News from Sue (Saturday 28th) :

Pier will be built at the Landfill Site near Funchal Bay

The Regional Social Secretary Santos Costa said that, although there is still to

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Articles & news from Paul (Tuesday 24th) :

Worst crash in history of Portugal’s motorways. EURONEWS reports:
"catastrophic double crash on a motorway in Portugal. 200 firefighters and emergency workers … Read more

News from Martin (Tuesday & Wednesday) :

37 Canon Martin criticises the PSP Machico and speaks of injustice over    the arrest of four youngsters. Community is in turmoil and continuing controversy.Read more

Local fire in hills of near by Funchal today (Friday 13th). …. pete


More news from Sue :

Deadly fires rage on in Portugal

Portuguese fire fighters are continuing to … Read more

News items sent in by Sue :

65 It seems that nothing can prevent the first win for Freddy Loix in Madeira. The Belgian part of the Skoda Fabia ended the … Read more

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