madeira news blog 1004 elaine west dolphin water chute in Santa Cruz

Dolphin water chute in Santa Cruz.

From Paul :

The Portuguese divide football coaches into two types: the smart and the scientific and the analytical, detailed, more programmed. The UK Telegraph newspaper reports…

Jose Mourinho is both. He does not separate “the physical, technical, tactical ............ more

madeira news blog 1004 dave North Coast at Ribeira da Janela 1

North Coast at Ribeira da Janela

Several contributions below from Paul :

EU PASSENGER RIGHTS LAW. Volcanic eruption is proving a major test for EU law, while many travellers have still not returned home. Some airline passengers are still stuck on the other ............ more

madeira news blog 1003 tobi spring flower

Spring flower

3 News stories from Paul :

Portuguese success at the European Judo Championships, Vienna!

Portugal’s Joao Pina has won the gold medal in the -73 weight category with a waza-ari. And Telma Monteiro won a bronze medal in the –57kg category.

image caption : Telma Monteiro

 ............ more

madeira news blog 1003 tobi mini motor bikes

Mini motor bikes

Tobi, as well as sending the photo, also sent me a link to Don’s blog, where there is a feature that tells us all the reasons why one should not come to Madeira INTERESTING READ

Everything else from Elaine :

Portugal’s analogue switch off established. ............ more

madeira news blog 1003 tobi hanglider

4 contributions from Paul : 

Doze pontos! – “Há dias assim" – There are days like these

Que nos deixam sós – That leave us alone

A alma vazia – With an empty soul

A mágoa na voz – With a voice full of sorrow

Já não há palavras – There ............ more

madeira news blog 1003 tobi funchal new sea front all the earth has been leveled now

From Tobi : "Funchal new sea front, all the earth has been levelled now".

Nice sunny day for the Flower Festival, have loaded my photos here HERE … Tobi

Also I braved the weather for the arrival of Fatima in Caniço… HERE … Tobi.

By email : Just ............ more

madeira news blog 1003 tobi cruise ship

From Tobi.

From Paul :

Python & Chaplin in Madeira!

2 of the great names of world cinema, Geraldine Chaplin e Terry Jones are due to arrive in Madeira on Friday (the 16th) to attend an receive tributes at the 4th Festival de Cinema do Funchal in 2010.


Image caption Terry Jones

Terry Jones is best known as a member of the Monty Python comedy team but, his career includes:

“Jones co-directed Monty Python and the ............ more

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