News from Elaine :

Two articles encouraging rural tourism despite the island’s woes, with identical conclusions.

Published in the Mail Online. After the floods: Madeira’s hotels and walking trails are still magical. HERE

Three-part blog entitled, Fire and Rain, Dog Days in Madeira ............ more

More from Paul :

‘Norway add to Portugal’s woes’. Norway 1-0 Portugal. reports:
Erik Huseklepp scored the only goal on 21 minutes as Egil Olsen’s side upset the Group H favourites in Olso. Erik Huseklepp pounced on an error by goalkeeper ............ more

More from Paul :


UK "ASA rules that referring to the village bike or asking to borrow a friend’s girlfriend is not sexist, offensive or derogatory to women, the ASA has ruled, as long as it is done in a comical Portuguese accent.” The Register reports:

image caption ............ more

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