so my dear Belgium even acted in English and was fantastic.

    Maybe Martin can give you my email address when he reads this.

    Again thanks everyone, will try to settle down to some newspapers – may be at the end of the week.


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