Friday 26th November: yellow rain warning

Instituto de Meteorologia issued YELLOW weather warning for ‘heavy rainfall’ and ‘strong wind’ for Friday 26th November

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  1. The ‘AngloINFO’ site states:
    Capital Gains Tax on selling a property in Portugal

    The seller may have to pay Capital Gains Tax on the sale of the property, although there are exemptions on tax being paid if the money is going to be invested in buying another property in Portugal, in so far the property sold was designated as the residence of the seller and the reinvestment is made in a property also to be designated as the residence of the seller. Contact the local tax office to find out if any Capital Gains Tax is payable and a tax advisor can usually determine this, especially if the vendor is a foreign resident for tax purposes.

    Paul Abbiati

  2. Happy rain – just got the new gutter fixed yesterday and its working, and three quarters of the terrace is now enclosed except one end and guess which way the wind is blowing! At least it is not cold my son informed me that in Reading this morning at 7AM it was -5C! Hope everyone is OK and not suffering again.

  3. Hi Sue,

    Varies with whether you have residencia, whether you are splitting it with a spouse, have other income etc. If you are a resident, and can roll it over into another purchase within 2 years, no tax is payable until the next property etc. is sold.

    Otherwise, take 1/2 of the capital gain and if you have no other income and are splitting it with your spouse – figure about 25% of the 50% amount.

    I am purely an amateur on this and am only passing on what we were told.

  4. LOL @ Martin, but this rain is not looking good , just been out in the car to try to let the dog out and so much water everywhere , the neighbours are out round the corner trying to stop the rain flooding there basement again….

  5. Looks like the rain SHOULD now more or less stop overnight and indeed for tomorrow morning … returning in shower form tomorrow p.m. Then likewise for Saturday but with Sunday bringing some heavier rain (mostly in the morning) from the south/south west ….then? Well the crystal ball points to showers and some stiff breezes from all points of the compass but with some good sunny spells on Tues and Thurs… snow though!

    I know that the rain is a serious problem for us all living in Madeira (given the recent past events) and I do not give this forecast lightly – I just try to evaluate the various forecasts and give my own “slant” on them….

    Just yesterday we were painting the outside of the house in shorts and T shirts – well we used paint and WE wore the T shirts!

  6. Ventured out today down to Pongo Dicey at the Lido and then to Sa in Sao Martinho.
    The dual carriageway down to the Angel (islington) Ajuda on the down lane was covered in very thick red mud, very slippery indeed rears locked up on the overrun.
    And a huge hole has developed where the bus stops so that the passengers get a good soaking in red water as the bus pulls up.
    Some old stone walls have become very bulgy pregnant and are on the point of collapse.
    No doubt the road into Funchal from Camara de Lobos will become blocked at some time soon.
    Not many bods around.
    Tourists must be staying in or away.
    Pictures in the Diario of the area around that dreadful American inport, Macdonalds plastic food shop, showed very deep water.
    I suppose the Avenue de Mar does not drain well despite being next to the sea and beach.

  7. A friend of mine from Funchal moved to Northern England to study in September, she thinks the snow is a wonderful, amazing thing, to listen to her you would think it is magical, then the reality sets in, no milk, no bread, no shops, no electricity, I think by February she might think differently lol


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