Calheta, Madeira: world class architecture and Mourinho’s first ‘Clasico’

Many thanks to Jon for this angle on the weather situation :

WELL, having wiped the crystal ball free of condensation I can now see some sunshine for us for the next two days, albeit slightly cool at a mere 15*c!
And at last the diverted stray aircraft and sorry sunseekers, barred from landing here by low cloud, are now arriving from Porto Santo and the Canaries – just in time methinks:
The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for the canaries from (I believe) this evening and overnight, as the intense low that largely slipped to the south of us (phew) tracks directly overhead over their Islands, lingering a while in the morning bringing them intense rainfall……
HOWEVER (but) I can indeed see some more heavy rain with moderate winds arriving here on Madeira from next Saturday for some x5 days or so… heavy rain from the S/SW initially on Saturday, then veering SW on Sunday then NE for a VERY wet indeed (and cool 14*c) Monday, easing orft through Tues and Wed…….sorry!
I blame the (unusual) current U.K. weather situation for our current wet weather (now turning colder also) as it is forcing the Atlantic depressions down over the Azores, us and the Canaries etc…….we may escape the worst if the U.K weather systems persist/intensify and push the lows even further south – certainly they’ve got at least another x10 days/nights of sub zero N’ly flows forecast – but don’t bank on it = it’s only my forecast and it could change IF the current U.K. weather system does, it could even get better!

Some Portuguese International and Madeira news from Paul Abbiati:

World class industrial architecture refurbishment

The restoration of ‘The old butter factory’ in the Calheta district of Madeira has been published on ‘ArchDaily’ which is considered one of the leading architectural websites in the world due to the editorial staff’s meticulous efforts to post what audiences are really looking for: the best architecture around the world, as soon as possible.

The site reports that the building will be rehabilitated in its pathologies with the strengthening of the structure of the walls, repair of the roof and by ensuring the finishes. The interior of the old factory will be completely redone. The two floors will be kept at the same level. The lower floor will be divided into a kitchen, den? and a large living room. The top floor will house 3 bedrooms en suite.

The architects are M.S.B Architects:


Link to Archdaily:

The Centro das Artes – ‘Casa das Mudas’, Calheta district Madeira

The Centro das Artes – ‘Casa das Mudas’ designed by Paulo David is regarded as one of the most recognized and distinguished projects of Portuguese national architecture in recent years.

Photograph of Centro das Artes, Casa das Mudas

The Centre has been awarded several international architecture awards including the Mies van der Rohe European prize in 2005.

Link to the Image gallery on the website of Casa das Mudas Art Centre,Calheta:

Mourinho’s first ‘Clasico’

BBC website reports:

“Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho will renew hostilities with Barcelona on Monday night – 8pm – in his first Clasico since taking over the reigns at the Bernabeu.
Mourinho, who worked as a translator at Barca in the late 90s, has clashed with his former club on numerous occasions.

Barcelona manager: Josep Guardiola

And with Real one point ahead of Josep Guardiola’s title holders, it promises to be an enthralling match at Camp Nou.”

Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho
Caption: Jose Mourinho of Inter during the Serie A match between Juventus and Inter Milan at the Stadio Olimpico di Torino on April 18, 2009 in Turin, Italy.

Link to BBC report:

3 thoughts on “Calheta, Madeira: world class architecture and Mourinho’s first ‘Clasico’”

  1. In Holland we had snow in some parts of the country the last few days, but now it is everywhere. The temperatures are below 0 and will be more go down in the next few days. The snow is reaching tomorrow England. So Sue you really need warm clothes to protect yourself for the extreem cold weather. So now I am really looking forward for the Madeira sun. only 7 weeks to go. Love to all Anneke

  2. It’s nice to see an old building renovated. All over the island there are beautiful old buildings some falling down but most of them with sound walls and beautifully located.
    I wonder why the financial incentive is to pull them down and not restore.them.
    I wonder these buildings which make Madeira so pretty in building terms are not subject to legal preseravation.
    Most people I speak to about this prefer the old Madeira building style and not 8 storey apartments.
    Our old cottage in England even restored is not as well constructed as most houses on Madeira are even unrestored, but in England every major or major building works is subject to planning controls before action. The building is protected (thanks to the previous government) by Criminal law. You can got to prison quicker than a paedaphile if you touch a building subject to a Listing.


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