250 million loans for Madeira flood damage reconstruction: first tranche: 62.5 million & Ryder Cup 2018; U.S. planned to take over Azores 1975

Portuguese national & international news from Paul Abbiati:

Ryder Cup 2018: Portugal showing its best to the world

‘The Special One’ is ambassador for Portugal’s bid to host the Ryder Cup in 2018.

Golf Monthly Reports:

“The Portuguese Ryder Cup bid is based at the new €1 billion golf and leisure development at Herdade da Comporta, close to the village of Comporta on the idyllic Alentejo coastline and the man known as ‘the Special One’ (Jose Mourinho) is confident Portugal would put on a great show.”

Golf courses in Madeira include Santo da Serra

“The former Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan manager does not play golf but learned a good deal about the sport while managing in England and is well aware of what a successful Ryder Cup bid would do for his country.”

Portugal including Madeira: high-quality tourism destinations

“Organising the Ryder Cup will allow Portugal to show its best to the world, something we should all work towards, to establish our country as a high-quality tourism destination.”

Rabacal, in the District of Calheta, Madeira

“To always win and to take Portugal’s name to the four corners of the world that’s the challenge I set myself each day and that’s the goal Comporta is committed to. Win the bid to host the 2018 Ryder Cup.”



‘ReliefWeb’ reports:

Yesterday, Friday The European Investment Bank (EIB)

“signed the first tranche of EUR 62.5 million of a total EUR 250 million loan to the Portuguese Government, to support the Madeira Regional Government to re-establish lost and damaged infrastructure caused by the flooding of February 2010.”

“This multi-sector framework loan will contribute to repairing and reconstructing the massive damage to the public infrastructure in the Madeira Island, strengthening its resilience to natural disasters and its adaptation to climate change. The operation will provide the Portuguese authorities with long-term funding at attractive conditions to help financing a huge investment effort to overcome such force majeure circumstances.”

English: European Investment Bank, Bâtiment Est. Luxembourg city, Luxembourg.

“The EIB loan will contribute to repair and reconstruct fundamental infrastructure in a Convergence, ultra-peripheral territory of the European Union, restoring the conditions for a balanced development of the region, as well as supporting the sustainable economic recovery, employment creation and protection of existing livelihoods.

Madeira’s sunniest and hottest south-west Calheta District coast

The EIB loan focuses mainly on small and medium sized investment schemes of less than EUR 50 million distributed throughout most of Madeira’s territory in areas such as hydraulics, roads, bridges, electricity and water supply. The investment programme to be carried out by Madeira’s authorities will also include mechanisms to prevent similar natural disasters in the future by addressing key risks.”


Pentagon had contingency plans to “take over” the Azores archipelago in 1975 in the event of a possible communist takeover of Portugal

AFP reports:

“James Schlesinger, the defense secretary at the time, told secretary of state Henry Kissinger that the US military had made preparations if necessary to ensure US access to the Azores, home to the strategic Lajes airfield, according to a document declassified this month and posted by the National Security Archive, an independent research institute.

Suggesting the need to protect US interests in the Azores after the 1974 military coup in Portugal, Kissinger worried that there was a “50 percent chance of losing it” to communist control.

President Ford meets in the Oval Office with Brent Scowcroft, Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs; Graham Martin, United States Ambassador to the Republic of Vietnam; Army Chief of Staff General Frederick Weyand; and Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger to discuss the situation in Vietnam., 03/25/1975

“We should have a program,” said Kissinger, according to the memorandum summarizing his breakfast meeting on January 22, 1975.

Schlesinger replied: “We have a contingency plan to take over the Azores.”
And he added the plan “would be stimulating Azores independence.”

Vista aérea da Base Aérea das Lajes, Praia da Vitória, ilha Terceira, Açores, Portugal


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  3. There is a reasonably priced proper pavement restaurant, with excellent daily menus, just by the 3 way junction with the rua leading up to the English Church.
    I regret never noticing its name. But the umbrellas and canopy should give an accurate guide.
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  4. Wondered if anyone can help….

    My 17 year old neice is over on her own for a visit. She has never flown on her own before and my son came out with her, but has gone back now. She was due to fly back to Gatwick on the Easy Jet flight on Wednesday but was cancelled due to the strike. Is anyone returning home on the Friday 26th flight, that would be a helpful freindly face that would give her a hand navigating her way through passport control and baggage recleaim as she is really nervous about doing this on her own?

  5. Know it well Martin – we have been using same for years….I used to stay in a Residencia close by when house hunting….and NO, I can’t recall the name – sad!
    Thanks for the MG pics …. well done team.

  6. Thank you Tom, that’s it!

    Well the EU 250 million loan package should do the Island some long term and much needed good re damaged infrastructure, a welcome injection. And no doubt, Bertie and his Uncles, Cousins and co construction company chums will somehow benefit also……

  7. So thats it then Ireland are now “owned” by Europe and still BIFFO (big fat ignorant f***er from Offaly) is still refusing to stand down, unfortunately Ireland will make the papers for the wrong reason again on Saturday, a peaceful march has been called and everyone has been warned the riot squad and army will be there

    The big fear here is that if Portugal need a bail out too then it will topple the balance, what balance? from where my hard working little butt sits we were all sold down the swanee

    If the ecoonomic expert could break it all down in simple language, myself and my friends would be grateful, but how sad is it when we have to turn to a Madeira blog because we now trust no one


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