Art shows out West ; Crime statistics may mislead ; Swiss like Madeira Honey (& Poncha !).

Today’s photo – Many thanks to Pete … "The erection of 51 tents on the Avenida Arriaga in Funchal today, (Thursday 25/3). Photo 1 While people looking at stalls in Madeira warm sunshine. 80 Stall owners asked for stalls and 20 rejected. Photo 2 shows space not used  could  this area empty been used to better effect?" No idea Pete, are you sure it was space that was limited and not the number of tents available? Der

madeira news blog 1003 pete Avenida Arriagain Funchal 25 march 2010 1 madeira news blog 1003 pete Avenida Arriagain Funchal 25 march 2010 2

Many thanks to Paul for these two contributions :

PORTUGAL SCORES A GOAL FOR CROSS-BORDER FOOTBALLERS! A Dutch citizen had been living in the Portuguese Algarve since he was 5 years old. He played amateur football at junior level for several years, but when he turned senior, the Algarve Football Association presented him with a Portuguese Football Federation ruling that stated that only one non-national player is allowed on each amateur team.

EU rules on the free movement of persons. As a result, he was unable to register for his preferred team, because they already had one non-national registered. Several other clubs turned him down for the same reason. In the end he had to stop playing competitive level football for some 3 years until he heard about SOLVIT. The Portuguese SOLVIT centre contacted both the Algarve Football Association and the Portuguese Football Federation, alerting them to this discrimination against non-Portuguese EU citizens and pointing out that they must abide by EU rules on the free movement of persons. Subsequently, SOLVIT Portugal received a copy of an official communication, dated 4 July 2005, from the Portuguese Football Federation to all Portuguese amateur associations and clubs stating that there should be no restriction regarding the number of amateur EU national football players. The rules now only restrict the number of non-EU nationals allowed to play. Solved within 3 weeks. Cartoon caption: SOLVIT HELPED A  BRITISH COUPLE GET PERMANENT RESIDENCE IN CYPRUS

SOLVIT: ‘free’ EU on-line problem solving network. SOLVIT is an on-line problem solving network in which EU Member States work together to solve without legal proceedings problems caused by the misapplication of Internal Market law by public authorities. There is a SOLVIT centre in every European Union Member State. SOLVIT Centres can help with handling complaints from both citizens and businesses. They are part of the national administration and are committed to providing real solutions to problems within ten weeks. Using SOLVIT is free of charge. SOLVIT LINK

Art in Calheta Region in March: Prazeres Gallery & Casa das Mudas.

Photo : One of the works in Ângela Costa’s exhibition ‘O Tempo passa, as memórias ficam’.

Ângela Costa’s exhibition was opened on Friday at the Prazeres Gallery in the ‘Quinta Pedagogica Complex’ behind Prazeres Church. Its title is: ‘O Tempo passa, as memórias ficam’ The artist was born in Funchal.

Casa das Mudas exhibition.

Photo : the first exhibition of the young artist Zé Maria opens on Saturday evening (27th March).

Also, at Casa das Mudas another international art centre in Calheta the first exhibition of the young artist Zé Maria opened on Saturday evening (27th March).

For more information see the venues’ websites: Casa das Mudas    Prazeres Gallery

Thanks a lot to Elaine for these web snippets :

Official – Crime down. 27/3/2010 Eyebrows were raised this week when the Government announced that the number of crimes perpetrated in Portugal during the course of 2009 had fallen by 1.2 percent. Violent crimes were also down, dropping 0.6 percent on the total for the year before. But while the Government was patting itself on the back for overseeing this reduction, police forces stressed that these statistics should be treated with caution and that the battle against crime was far from being won. ARTICLE

Sponsored shave for Madeira. HERE

Many thanks to Becky for this video and web snippet :

The arrival of the AIDAluna yesterday – looks like a beautiful day, wish I had been there instead of a rather grey London.

How did I survive without knowing about dredging ?!  (sorry to have used the lowest form of wit) RIVETING ARTICLE

This translation is from yesterday’s Diário, many thanks to Elaine (West) :

Swiss in Porto Moniz to sample honey. Usually the honey with a lighter colour is weaker and softer. A group of Swiss beekeepers were present last Thursday night at the Centro de Ciência Viva do Porto Moniz (CCVPM), where they were able to appreciate the qualities of Madeiran honey. Carlos Pestana, beekeeper and promoter of the event, said that the cultural exchange will allow the release of the product abroad through several photos in a specialty magazine. In this kind of charm offensive, the organization offers a taste of honey in the region. Carlos Pestana said that on the table were 20 products from a number of locations all different in their colouring. A beekeeper in his spare time, he said that "all the honey produced in a sensible way is good honey." He added that the other main condition that determines the quality of the product is caution. "It is prudent not to use antibiotics to fight disease. If they are used, comply with the safety limits and the specific quantities,” he said.

Carlos Pestana explained that "often the brightest honeys are weaker and softer. These are more for children and the elderly, precisely because they are kinder on the stomach," adding that contrary to what has been disclosed, honey should not be eaten on an empty stomach. From a foreign perspective René Zumsteg stated that "good honey is produced in this beautiful island" and in his view this is due to the amount of water and flowers that abound in the region. The event was also attended by Valter Correia, mayor and director of the Câmara, and Liliana Sousa, director of CCVPM. This meeting also sampled traditional regional poncha, a product widely appreciated by the visiting delegation. There was time for a visit to the Unidade Primária de Extracção de Mel in Santa, Porto Moniz, and the group also visited an apiary located in Malhadinha, in the parish of Canhas, at the invitation of a local beekeeper.

After Marítimo’s spectacular win 3 – 2 against Sporting on Friday night, the Madeira ‘double’ was on and a good possibility, but Nacional blew it in the 90th minute. They led most of the match away at relegation candidates Vitoria Setúbal and ended up losing 2 – 1.

Many thanks to Elaine once again for yesterday’s top news stories :

DIÁRIO 28/03/2010


International Business Centre loses 409 firms. At the end of 2009, the IBC or Fee Zone had 3,221 companies registered. This was 409 fewer companies than at the end of the previous year, a drop of 11.2%, therefore less income for the management firm. The only increase was in companies registering with the International Ship Register (MAR) but this was only 0.8% more (238 to 240). In 2001, the Free Zone had 6,242 firms registered or 48.4% more. In 2009, the IBC contributed 20 – 23% of PIB (GDP), mainly from the International Services, MAR and Industrial Companies sectors with a lesser contribution from Financial Services. Competition comes from Malta and Luxembourg. There have been more companies lost already this year.


88 packets of noodles for a lunch for volunteers. 500 volunteers were given a lunch to thank them for their support in the cleaning and solidarity campaign after the tragedy. This was organized by the Community Development Association of Funchal. The president, Ricardo Silva, first thought of forming a troupe wearing jackets and boots for the Flower Festival Parade but decided it was best to forget that fateful day. The owner of the restaurante do Mercado Abastecedor supplied the pasta, olive oil and chouriço, Empresa de Cervejas supplied drinks and the market stall holders provided fruit for dessert. The lunch cost 2.50 Euros to cover other expenses, not to make a profit.

Endless work upsets those who live in Garajau. The enlargement of the Estrada do Garajau in Caniço is putting people who use this road daily and the resident population on the verge of a nervous breakdown. These works have been ongoing for more than two years and do not seem to be coming to an end. The work was authorized by the Government on the 14th July 2007 at a provisional cost of 1 million and 300,0000 Euros. The delays have been due to difficulties in expropriations, thus there is no completion date, which could be some time yet. They have been working on sections of road instead of in phases due to the intensity of traffic.


Three Madeiran establishments listed in the Expresso’s ‘Boa Cama Boa Mesa’ Guide.  This guidebook is published by the newspaper Expresso and is the benchmark for the accommodation and catering sectors in Portugal. The 432 page guide includes hundreds of restaurants, places to stay and useful information for unforgettable moments. The sector  ‘Boa Cama’ was won by the ‘Pousada do Porto – Palácio do Freixo’, run by the Pestana Group who received the Platinum Key. 25 Gold Keys included Madeira’s ‘Choupana Hills’ and ‘The Vine’. Included in the 25 ‘best’ in the sector ‘Boa Mesa’ was listed the ‘Il Gallo D’Oro’ restaurant at the Cliff Bay Hotel, led by Chef Benoît Sinthon. This restaurant was awarded a Michelin Guide star in 2008 for its Mediterranean and Iberian inspired aromatic cuisine.

Revenue in Porto Santo no longer enough to pay the staff. The first two months of this year were the worst for a decade for the hotel trade in Porto Santo. Prospects for Easter are bleak. 75% of the beds were not available this year due to some hotels closing for the low season. 20% less passengers used the airport and 18% fewer sailed on the Lobo Marinho during these two months. Total revenue fell dramatically from 2007 (62.8%) and the price per bed also decreased by 5 Euros per night. In 2007, the income covered the staffing costs but this year it only covered 41% of the costs. The resorts and local residents of Porto Santo are suffering a diminishing economy.

Today’s news headlines from the front page of the Diário de Notícias :

Suspicions cast a shadow over the police statute – The Trade Union Association says that the government ‘bought the  peace’ with the officials at the cost of operations and taxpayers.

Today’s main news headline : Fight in farming against lack of water – The storm of February destroyed almost all of the principal levadas of the Region and predictions point to 3 months for the repairs. The Directorate for Agriculture and the IGA join forces to speed up the process. Madeira’s farming output is at risk, as there is more than a month since the filling of the farming water supplies, and there are already cases where insufficient water has been provided. All the blame lies with the storm of 20th February, which damaged the infrastructure of the water distribution network. The principle levadas of Tornos, do Norte, das 25 Fontes, do Galhano and do Faial, to name the most important, make up 600 kilometres of levadas in need of repair. Worried farmers spread around the island, with hoses in hand, are resorting to drinking water to save their crops. The Regional Directorate of Agriculture (DRA) and the Institute of Water Management (IGA), have joined forces to advance quickly with the repair work that is classed as "unprecedented in the region". So a quick calculation says that it will be the end of June before the work is completed, add to that the ‘Madeira productivity factor’, and we are well into Summer. Expect a rather expensive salad on your plates in the coming months!

The securing of the slopes [landslide risks] has also moved forward, but case by case.

Gouveia discards his immunity – The ex-leader of the Socialist Party of Madeira goes to court to respond to the complaint of Jaime Leandro.

Renewables don’t slow down petroleum  – Despite the penetration of new energy sources, petroleum based electricity consumption shoots up.

75% occupation on the first few connections of the new route – ‘’ started the new Porto – Madeira connection on Sunday. Since 4.30 pm yesterday Madeira has it’s second connection with the continent through the low-cost airline Transavia. The first flight had 135 passengers, and the first 3 flights have sold around 75% of seating capacity for the French Company [I just translate, if you disagree please write to the Diário]. Madeira’s tourism boss, Conceição Estudante believes that the new flights will open up Madeira to those from the north of Portugal and also Northwest Spain. If all goes well the 4 weekly flights of Transavia could turn into daily flights in or after October.

The main sport / football headline today : Defeat in Setúbal complicates the situation for Europe – The victory goal arrived in the last moments of the fixture. Those in charge at Nacional continue to believe that the Europa League is still a possibility. Of course it is … a mathematical possibility, not a realistic one.

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  1. Der You may be right about number of tents. I feel do they need people selling beds, mobile phone business, and what you could call none small bussines, do they need to be there, and give smaller business a better chance.

  2. Jon, or anyone else who knows – does the Tourism Board keep contact info on anyone renting out holiday homes? If so, is it available to the public and how would I access it?


  3. I have just gotten in from work on a what, here in the Midlands, is a wet chilly day so it is good to see the activity in Funchal on the webcam.

    Three Cruise Ships in the harbour is a good sign of things, hopefully, returning to normal. Can anyone tell me what is happening with the construction of builing in the the dock area? I understood that it was due for completion before now. It doesn’t seem to have changed at all in the last 6 months.

    Roll on the day when I can just pop down to see for myself!


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