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Today’s photo – from Der … Another of the Ribeira Brava, and this was some hours after the flood subsided. I have had other photos sent in, many thanks, but with so many emails to get through, it will take me a while to get settled again. Especially if my internet connection continues to have problems.

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Thanks folks for the enquiries about my welfare, I am fine. No internet or phone connections put me out of action, with just a half hour access on Sunday, but I am safe and dry. I am just seeing this afternoon for the first time TV coverage of the catastrophe, so while I have seen so much locally, I guess I am the least well informed visually as far as Madeira as a whole goes.

I have nearly 600 emails to get through, I will have to delete most of it unread, so sorry about that if you have contacted me, but I can’t see any other option. I will post something more as soon as I can, sometime tomorrow hopefully, but please continue to use the blog comments to communicate and leave news for now. Many thanks to those who have provided such information over the last few days.

The only news I have had the last 4+ days has come from the radio and locals, and I have a head crammed with information, far too much to post here, and most of it now out of date. Here are a few of the more important points :

This is from news through to this morning, some of it is for sure a bit old now. Check before you act on anything please.

1. Charities / helping : CARITAS started a new relief charity helpline. Contact details and bank account are :

Bank – Banif – Account – 1626371377
IBAN – 003800011626371377113

Telephone: +351 291743331
E-mail: [email protected]

2. 42 were confirmed dead, but that was reduced again to 39 in a report today after an actual body count, but there is talk of another body found in Funchal today. There were over 70 hospitalised yesterday, and around 600 people made homeless, and talk of a new neighbourhood being built to rehome them. There are still people categorised as "missing", or unaccounted for, but the lack of communications prevents any firm confirmation of the situation although the original estimates have been reducing dramatically and today’s Diário says it is now just 18.

3. Only Vodafone and Optimus mobile networks were working. TMN started coming back Sunday night, but not for everyone in one go. Landlines were / are also down. CaboTV / Zon has also been out of service, but is coming back gradually. There may be more disruptions in communications.

4. People are repeatedly being asked not to go into the affected areas ‘sightseeing’ … they are hindering clean up operations and endangering themselves and others. Also we are asked not to park cars in areas which need to be cleaned up.

5. Most schools have now reopened outside of Funchal and Ribeira Brava, some others with no water also remain closed.

6. Funchal has a few limited bus services up and running. Details may be on the Horários website. Just a few buses from Rodoeste are running, and they seem to be all on the Funchal route.

7. Several thousand families had / have no electricity, and around 30,000 have no water (no recent update on numbers unfortunately). The assessment of the water situation was still being undertaken, but the original opinion of the man responsible for water was that we are looking at a few days to return to normal supplies. Some water provided after reconnection may not be drinkable initially.

8. A survey is being carried out in Funchal harbour etc. to evaluate the amount of material deposited in the sea, carried by the flood water, to ensure that the water is still deep enough for shipping.

Sunday’s Diário de Notícias front page looked like this. You don’t need me to translate.

Monday’s front page :  "Recovery and fear"

Tuesday’s front page : "Rumours concern".

I suppose it is inevitable that the nervousness of a population will start rumours, even dangerous rumours. In Ribeira Brava town on Monday, there was a bit of normality returning at around 11 am, with plenty of people milling around and the clean up operation in full swing. Half an hour later the town was pretty much emptied, and just about all the shops and bars had closed again, and the exit road on the Campanário road was blocked with a mass of traffic and people trying to evacuate. The rumour was that a mountainside was about to collapse at the back of town. People were panicking, some were crying, and nearly everyone was phoning a relative and spreading the rumour. I had the radio on at the time and the president of Ribeira Brava was clear in the message that that was no danger in the town, and that people should stay at home, but people were unaware or continued to evacuate anyway.

There was also, according to the radio, a rumour about evacuating Funchal. Again rubbish. There should be information on the official tourism website in various languages, and there is also a Twitter page updated with government communications (it was read out too quickly on the radio for me to write down, but if someone can find it and it has English translations, please post it in the comments).

Today’s front page : "2 years to rebuild".

Without TV or internet access I really had no real idea, in a visual sense, what was going on elsewhere on the island. Sunday night I managed to borrow a Diário de Notícias, and a Jornal da Madeira, and I was horrified at some of the pictures I saw of the floods in full flow and the damage caused in Funchal. Of course that was pretty much it at that stage … Funchal. I have heard stories about other parts of the South coast of Madeira, and they sound equally horrific, but the communication breakdown  is preventing a full picture, and what I have been hearing may be vastly distorted by the rumour mill.

The President of the Republic, Cavaco Silva, is visiting Madeira this afternoon.


Depression may bring heavy rain on Friday – One should keep a look out for the weather forecast over the next few hours. "More intense rainfall will occur in the sea northwest of Madeira," said meteorologist Paula Leitão. Strong winds and precipitation are likely as the depression passes, but nothing like that experienced on Saturday.


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12 thoughts on “Madeira flood news, updates, other information ; The Diario de Noticias front pages”

  1. Hi Der, the following is from the Diaro today. I have used a combination of my own language skills and a web translator for speed.

    Headline:- Municipal teams, the regional government and private companies like a “Legion of volunteers” work to bring normality to life in the city.

    For the fourth consecutive day after the storm of 20 February in the city of Funchal cleaning and removal of debris has continued to allow to vehicular traffic.

    Several teams from the regional government, municipal authorities and private construction companies as well as a “legion of volunteers”, with machinery and also working by hand to enable normality to return as soon as possible to the city of Funchal.

    The work of emptying the car parks of the four shopping centers in Funchal is continuing together with the search for possible victims through water, mud and rocks that have covered the Madeiran capital.

    Today will be normal for most schools in Madeira, with the exception of those in Ribeira Brava, that was also affected by the storm, while in Santa Cruz only schools in Camacha and ‘ Clemente Tavares’ in Gaula will be closed until the supply of water is resumed.

    In Câmara de Lobos, schools are operating with the exception of those in the parish of Curral das Freiras, whereas in Funchal many schools remain closed.

    Civil servants involved in the operation of the capital of Madeira are at work.

    In a press conference on Tuesday, the Mayor of Funchal, Miguel Albuquerque, considered it “important” to restrict access to parts of the city for reasons of security for the people,” new corridors through the city will be opened to allow movement, with streets being progressively reopened after the removal of obstacles.

    The President of the Republic, Aníbal Cavaco Silva, will meet visit Madeira passing through the Centre of Funchal and Ribeira Brava. The visit will also include a meeting with the homeless.

    According to official information, the storm so far has caused 42 fatalities, with 18 missing and a total of 600 displaced that corresponds to 193 families being affected.

    Finally in the Comments section, an anonymous poster writes ‘ In the Parish of Santa Cruz, cleaning operations are non-existent, in Camacha, only popular roads have been cleaned …… where are the village officials and Mayor of Santa Cruz?! The situation on water when will that be normalised?

    Finally the poster (with some frustration I imagine) states that ‘NO INFORMATION EXISTS OF THE SITUATION IN CAMACHA?!?!

  2. Have just been along to our local Penteada market & it started to rain heavily
    as I was going there. Was only there about 15 minutes but as I left the road
    down from Sao Roque was running with several inches of muddy water and along our way, just past the turning down to the Tecnopolo, the bend in the road was flooded once again to a depth of several inches. It was just passable one car at a time but I would advise anyone to avoid this for the rest of the day.

  3. HI,

    Just want to let you know that I read your blog sinds last december and I love it so far.
    I was on Madeira for an holiday medio january.
    The ‘in between-period’ we can say by now.
    I started to use your blog to get an impression offthe island, now I read it to have information about how you all are doing there after the disaster.
    I’m still impressed by what I see.
    Hard times, I hope you all will manage to get your lives and the island rolling again.

    I you want I can sent you some photo’s (allthough you will have enough of them I guess) and just some small ‘tourist-view-stories’ abou the island if you’ld like to.
    Just let me now, I read that are surching for impulses for the blog.

    Good luck!

    Michel (Holland)

  4. Funchal Horarios actually have 26 more or less modified bus lines running from three improvised terminals, plus an extra one connecting two of the latter. Full itineraries (in both Portuguese and English!) plus nice printable network maps can be found on their web site. And it really seems to work – I can confirm the Casino terminal is very busy. A heroic achievement!

  5. Attention here are some extra information that are important:

    – (BANIF) IBAN PT 50003800011986711677151 and SWIFT CODE (BIC) BNLFPTPL
    – If you use this BANIF bank account, then it gives tax benefits to taxpayers, in accordance with Articles 61 and 62 of the Statute of Tax Benefits.

    – There are NO officials of the Regional Administration or City Council that are collecting funds for solidarity among the population.

    Official source SRTT


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