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President Jardim visited Works

The chairman of the Regional Government , Alberto João Jardim, yesterday and Tuesday visited various works under the responsibility of the Executive Madeira, as it did on Tuesday and today will visit several works in Funchal and Câmara de Lobos.

Alberto Joao Jardim, yesterday, was present in the work of cleaning, adjustment and implementation of pontoons in the river at Tabua. He then went to see the work on the expressway between Madalena do Mar and Arco da Calheta. Next, was to verify the building of the expressway between the Faja da Ovelha and Ponta do Pargo.  Finally the President saw the implementation site of the future golf course in Ponta do Pargo.

It is noted that the president of the Regional Government also visited the repairs to the old road between Ribeira Brava and Serra de Água, which were affected by a flood of February 20 and the regularization of this work stream and construction of pontoons.

Alberto João Jardim also visited the ongoing work of municipalities in the rivers of Machico and Santa Cruz, then, went to the construction of highways between St. Vincent and the Arc between Bonaventure and St. George and St. George riverside.

One of the works visited by Jardim was the expressway between the Faja da Ovelha and Ponta do Pargo which has an approximate length of 5720 meters , with four tunnels ( with 135 , 1219 , 425 and 404 meters long), six bridges (with 132, 59 , 164 , 220 , 165, 160 meters long) , four overpasses and five roundabouts .  The expressway between Madalena do Mar and Calheta Arco has a length of 3.5 kilometers and a width of 9.6 meters. It consists of two tunnels, with 1912 meters and 1535 meters, and a bridge with 50 meters.

The expressway between Bonaventure and St. Vincent measures 7100 meters. There are four tunnels measuring 1100, 1117, 1750 and 2400 meters. The express road between São Jorge e Arco has a total length of 5989.7 meters. It consists of three tunnels and three overpasses / bridges.

Plan against chemical and biological accidents

The Regional Service of Civil Protection is implementing a plan for prevention of chemical and biological risk. The project is part of the Health Emergency Plan in case of disaster in Macoronésia ( PLESMAC II).

The plan, which continues the PLESMAC I, which was developed in conjunction with the Azores and Canary Islands and is supported by the Transnational Cooperation Programme 2007/2011 MAC.

The Health Emergency Plan in case of disaster in Macoronésia also aims to respond to natural disasters , but never neglect this aspect, the Civil Protection , because there are other community projects over facing that problem , put on the prevention of chemical and biological risks and acquisition of equipment for the control of any incidents in the area.

The president of the SRPC, Louis Nero, speaking to JM, explains that the PLESMAC II is an overall plan for disaster victims, but the regions have opted for different aspects: the Azores focus attention on natural disasters, pandemics in the Canary and Madeira opted by chemical and biological risks.

Board has supported about 200 families

The Mayor of Funchal at a ceremony in the Civic Center in San Antonio delivered yesterday materials to 37 families who had seen their homes damaged by the storm of February 20 last. On this occasion, Miguel Albuquerque underscored the strictness with which the monies from donations are being spent and announced that the CMF had supported over these last year some 200 families.

Yesterday, in remarks to reporters , the mayor stated: "Following the work we are developing in collaboration with the Parish Councils of San Antonio and San Roque, we will continue to make the delivery of materials for the rehabilitation of housing for family that were affected by February 20 disaster”

The Mayor noted yesterday that over 37 families were supported ‘by the ASA and in direct cooperation with the survey that was done by the Parish Councils of San Antonio and San Roque."  Miguel Albuquerque also emphasized the fact that the number of families supported yesterday live in houses that are out of risk areas.  The materials offered were mainly exterior and interior paints together with tiles etc. which had come from donations made by Cin Paints and Coatings by Robialac in addition to the money from the funds generated mainly by the project and the SIC BANIF.

The mayor assured that they will continue to supply, as well as manage with caution the little money available as most o the donations received in the past months from companies and individuals were on time, however, that period is over
as the most donations, do not believe these past months we receive, as received and in good time, and we now have to manage the remaining money we have to continue the ongoing work.

Councilor Henrique Costa Neves responsible for the Environment also announced yesterday that they had already delivered about 300 allotments, just across the Citadel of Funchal. The mayor added that seven allotments had been completed in San Antonio.  However, he stressed that the Town Council had no more vacant land, but was trying to find partnerships with institutions that have abandoned land and thereby creating more space for gardens.  At the present time there are about 300 people on waiting lists .The mayor also pointed out that the gardens are watered only with water for irrigation and that the products produced there do not have pesticides, in line with the code of conduct to which the gardeners are forced.

New model of prescription to the patient passes the decision

The Legislative Assembly of Madeira approved this week, the statute that requires the prescription of medicines in the Region shall be in accordance with the International Nonproprietary Name (INN) and approves the new model prescription. Among other things, this Legislative Decree aims to promote accessibility by users, generic drugs, as well as improved mechanisms for sharing, while cost containment strategies, similar to what is already done in some European Union countries.

Currently, the market share of generic medicines in the continent is lower than most European countries, but in the region, this value can be even lower than the market share nationally. "It is therefore necessary to promote market growth of generic drugs, which is beneficial for users and for the region and promote a more balanced relationship between benefit and cost of medicines. This also defines the solutions that are designed to establish a compromise between the Region, patients and health professionals towards the growth of the generics market. Apart from measures to encourage the choice of patients for generic drugs, this law also provides for the setting of targets, annual growth of its market and monitoring of that growth.

Regional News in Brief

The chairman of the Regional Government, Alberto João Jardim, will inaugurate next Tuesday, a petrol station in Caniço in the county of Santa Cruz.  The new petrol station is located after the exit of the expressway, connecting to Caniço. This is a regional company called Manuel Antonio & Sons Ltd , with the managing partner Manuel Antonio R. John and a private investment amounted to one million five hundred thousand Euros.
The Municipality of Porto Santo, Golden Beach will for the fourth consecutive year organise  the Festival do Petisco, an event that is gaining in importance and claiming to be one of the most important tourist events of that island . The event is marked mainly by the dissemination of traditional and local roots are now underway, this year it is being held from 2-8 August.  The entertainment program includes concerts every day at 22 hours.
The Endocrinology Service , Hospital Central do Funchal will host next November, the XI Conference of Diabetes in Madeira and the 2nd Satellite Symposium of the thyroid .  At the meeting to be held on 4 and 5 November in Hotel CS Madeira, experts will discuss topics such as diabetes in Portugal, the prevention of cardiovascular risk, nutrition and physical activity in clinical practice and the nodules in the thyroid, among others.  A report by the National Diabetes indicates that arise each year 600 new cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, which means that they arise in the Region 1200-1500 new cases annually. In the Region, however, the disease prevalence is slightly below the national average, not reaching the 11 per cent, while the country is nearly 12 percent.

Government Lists Works being carried out


The Government decided to release the "listing of emergency works, which are ongoing. The executive himself warned that it is only in the rivers and interventions related to the flood of February 20.

89 interventions are distributed as follows: Funchal – 30; Câmara de Lobos – 6; Sanata Cruz – 21; Machico – 11; Ribeira Brava – 11; Santana – 6 and Ponta do Sol – 4. These are details in full if you wish to check on the on-line Diário.

Walker’s death in San Roque


Another victim has been added to the deadly record this year on the roads of Madeira. A woman was hit by a bus company’s Schedule of Funchal the early afternoon in Sao Roque, Funchal.

The accident happened around 14 hours in Ramp Wall of Bunny, the victim was killed immediately and the bus driver was transported to the Hospital Dr. Nelio Mendonça in shock. Members of the Funchal Municipal Fire and EMIR attended. This Increases to 11 the number of deaths this year on the roads of Madeira.

Funchal new landfill will have a garden and trade


Bottom of Form

Funchal is to have a new sea front, which will be built throughout the area where the land was deposited – about 200 cubic meters of rubble – taken from the rivers after the storm of February 20.

The decision is taken and was published in the Official Journal of the Region (JORAM) on July 20, following a decision of the Governing Council of July 13, granting the administration of the Harbour (APRAM) all the power of "recovery and landscape urbanization of the embankment” created from Funchal quay to the river of Santa Luzia.

The resolution published under number 781/2010 recognizes that the " operation of the Port of Funchal was affected due to the alluvial material transported by floods in the river valleys to the lower area of the city " and that " complete removal of material deposited would have direct and indirect costs, In particular the transport and placing them on deposit, or dumping at sea with consequent environmental implications

Board of Funchal: is 100 % compliant

The municipality of Funchal, whose area of jurisdiction is’ neighbour ‘ of the new landfill is 100 % according to the project, ensures the vice president Bruno Pereira, and, although not mentioned in the resolution, the CMF is being heard.

This was a long article and I have chopped it but the point made at the end is that the “decision has been made” but nothing has been said concerning the details of the project, its cost, its construction or its start date!

Morning flight to Porto Santo with a delay of two hours


Bottom of Form

The flight SP 1690, operated by SATA, who was to have started this morning to Porto Santo at 8AM, was cancelled. According to information advisory service from the airport to Madeira cancellation was due to absence of crew. The plane is now scheduled to leave on the 10.10.

For this reason, the transport of passengers and this morning’s Diary was affected.

Garden watching the game between Marine and Bangor City with fans due to the closure of the Tribune


I don’t normally do football but there was a lot about this match and also a lot about a new parking area which cost 10 EUR.

Bottom of Form

The chairman of the Regional Government of Madeira, Alberto João Jardim, who was today sitting on the bench, among supporters in the game between Marine (I suppose this is a Madeira Club?) and Bangor City, to tell the qualifying rounds of the League Europe. The unexpected was due to the fact that the National Tribune has decided to quit the Stadium of Madeira, due to situations that the club considered disrespectful, happened in the game between Marine and Sporting Fingal 15 days ago in the same enclosure. Because the Tribune was closed, the official Madeira crossed the lawn and headed for the west bench, where he sat with the president of the Ocean, Carlos Pereira and other personalities of sport and regional policy .The meeting between the Maritime and Welsh from Bangor City began at 19:45 at the Estadio da Madeira. Apologies for any errors in this!!

Basso and Betti attached to the outside of the Madeira Wine Rally

· clip_image002

Briton Kris Meeke is a prominent figure on IRC Photo: ASPRESS

· clip_image003

Luca Rossetti took part in last season’s competition Madeira Photo: ASPRESS

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The Skoda factory team participated with three doubles in the 2010 edition of RVM

· clip_image002[1]

Briton Kris Meeke is a prominent figure on IRC Photo: ASPRESS

· clip_image003[1]

Luca Rossetti took part in last season’s competition Madeira Photo: ASPRESS

Bottom of Form

The 2010 edition of the Madeira Wine Rally (RVM) has 46 pilots’ subscribers, according to data released today by the organization of evidence. The winner in the latest edition Giandomenico Basso will not be present because of lack of funding from Madeira, and compatriot Luca Betti, whose team failed to timely prepare the car after the accident suffered at the Rally of Turkey.

For the same reason the Italian, the Madeira Antonio Nunes Ferreira and John are out of Madeira wine. The vehicles of the two regional riders have not been recovered from damage suffered in the Rally of the Sea.

The Italian duo Luca Rossetti / Matteo Chiarcossi (Fiat Punto S2000) show the number ‘1 ‘ door, followed by the Finns Juho Hanninen / Mikko Markkula team official ‘ Skoda ‘ and the British Kris Meeke / Paul Nagle in a Peugeot 207 S2000.

Bruno Magalhaes is the first national pilot to drop into the RVM with the number 7 on the door, comes soon after the Bernardo Sousa Madeira.

20 of the 46 competitors are entered from outside the Region. Evidence from motoring Madeira Queen has 17 cars in class Super 2000

Already operating in Timor in 2011

Participating Pestana Group accepts a share in the company of that country’s flagclip_image005

Bottom of Form

The Euro Atlantic Airways (EAA) is expected to start operations in East Timor next year, even come to take stake in flag carrier of the future East Timor Airlines (TLA), Lusa said today the company’s president.

The Euro Atlantic, owned by the Pestana Group has an interest in setting up the flag carrier of TLA East Timor Airlines “provided that there is a policy previously defined national airline, "said Tomaz Metello, founder and shareholder of the company in a statement to Lusa.

“It will depend on the Government to accept our suggestions, "said Tomaz Metello, advancing, however, expects that by December are set rules that allow” start the work to begin flights as early as next season, or within years.

Tomaz Metello also revealed that the company that presides has signed a partnership agreement with Philippine Airlines, the national airline of the Philippines, claiming that “after being in Manila makes even more sense and has a greater interest to look at East Timor.”

The president of Euro-Atlantic Airlines was speaking at the end of the first meeting today with the Parliamentary Commission of Telecommunications Infrastructure and Timor- Leste, which were pointed out some of the issues considered essential in defining the policy for the aviation industry in that country.

The chairman of the Parliamentary Committee, Pedro da Costa Martyrs stressed “the experience that can and Euro Atlantic is transmitting "and the" company’s interest in helping to define the country’s air policy.

After that meeting, the first with members of an agency of the State of East Timor, " the government must now prioritize and regulate , "said the chairman of the Parliamentary Commission of infrastructure and also vice chairman of the bench of CNRT.

The president said that Euro Atlantic note there is a consensus among the Timorese political differences on this issue and admitted he has held talks with Carrascalao Vasco da Silva , who along with the Luso- Mozambican Mario Goncalves , is the project coordinator of Timor -Leste Airlines (TLA ), which awaits approval of the Timorese Government .

“We will not get any more country without a national airline set policy, "said Tomaz Metello yet, saying that is what happens in Portugal and Sao Tome and Principe.

The operation of Euro Atlantic in Sao Tome , which has a stake in the company flag , "is not concerned , "he said , but the company is now doing with the Government , which should have been done earlier, i.e. policymaking country’s air , especially in terms of operational infrastructure .

February 20th Association seeks answers in the House of Funchal


Bottom of Form

Association leaders want information about actual process of reconstruction and recovery

The Association participating in February 20 will on Thursday, in the public session of the Funchal City Hall try to obtain answers to their concerns. The association leaders want to directly question the authority and get concrete information about the process for Reconstruction and rehabilitation of areas affected by the storm, which led to the creation of this Association.

The statements on social communications are planned for 10 hours.

Nel Monteiro on the Emigrant Festival August 15


The County town of Santana welcomes another edition of the Emigrant FestivalBottom of Form the folk singer is the main artist of a party which includes games, walks a conference and entertainment. The Island Town will celebrate on the 15th of August with another edition of the Festival of the Emigrants, with the presence of this popular singer Nel Monteiro. The event, which runs in the seventh edition by popular demand with a basic meeting and a range of other activities, which highlight the walks, a conference, games and shows.

According to the organization , the House of the People of the Island, this is the first concert of Nel Monteiro Madeira, a singer known for subjects such as ‘ Gambling on the Beach ‘,’ Allo, Allo Maria Antonia ‘,’ Holy Picture ‘,’ Wine Region ‘And’ Wedding to the Portuguese ‘.

It should also be noted that the participation of Luso -descendant groups , notably the Group of Folklore Venezuela Puerto La Cruz , Grupo Folklorico Madeira Club SS Sacramento New Bedford and the duo Sandra and Ricardo Rodriguez will be there.

The Emigrant Festival defines itself as a meeting point for those who left in search of better living conditions – and the parish with such emigrants in France , England, South Africa and Venezuela – but also an area of dissemination of culture Madeira and projects .

Environment, IGA and Chambers together to build public infrastructure agricultural

Bottom of Form

Tomorrow 54 contracts will be signed with seven municipalities in an initiative funded by PRODES for the construction of public infrastructure agriculture , the Regional Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources , the Institute for Water Management ( GEF) and seven counties in the region gather for the financial support under the PRODES. The signing ceremony of the 54 contracts will be chaired by the regional secretary Manuel Antonio Correia, from 17 hours in the Auditorium of the Regional Secretariat for the Environment.

Camp Hill meets Pereiro 1750 scouts

Meeting together young people from six to 23 years from the Azores, Madeira, mainland Spain


The international gathering of Scouts will happen from, including 1750 young Madeira , Azores, mainland Spain and in the Mounted Pereiro. The Jamboree, the term for these meetings, will promote cultural activities, extreme sports made with the collaboration of the RG3 and 12 thematic workshops where they will be firefighters, the Community Action against AIDS, the Navy, Army, Red Cross and PSP.

Carlos Gonçalves, the regional head of this organization, explains that until Monday youths from six to 23 years will make camp, go through the workshops, listen to the advice of organizations, as well as an entire program of walking, nautical activities and visits to museums as much as in Funchal Machico, the place where it landed the discoverers of Madeira.

This afternoon is the official opening, and on Sunday, takes place at the closing ceremony, but many groups of scouts from the outside – who are the majority (1050) – will stay for few more days at camp, since they are independent of travel.

Fire in the mountains of St. Roch

Bottom of Form

A fire of some size attacked this Tuesday the mountains of San Roque, Funchal.

The alert came to the Municipal Fire Funchal (BMF) at around 21.15, which moved two cars to the local emergency room with an average of seven men. The flames broke out in an area of bush near the Estrada Comandante Camacho de Freitas. Buy 23 hours the fire was largely confined.

February 20th Association seeks answers in the City Hall Funchal


Bottom of Form

Association leaders want information about actual process of reconstruction and recovery

The Association participating in February 20 will on Thursday, in the public session of the Funchal City Hall in order to obtain answers to their concerns. The association leaders want to directly question the authority and get concrete information about the process for Reconstruction and rehabilitation of areas affected by the storm, which led to the creation of this Association.

The statements on social communication are planned for 10 hours.

Madeira Airport has obtained quality certification

ASQ Assured was awarded by the Airports Council International (ACI)

The ANAM , the concessionaire of the Madeira Airport , achieved a distinction that brings higher quality and public projection of the main ‘ gateway ‘ of the Autonomous Region to achieve ASQ Assured Certification given by the Airports Council International . Like the other domestic airports, the Madeira Airport has achieved this certification for the quality of an organization representing over 1,600 airports in 177 countries and regions.

The certification takes into account three aspects of management of that infrastructure: services offered to passengers; proven correct management practices implemented, and for passenger satisfaction with the services provided by the Airport.

Eight randomly selected plots of land for 40 families in Caniçal

Housing Investment Initiative of the wood will take place tomorrow at the Civic Center



Bottom of Form

Eight plots of land in the Urbanization of Feiteirinhas at the site of Feiterinhas , parish Caniçal, Machico, will be drawn today at 15 hours in a public ceremony to be held in the Civic Center site.

According to the prosecutor’s initiative, the Housing Investment Madeira – HMI, EPE, the eight lots will be allocated in the regime of surface rights for self -construction of permanent housing, a ceremony will be attended by the Secretary for Planning and Regional Finance, Ventura Garcia, the Mayor of Funchal, Emanuel Gomes, and the president of the Parish Council Caniçal, Joao Alves de Sousa.

It should be noted that the allocation of plots of land will allow for the construction of private housing to eight families living in the parish of Caniçal, showing economic need and housing , "but falling in the income bracket that allows access to bank financing , and construction costs significantly diminished by the plot already having infrastructure, the provision of architectural design by HMI and the support of the municipality of Machico the licensing process , "explained in a news release sent by the HMI.

It is noteworthy that the draw will be run between 40 families residing in the parish, who applied to tender. The ‘ lucky ‘ will also occupy the last plot of land of the construction process of urbanization of Feiteirinhas where, since 2000, they have already been built , through a system of self -construction on land with infrastructure at the regional government , a total of 96 single-family houses of type T3.

Under this Programme for the Surface Rights ‘ HMI, the government "has allowed a total of 397 families from Madeira construction of their permanent housing”

Colleagues gather in Ribeira Brava


Bottom of Form

The confreres of the Academy of Meats – Gourmet Brotherhood Madeira meet on 31st July, at 20 hours in the restaurant ‘ Water’s Edge ‘at marginal Ribeira Brava. The initiative counts on the presence of members of Academies of Cod Caracas and Valencia, Venezuela.

These elements have participated in the past 23 days in celebration of 23 anniversary of the Academy of Codfish of Madeira.

Portuguese folk group the Center of Caracas with performances scheduled in Madeira

Bottom of Form

The Portuguese Folk Dance Group of the Centre of Caracas, Venezuela, in Madeira where he has scheduled a series of performances in several counties in the region. Today members of the group will be received by the regional secretary of Human Resources, Brazão de Castro in Vila Steps.

10 accidents a week on Highway

Weekly Balance Sheet by Via Coastal notes four people were injured in these accidents.


Bottom of Form

The weekly total of Highway accidents amounted to ten with four slight injuries and property damage.

According to data released today by the concessionaire (Via Coast) this covers the main road between Ribeira Brava and Caniçal for the week of July 19 – July 25, i.e. from Monday to Sunday

Besides the aforementioned , Via Seaside has 103 vehicles immobilized with mechanical breakdown and towed to a safe area and assisted by support staff, four other vehicles stopped for no apparent reason , endangering their safety and that of the other users , after warning by the patrol.

Even more dangerous was the detection of several cases of people walking on the freeway, and nine people to moving on foot along this path dalí were warned to leave. Also removed were 16 animals and 48 objects dangerous for drivers.

Via Coast continues to warn in case of accident or breakdown , users should request help from the Assistance Committee, working every day of year, 24 hours a day via phone 800 290 290 ( free number ), this warning is posted on several panels at the entrance and exit to the Highway

Feast of Joy in San Roque

Feast of Our Lady of Joy will be held on August 1

Bottom of Form

The parish of San Roque will be celebrating next Sunday, August 1, the celebrations in honor of Our Lady of Joy.

The so-called ‘ Festival of Joy ‘, organized by the Parish Council and the Town Hall of San Roque (Funchal), will highlight the Hill of Hope, with an extensive entertainment program.

Celebrations begin soon after eight hours, with a salvo of mortar rounds followed by girandole. For nine hours there will be background music and a half hour later the Municipal Band of Funchal will arrive, which will be followed by the Folklore Group of the House of the People Belfry at 1030 hours.

The music returns (11.30) for another half hour until the beginning of the celebrations of the open air mass at 12:00 13.00 will be the turn of Animatura who will participate in festivities and 14.00 the stage will be given to José Luís Mendonça, for an hour followed by the animation group Culture and Recreation House of the People of Santo António da Serra (15:00) and the music group ‘ St. East ‘to 16 hours.

The official closure of the animation of the ‘ Festival of Joy ‘ will be 19 hours.

Note also that the event counts on the collaboration of the Municipality of Funchal, the Regional Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, the Investments and Water Management (public company), the Parish of San Roque, Club Deportivo de San Roque, Super San Roque and even the Belvedere Restaurant, public and private entities that help give life to this party over the summer of Madeira.

Machico want the best food ever

Gastronomy Week held from July 30 and August 8


Bottom of Form

Today at 16:30, in Largo Plaza, City Hall Machico presents the 25th edition of the Week Gastronomy County.

This year the festival starts on Friday and lasts until Sunday the 8th of August. On the official website, the municipality of Emanuel Gomes said you want the Gastronomy Week this year will be the "best edition ever.”

Madeira with yellow warning due to high temperatures


Bottom of Form

The persistence of high temperatures caused the Meteorology Institute (IM) to put Madeira and much of mainland Portugal on a yellow warning. In the districts of Braga and Lisbon warning goes to orange.

In Funchal thermometers will reach 28.

Sunday ‘Car -Boot Sale ‘ widens scope for new entrants

Bottom of Form

The Sunday ‘Car -Boot Sale ‘ event with support from the association create will increase its area. Apart from taking up the parking lots at the Pestana Casino Park Hotel, the fair will have an additional new space, the lobby in front of the Congress Centre of Madeira, up to the bar so that merchants that do not have a car can participate.

This idea came after many people have expressed interest in taking part in this initiative, which has been so supportive in helping the young people from the Home of Peace One project " Sun of Hope ‘, located on the Create, Joao Carlos Spinola, said that with this enlargement will increase from the possible from 28 to about 40 stallholders and that the fair is open to associations of Madeira who want to sell their products.

The outcome of this initiative, which takes place once a month on the last Sunday of the month, has been positive. We have made in six markets, a sum of EUR 900 for the projects which is very good. The objective now is to make the show more attractive to tourists and Madeira.

Priests should be alert to the challenges of “global society”


Bottom of Form

"Given the challenges of our globalized society, urged focus on pastoral care, the evangelization of culture, family, youth, new media and the preparation of pastoral services. Sunday morning’s Mass included the ordination of three new priests at the Cathedral, the Bishop of Funchal , D. António Carrilho , said the priest should prepare communities for " matching effectively, the demands of modern times ", hence the need for " training , human , theological , spiritual and pastoral . "

"Given the challenges of new social and cultural realities of today’s world , especially in the face of moral relativism and religious indifference , the priest , being a living witness and contagious of God’s infinite love for every man and every woman , "he said .

Today’s ordained new priests, natives of Machico, Porto Moniz and Santana. With these orders, the Diocese of Funchal now has 78 priests.

From Robert :

The Ponta do Garajau Headland in Madeira and it’s Macabre Past

The Headland today:

The Ponta do Garajau is one of the most spectacular headlands in Madeira.
With wonderful views along the island’s southern coast, from Ponta de São Lourenço in the east to beyond Funchal in the west, the headland has been developed over the past few years in an effort to encourage more tourists to the spot. A cable car transports visitors down to the newly refurbished beach facilities. A large car park has been built and further plans exist for building holiday accommodation.
However, few visitors that pass this way are aware of the macabre past that the Ponta do Garajau has witnessed.

The British in Madeira:

The British have had a long association with the economic development of Madeira.
In particular, during the 18th and 19th centuries, many British expatriates settled in Madeira and set about making their fortunes. The evidence of the British influence is still plainly evident throughout the island today.
The famous Reid’s Palace Hotel, Blandy’s Wine and the embroidery industry are all examples of current Madeiran businesses that have a historic British connection.
Nowadays, the British have lost their once powerful grip when it comes to controlling local companies. However, visitors from Britain still account for a major chunk of Madeira’s tourism income.

The Brazen Head:

Which brings us back to the Ponta do Garajau, a tourist destination that is surely due to grow in popularity.
In the past, this headland was known as the Brazen Head by the many British expatriates who made Madeira their home. It was also a destination that few wished to visit and some never returned from.
Prior to the 1770’s, local Madeiran law forbid any person not of the Roman Catholic faith to be buried on the island. This edict hit the British community in particular. Not only were there many British families living on Madeira, but most were of the Protestant persuasion.
Because of its geological properties – a narrow headland, with a sheer drop into relatively deep waters – a trip along the Brazen Head became the final journey for many British who died on Madeira. The bodies of the deceased were carried to the tip of the headland and, from there, consigned to the waves.

Jesus Christ Statue:

One of the main attractions at the Ponta do Garajau today is the large statue of Christ the Redeemer which gazes out towards the waves of the Atlantic Ocean with outstretched arms.
You may be forgiven for believing that this statue was erected in response to the many deceased souls whose mortal remains perished at this location. In fact, the statue was inaugurated in 1927 and has no linkage with the Brazen Head past. ~

The history of Christ the Redeemer statue

We have visited Madeira many times over the last few years and have always found the locals to be friendly and welcoming.  In particular,

it is certainly reassuring for a tourist in a foreign country to find restaurant menus, information leaflets etc. in your own language.

As British travellers, we appreciate the fact that English is widely spoken and used. 

However, we have also found that the locals really respond positively if we attempt a few words in Portuguese.

Just attempting to order our meal, or simply saying "thank you" or "good day" in Portuguese usually brings a broad smile from our hosts.

For those of you who plan to visit Madeira and would like to engage in a little local banter, the BBC features an excellent microsite that introduces you to the basics of Portuguese.  See Talk Portuguese

The British Channel Island of Jersey recently celebrated Madeira Day.

For photos of the event Click Here

he Bailiff, the Chief Minister and the Constable of St Helier invite you to a special celebration at St Thomas’ next Thursday, for Madeira Day. Starting at 7pm with a Mass in Church, with greetings from our island leaders and a letter from the President of the regional government of Madeira. The Mass will be musically supported by three singing groups. After Mass there will be food and wine, dancing and singing, inside and outside of St Thomas’ Hall.

From Paul :

Spotted 30 June, pm off South-west Coast of Madeira from Lobosonda website…

The manta ray (Manta birostris) is the largest species of the rays. The largest known specimen was more than 7.6 metres (25 ft) across, with a weight of about 2,300 kilograms (5,100 lb). It ranges throughout tropical waters of the world, typically around coral reefs. They have the largest brain-to-body ratio of the sharks and rays.[2]

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  1. Martin With retirement age rised and working. I wonder if this all to do with fat cats bull, so they dont have to pay higher taxes, then give pensioneers good age with quality time and pension. They a old saying if yo give enough bull out long enough people beleive it. For me its the best thing comming here. UK gone backwards and what my mother and dad fought for gone down the sink.

  2. Well Pete, pleased to be back pontificating on the bog– sorry blog.
    I hope the state pension rises ‘cos the price of everything keeps rising fast.
    Not as fast as the pay increases in the BBC though.
    Love to work for them.
    Don’t even have to speak English properly anymore.
    Just hold out hand for licence payers’ money.

    Shame I’m missing the gourmet events in Machico Madeira.

    Looking for members to join “MOET”.
    The “Madeiran Oympic Eating Team”.
    I am the founder member, chairman, secretary and taster.
    Waist gains faster than a BBC pay increase.
    Guaranteed medal at London 2012 Oympics.
    Boris has right idea–hold the games a year early and don’t tell the rest of the world.

    Gold guaranteed.

    The Academy of Meats at Ribera Brava must be a laugh–will try and join.
    Been to Der’s recommended London Bar in Ribera Brava a couple of times.
    Was it him walking past eating from a bag of plums from the Pingo?
    Nice welcome, prices affordable, specials edible.
    In fact I even looked around Der’s block in RB for a rental, Brazilian owned,quite expensive but very liveable. It being offered coincided with a purchase possibility in Funchal which we are following up.
    Now back in Blighty, chilly and raining surrounded by ploughed fields.
    Rape has been harvested.
    Thank goodness the stink has gone.
    Cottage back on market.
    Hoping for a speedy sale.
    Looking for a rich b***** ba****r from London.
    Pensioners can’t afford to pay domestic rates which have trebled in 11years to £1500pa.
    Lot of money for no bus, no school, no shop, average pub, no pavements, overhead wires, no gas, slow and irregular broadband, ridiculously small village hall, no multi-culturalism, bins emptied once every 2 weeks, Doctors 5 miles, practically no medical cover, nights and weekends, petrol £1.17 per litre.
    Very very pretty though!
    Hope to be back on island September to finalise purchase.

    Gus the estate agent took us to Livramento to see a rental supposedly apartment in Garajau.
    “Don’t worry about the smell from the chicken factory, I’m sure it’s only occasional and I think their licence has expired”
    “That noise?”
    “Oh it’s the aluminium door and window factory just behind the condo, but the sawing won’t disturb you ‘cos they only work 8 till 6.”

  3. Martin in uk we got big fat cats taking tax payers money out the uk, to avoid to pay taxes. This tax could been used to give pensions better pay. The fat cats wont be pensioners one day. They think about only themselfs. If we cant tighten tax loop hole, maybe EU can, where you only benifit they have is keeping in the EU, so poorer counties can build up work for all, that way they wont need to come to UK anymore. Draw back with uk most Party leaders are millioneers as well. You tell me what contact they have bottom of the ladder. You come to Madeira and enjoy yourself. We could do with a breeze making nights a bit tiring due to lack of sleep. Though I should not complain as more the life here better then UK.

  4. Martin about the Oympics bet the french pleased they not got it, as very rearly Oympics make a profit. With todays debt problems the french must be laughing.

  5. My alleged friend is making his annual pilgrimage to Madeira at present, staying at one of Mr Pestana’s many establishments. His itinerary will consist of the following:
    Week 1 – Sleep and sunbathe
    Week 2 – Sleep, sunbathe and possibly go whale watching.
    Week 3 – Sleep, sunbathe, drink Coral then relax.
    Next year, he promises to venture into Funchal if he can summon up the energy. He is a teacher, after all.
    Sad, really.

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