Sunday ORANGE rain warning BACK ON!

The Diario Newspaper website reported at 11.02 am that the Instituto de Meteorologia has cancelled the ORANGE weather warning for ‘heavy rainfall’ for Sunday 28th November. Then, not long after reported that it was back on.

So, recommend only reading the the Instituto de Meteorologia website always!

16 thoughts on “Sunday ORANGE rain warning BACK ON!”

  1. Yes the locals are talking about the heavy rain due tomorrow, i guess Funchal will be flooded again.

    I thought all the restaurants along the marina were coming down, has this now changed???

  2. Fingers crossed … from “my” satellite forecast it now looks like the worst will pass to the south (and east) of us – guess we won’t do any house painting today though!

    Yep, as far as I know Tobi, all the marina restaurants ARE due to be demolished and replaced – and from the state of their cement roofs etc not before time!

  3. Yes, that’s what commentators are writing – only cancelled for the Azores- in the comments section of the diario article where earlier it was published that the orange alert was off for Madeira region

    12.35 pm now dark and raining in Paul do Mar

  4. Car boot moved to the car park on derelict land near where the washed away petrol staion was so I believe.
    Not sure have correct Ribeira. Its near a huge chimney stack and the old railway station.

    but its raining!!

  5. the weather forecasts are as good as the ones in the Uk, i should have been a weather man, no matter how much you get it wrong you still keep yr job and get paid….

  6. Ah yes, ‘the 3 degrees’ I love to hear the 3 degrees – class act – they started in 1963 and I think that there last tour was 2007 – looks like the Stones have some competition..

  7. River Deep, Mountain High ….. Supreme Motown also:
    Much less than 3 degrees in N Wales last night = -10 degrees and snow….
    Do you know where you’re going to … ?


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