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It seems that nothing can prevent the first win for Freddy Loix in Madeira. The Belgian part of the Skoda Fabia ended the last stage 21.1 seconds ahead of Kris Meeke and, under normal circumstances; successful is in his pocket, when followed through 7.1. Loix seconds, opened the door wide for a victory for the men of Skoda. The second (third in the standings) is that Jan Kopecky has English Kris Meeke in only 1.1 seconds away, so the Polish mark may well dream of a "doubling up" on the roads of Madeira. All in with a fight that will be a major source of entertainment for today.

Hospital de Dia Hemato -Oncology Department is now up and running. The total cost amounted to EUR 666 000.

The new premises in the Hospital de Dia for Hemato -Oncology , Hospital Central do Funchal will be visited by the regional secretary for Social Affairs next Monday , August 9 , at 12 hours.  In addition to these services, one of considerable assistance will be space in the new premises for Pharmaceutical Services, on an outpatient basis and delivery of drugs to cancer patients in the new area.

Heliport will be installed at the landfill. Government House and responsible for the company operating the helicopter this afternoon visited the landfill shipping

Santos Costa hypothesis does not rule out construction of a dockable port for cruise ships, but it all depends on the study of tides, which is still ongoing.  The heliport is the first post provided with equipment for the landfill of Funchal. The platform will be located temporarily in an area easily accessible to the Avenida do Mar, in front of Customs.  The conclusion was advanced this week by the regional secretary, a visit that left the deputy mayor of Funchal responsible for the company operating the helicopter.

Since the floods of February 20 destroyed the heliport near the Funchal Naval Club, the unit has used the Field Army (Support Unit of the Military Zone of Madeira), Sao Martinho, developing there, temporarily, tourism and recreation. Hence the need to find a solution. However, the installation of the helipad at the site lacks wave of opinions, including the INAC (National Institute of Civil Aviation).

Secretary Santos Costa says the study on the funds and the tides is still ongoing, but did not discard the possibility of there being built a dockable port for cruise ships, where the technical reports show that the harbour basin is able to accommodate the draft of packets with the accumulation of sediments from the rivers and the action of the sea.  Moreover, he reiterated that the urbanization plan for the landfill (which hosted several tons of material dragged by the flood of February) provides a playground and recreation with some services, even the installation of a free trade area, but covers only one or two kiosks and nothing more.

Youth Week joins 700

Music, literature, collectors and fashion animate 2010 edition

Event started Thursday with the presentation of the book “Raising Smiles ".   There are about 700 young people participating in the 2010 edition of the Youth Week.  The launch of five fairy tales marks the started Thursday, at 17h30, at Golden Gate Café, the event is promoted by the Regional Secretariat of Human Resources.  Entitled ‘ Raising Smiles ‘, the book includes the participation of the regional secretary for Education, Francisco Fernandes and the Social Democrat Sidónio Fernandes.

In addition to the literature, Youth Week, taking place until 12th of this month, marks the return of hip -hop, and Collectibles Fair Market Used Book This year two thousand copies available.  Fashion will closed the 2010 edition of Youth Week, with a walk in the Municipal Gardens, a project of Expressarte promoted in partnership with Modage and D’ Diarte.

This is a little late for the beginning of the festivities, only found out this morning.

The 2010 edition of the Madeira Wine Rally began yesterday with a league – show on Avenida do Mar, before thousands of people. Kris Meeke (Peugeot 207 S2000) is the first leader of the race, to be the fastest on the track of 2.18 miles in downtown Funchal which opened a successful passage through the Sá Carneiro roundabout. The only three -hundredths behind was the Portuguese Bruno Magalhaes ( Peugeot 207 S 2000) that left Jan Kopecky ( Skoda Fabia S 2000 ) in the last podium position . Amongst the Madeirans Bernardo Sousa (seventh) was the best while Miguel Nunes (10th overall) won the lead among the riders who compete for regional championship.
Today is the second step of a total of twelve stages divided into two sections with passages by the Golf Course, Terriers, Serra d’ Agua, Bonaventure, Santana and Referta.

Death in sea off the Praia do Vigário


A young woman around 30 years, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, died yesterday, late afternoon, in Praia do Vicar, in Câmara de Lobos. She was apparently accompanied by two minor who were apparently her daughters, one of whom was about 5 years had already been warned. A Local lifeguard suspected something was wrong and entered the water and rescued the body and on the beach tried resuscitation but there was nothing they could do.


Traffic disruption on highway 9-12


The Vialitoral – Madeira Road Concessions , sent a notice to JM yesterday , informing us that users of the highway Airport/ Funchal that traffic would be temporary disrupted between 9-12 August between 18.1 kilometers and 18.9 , for repair and resurfacing between the tunnels of the Botanical Garden of the Ribeira de João Gomes.

The company, in the same document thanked users for their understanding of any inconvenience that might be caused and also requested that they comply with signs and directions that will be given on site. It also recommended the users transiting this area comply with the recommended speeds, avoiding at all costs, lack of attention by observing the work and leading to slowing of traffic and even accidents.


Cane sugar is going to cocktail in Machico


The Machico Gastronomy Week, which started on 30 July, will on Sunday, August 8, hold a contest for cocktails made with cane sugar from Madeira.

The contest is organized by the Association of Barmen Madeira and has the support of the Regional Agriculture and Rural Development. There are twenty, the bartenders who will participate in the initiative, and they will present their creations to a panel appointed for this purpose. According to the Regional Agriculture and Rural Development, the juice of cane sugar has been highly praised by the general public and the bartenders especially considering that these professionals will be serving cold drinks during this hot period.

Note that the bartenders, who will participate in this contest to be held on the last day of Machico Gastronomy Week, are provided by the best hotels and bars in the region, as underlined by the Regional Agriculture and Rural Development.

The competition in question is part of the campaign being undertaken called the “Healthy Flavour of Madeira in 2010”. The aroma, taste and appearance of the drink will be the criteria used by jury members to choose the best cocktail.


Carreiras – the aftermath of the Fire

Carreiras in the parish of Camacha is now in the aftermath of the fire that consumed grass and trees. The fire broke out about 14.oo hours on Wednesday and revived during the night.

Ten elements of the Municipal Fire in Santa Cruz, divided into two groups, gave response and remained in place in case of another re-ignition.


529 stray dogs in two months

The crisis explains this is caused by lack of money to care and treat them

This is the worst summer ever in terms of abandoned animals. In two months and three days, overcrowded Protection Society received 529 dogs. The clinical director of that institution admits sadness at seeing that this especially after much work to raise awareness and the numbers are disappointing. In June, SPAD received 246 animals, in July 261, and in just three days this month August there were 22 animals collected. All in all, 529 dogs were abandoned in the space of 64 days. Not to mention those who do not reach the SPAD and every day they are left to their fate in various parts of the island some people even give the animals because they have no money to maintain them others hand them in due to breaking condominium rules. There are also those who abandon the sick, because they have no money for treatment. It is noted that, increasingly, the dogs that arrive in SPAD are not stray dogs, but dogs that were cherished and cared for. They have the hair in good condition, are well fed, but their owners were caught by the contingencies of life which puts them into a difficult situation.

Despite the discouragement, SPAD ensures that they will not give up. The institution is overcrowded, but built more than eight additional cages in the kennel Vasco Gil and they are already full.

Consulate in Jersey donates 13,000 Euros for victims of the storm

The Consulate of Portugal in St. Helier, Jersey, UK, donated to Cáritas Diocesan 13.820.20 Euros to Funchal. The funds will be used to support victims of the storm of February 20, stated the Camera.


August is the month of the biggest popular religious festival in the Madeira Islands – Monte religious festivity. Make a point, too, of visiting the regional festivals and traditional arraiais (country fairs) with their music and popular appeal, which are a typical form of merrymaking for people throughout the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

From 2 to 5 September

The Wine Festival relives the time-honoured traditions of the Madeiran population surrounding the production of this exquisite wine.

The programme of events begins on 29 August in the amphitheatre of the Municipal Gardens in Funchal with European Folklore Week, an event organised by a local folklore group with support from the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Transport which attracts folklore groups to the Region from various countries.
The remaining activities take place in the centre of Funchal and in the parish of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos where, at 10 am on 4 September, the picking of the grapes takes place, followed by the pickers’ parade and the treading of the grapes. All this is complemented by musical entertainment and typical Madeiran food and drink.
From 2-5 September in Funchal, there are exhibitions and plant canvases (vertical gardens) on the theme of Madeira wine, as well as performances by folklore groups and brass bands.

From 6 to 10 August

Between 6-10 August, the picturesque village of Camacha hosts the 22nd Art Festival, entitled “Art Camacha 2010”, a festival wholly devoted to local traditions.

Organised by Camacha Community Centre, the 22nd edition of the Festival features a wide variety of cultural, craft and musical activities provided by brass bands, various ethnic music groups that together compose the 1st Macaronesia Ethnic Music Festival, various folklore groups and other groups performing different musical styles: Hip-hop, Rock, Fado or classical music. For those interested in handicrafts, there will also be a Crafts Fair and a Madeiran Embroidery Workshop.

From 14 to 15 August
This is considered the main religious festivity in the region and it is also commemorated around the world, wherever Madeiran immigrants can be found. The Church “Igreja da Nossa Senhora do Monte”, (Our Lady of the Mount), built in honour to the patron saint of Madeira, is very popular with pilgrims, who come here to pray or fulfil vows.

This festival is regarded as the biggest display of popular religious devotion in the entire Region, and is also commemorated in all parts of the world where Madeiran emigrants have settled.
The Church of Our Lady of Monte, the patron saint of the island of Madeira, houses the tomb of the last Austro-Hungarian emperor, Karl I of Habsburg, who was beatified in 2004. The church is visited by many pilgrims at this time of year who come there to pray or fulfil vows.
There is a great fairground atmosphere during the two days of the festival that turns the romantically picturesque village of Monte into one of the liveliest places on the island of Madeira.

From 24 to 29 August
Organised by the Centro Treino Mar, the 19th Round Madeira by Canoe will be held this year on 24-29 August.

The race, which is an international event of the Portuguese Canoeing Federation (F.P.C.) and the International Canoeing Federation (I.C.F.), is known for its extreme difficulty as well as the natural beauty of the Madeiran coastline.
The race covers 141 km in 9 laps, making a complete circumnavigation of the island.
For more information visit

August, 28th

On 28 August, the town of Ponta do Sol will play host to nearly a dozen folklore groups from different parts of Portugal and other countries such as Venezuela and Russia which will parade and perform on Avenida 1º Maio in a musical and cultural exchange spectacular starting at 10 pm. The event is organised by Ponta do Sol Municipal Council and the Ponta do Sol Folklore Group.

From 16 to 18 September

The Columbus Festival was first held in 2000 with the aim of launching a quality cultural tourism offer on the island of Porto Santo.

The event is based around the historical figure of Christopher Columbus, who had close links with Madeira both as a sugar trader during the island’s sugar boom years and as the result of his marriage to Filipa de Moniz, the daughter of Isabel Moniz and Bartolomeu Perestrelo, the first Captain-Donatory of Porto Santo, and is held in tribute to the man who became a famous 15th century explorer.
In recent years, the festival has taken on the format of a historical recreation of everyday life in the 15th century, in particular in the period marked by Columbus’s time on the island, which enchants tourists and residents alike.
The programme includes a 15th century fair and supper, the landing of Christopher Columbus, a military detachment, a children’s area with Renaissance games, circus displays, plays, displays by groups of buccaneers and non-stop fun and entertainment including lots of music and European and oriental dances.
The local population and tourists are encouraged to take the part of characters in the festival and period costumes are provided that give an authentic feel to the event.
There are other side attractions taking place simultaneously, including regional gastronomy, crafts and other activities adding to the general bustle amid the historical figures.

The New York Times enthuses about Destination Madeira

The American newspaper, the “New York Times”, published an article about Madeira by Henry Alford in its issue of 2 July.  (This article has already been included in the blog)

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  1. Hi All,

    thanks so much for the news Sue, i see the paper everyday , but still a lot i dont understand or get mixed up.

    Machico Gastronomic Festival is on at the moment and Wednesday 4th Mariz is going to be singing on stage, it will be very busy , and i believe a lot more roads around the area will be closed off.

  2. Martin we got a car rally coming past here, the noise or worce then the motor bikes. sounds like the gutings is falling out some. Anyone for spare parts. Thought motor bikes was bad.

  3. Well I am trying guys and gals – where is everyone? Have they gone on strike? I thought only Greece was doing that. I know the weather is brilliant – hope that makes all still in UK feel really bad, gentle sea beezes sipping wine on the terrace, the occasionaly BBQ, but living outside basically, except for the computer will have to rig it up outside and then all will really be superb. So come on everyone get down to doing something – it takes about one and a half hours to produce a few items as I have done, the computer does the basic translation and you just turn it into “proper” English.

  4. Thanks Sue – well and truly rollocked, quite right!

    Re the Manta Ray that was spotted (maybe dappled) recently we are pleased to report that our most recent guests actually saw it also – from a depth of some 25 mtrs, “flying” gracefully above them as they scuba dived near Garajau …! Apparently it was huge, majestic and awesome – even the dive masters were excited! This after having been “dropped” of (the dive boat) to join a pod of Dolphin for “swimalong” …. then back for a quick bottle change and orft to accompany some more bottle noses and then to see the rays = some people have all the luck!

    But very well deserved in this case, having just completed their PADI diving course here and then on their first two qualified solo dives! Well done WiKtor and Alicja!

  5. Hasn’t Skoda come along way in recent years?
    The iron curtain manufactured Estelle and Favia are a million miles away from the Skoda works of pre 1939 who were one of the greatest engineering groups of europe.
    Now with Volks and German investment the car factory is very good indeed.
    Perhaps the rest of the heavy engineering section which included armaments, docks, quays and wharves in their range will get back on their feet.
    Perhaps some of the greats of British engineering will get back on their feet as well.

    I’ve been “helping” a local engineer restore a 1923 Morris which was used locally until shoved into a barn in 1936. Road fund tax on it’s last disc was £1. 2s. and 4p.
    It was pushed into the workshops and 12 months later she started immediately on the button (yes electric start even then).and ticked over quietly, resplendent in new French Blue paintwork.
    Now one has to persuade the authourities to allow the use of the original registration number.
    It’s a shame that when we bring our old 1946 MG to the island the old registration number will not be allowed to be transferred to a another British car.
    It will be scrapped to the ether.
    As this number was “recovered” from old records being unused for 45 years the department have decided this shall be the case.
    Nobody knows why though.
    Bureauocracy eh?

  6. Martin Knowing the brits they knock britsh cars like everything else brits made and poo poo it. Its china who walk in and walk out with new ideas that britain invented. The USA did that in my local manufactoring. Walked in took the parts and closed the shop. UK has no laws to stop it, unlike other countries. Untill that door closed we a waiting duck.

    • depends on the game Vic. Last year I paid €10 for a league match against Porto, but the fixtures against smaller clubs will be cheaper. If you are thinking of watching a few games in a season (probably 4 or more?), a season ticket might be cheaper


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