UMA Professor quoted in FT article; Love exotic plants?.. you must visit Madeira; Strike on Wednesday..

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UMA Professor quoted in FT article on Irish economic situation

Professor Doutor Ricardo Cabral of the Universidade da Madeira
Departamento de Gestão e Economia has been quoted in the FT article:
‘How to stop Ireland’s financial contagion’


Strike: Wednesday November 24: flight cancellations

Ryanair has cancelled over 60 flights and TAP Portugal says it will be forced to cancel most of its medium-haul services due to the general strike across Portugal.

The 24-hour strike will affect Portuguese air traffic control (NAV), with low-cost carrier Ryanair saying it will cancel over 60 flights during the strike period. Flag carrier TAP Portugal has posted the following statement on its website:

“Due to the general strike in Portugal on November 24 and given that air traffic control will only ensure operation of flights defined as minimum services, TAP hereby informs its customers that it will be forced to cancel the majority of its medium-haul flights on this date.

“However, TAP envisages operating most of its long-haul flights, although some will be subject to schedule changes. TAP is currently working on this revised scheduling.

“This possibility is still dependent on operational viability and more detailed information will therefore be provided as soon as possible.

“TAP requests its passengers on medium-haul flights scheduled to depart as from 22.00 hours on November 23 and during the day of November 24 to contact the airline or their travel agent to alter their flight dates to outside the strike period.”

For more information visit, and other airline websites

Love exotic plants?.. you must visit Madeira

Scotland on Sunday reports:

“Gerald Luckhurst, a landscape designer who’s worked on the island for almost 20 years has penned a new book: The Gardens of Madeira (£30, Frances Lincoln)

“He says that the people of Madeira are as green-fingered as their British counterparts. “They have most in common with the allotment gardener, says Luckhurst, “they never let their love for flowers quite overcome their practical values. But this mixture produces some delicious gardens.”

The kaleidoscope of colours virtually glow on the pages, inviting us to enter a world that’s altogether more vibrant than our own.

The Madeira Flower Festival, every April

Girl in traditional dress during the Flower Festival, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal every April

It is amazing – when I show planting that is six months old, people think it has been there for years.” He says that it’s not just the gardens of the grand houses or exclusive hotels that catch the eye on Madeira – it is also the patios of residential streets, not to mention the country roadsides and vineyards which are brimming with flowers.

Funchal has the perfect temperature and sunshine for making gardens with abundant water from the levadas (mini-canals).

Visit a town square and you’re likely to see statuesque trees such as jacarandas, flame trees and rosewoods, while waterways are covered by trellises of bougainvillea.

Jacarandá at street level in Funchal


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  1. It hasn’t taken long for the truth to come out! “EU warns Ireland over snap election” (Daily Telegraph). So hours after the loans become public (unelected) EU officials are telling Ireland how to schedule democratic elections on the basis that they want to push through the deal with a prime minister who lied to his parliament. Meanwhile my taxes go to support a country that colluded in a 30 year war against it’s “friend and neighbour” in order to stop the ultimate collapse of Germany’s banks!

  2. Must own not keen on giving money to a government who colluded with gangster/terrorists and the USA against Britain as whole and was complicit in the deaths of over 3000 civilians soldiers and policemen in Ulster and England

  3. Perhaps “the boys” could start collecting around the Irish pubs of Boston/New york etc. and send it to George Osborne now that Libya no longer needs the money from selling semtex and has “come in from the cold” and can sell us oil instead. Or perhaps just keep their money and pay off their defaulted mortgages which seems to have been the root cause of it all in the first place.


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