Yellow weather warnings

Portugal & Madeira news from Paul Abbiati:

Yellow weather warnings, rain and wind issued for Madeira region by Institute of Meteorology (IOM).

Follow the weather updates and advice of the Civil Protection Authorities:

IOM website:

Madeira airport website:

23 thoughts on “Yellow weather warnings”

  1. if that was yellow, I never want to see a red alert. That rain last night even made national headlines again. Scary for many people, out in the road in their pijama e pantufas at 4am this morning, trying to get the water to drain away from their homes again.

  2. Was awoken early hours with the shutters rattling and bangs and crashes around the apartment. The rain was lashing the windows through the closed louvres.
    That was quite a squall.
    Hope people arent flooded again by rhe rivers

  3. The Queen of Storms = Thunder & Lightning, very frightening!
    Even the cat got under the bedcovers……as I staggered downstairs to make the tea! BUT NO powercuts and thankfully no flood down our road. It would appear that the Camara has done much good work in clearing and repairing the local Ribeiras ….. well done Gaula Camara!
    Hope also that Island wide good work has been done…….?

    And what about the “knock on” effect of European wide (UK worst affected) Airport closures…..? Holidaymakers, Homemakers and all struggling to travel – a sorry tale reflected and felt here. Hope things improve for everyone……

  4. Mum is hoping to get back to UK tomorrow , but not looking good. Funchal closed this morning with floooding, and Dolce Vita shopping STINKS of you know what….

    weather is certainly changing worldwide…

    Please dont snow in London tonight i need Easyjet to leave tomorrow morning from Gatwick……………………..

  5. Phew! Hubby made it to Madeira on the flight from Denmark today so I won’t be sharing Christmas food alone with the dog!

    Fingers crossed for all other people to reach the homes where they want to be for Christmas.

  6. Hope your Mum gets back Tobi… I had a friend staying this weekend, she was supposed to fly back to Gatwick tomorrow, but was so worried about more snow forecast that we got her back on a flight this afternoon (for a fee!)

    Now I’ve just got to get to Gatwick on Christmas Eve & back to Funchal on 27th! What with ash clouds and the UK halted by snow, flying has been rather stressful this year.

    Thanks for the warning about Dolce Vita… I shall avoid.

  7. Just returned from a eversoslightlydamp Funchal……yes indeed Tobi, Avenida do Mar (sic) was closed west bound at 11:30 hrs after flooding at the Eastern (Mercado) end with evidence of mud and water on the “prom” and also in streets east of Rua 31 de Janeiro, just back from the sea front…….not sure if sea water or from ribeiras which were flowing well but not at high levels……

    However, we had a pleasant time strolling/shopping/eating and drinking in the mostly warm sunshine (with a couple of showers and a haircut for Christmas) enjoying the Christmas atmosphere = I just love Avda Amada with Santas train etc in the beautifull town gardens and the traditional produce and food cooked in the open air, together with the flower stalls and Presepio behind the Sao Lourenco Palace (fort) – Madeira magic m’dears!

  8. The Ribeiras was well up splashing up onto the bridges what I could see, the worse was over about 4.30am. The roar of water was like air craft. Luckly things in town was ok in most areas. The local bus rout was slighly diverted. Least it not February floods returning again.

  9. PS Ferry has just done a very slow about turn after wallowing for a while in somewhat heavy seas …. appears to have only x1 engine running and is riding very high in the water – no pax? I’m guessing she is headed back to Canical, after struggling with the heavier seas orft Porto Novo, with some form of mechanical failure…..thanks for the ribeira update Pete.

  10. Nothing on the Diario site about the PS Ferry – apart from the fact(s) that the high winds (and direction) preventing safe docking at Porto Santo and made it stay in Funchal?!? And that it is not due to sail tomorrow because of continued high(er) winds from the wrong direction and it’s a day orft anyway! However, their latest post (5 hrs ago) says it will sail on Wed……..winds shifting northwards and reducing – that’s provided it makes it back to Funchal first then!

  11. Guess the PS Ferry vacated it’s berth to allow the cruise ships to dock then …. certainly it continued to zig zag it’s way across the bay late this p.m. Agreed Admin, normal service due to resume on Wednesday.

  12. Foreign office warns of strikes at Portugal’s airports over Xmas and again over the New Year Holiday. Dates are published.
    What will these strikes achieve? nothing in their pocket only annoyed and frustrated customers. Silly Strikers.

  13. Is it just me, or has the world gone (computer) mad?
    Too full, too much expected and just plain (plane) overused and abused…..
    Just how many flights can one Airport be expected to handle, in any event? Just how much thought has actually gone into what happens if the “conveyor belt” stops? There is a limit, dictated by nature, not by (wo)mans desires. Have we been promised too much (via fiscal greed and computer access) to non human staffed resources that ultimately fail, are overwhelmed and just cannot cope when human resources are needed – in the real world, in real time(s)? Just how much traffic (like this post) is generated between computers without ANY human input or monitoring other than my/your initial input or request? And that includes Air Travel Traffic.
    I’m dreaming of a white Christmas ……

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