Farmers ready to claim support ; Fewer ships but more tourists ; New firework record at stake

Today’s photo – Many thanks to Elaine (West) … municipal gardens, Funchal

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"Sunway are delighted to introduce the breathtaking island of Madeira. This wonderful island has so much to offer from many historical monuments, squares and streets in the capital of Funchal to enchanting gardens, picturesque villages and amazing landscapes". MADEIRA HOLIDAYS FROM IRELAND

Apparently this website is also showing the Funchal 2010 fireworks live on the internet tonight, but it may well be linked back to the website link that I gave you a couple of days ago NEW YEAR 2010 FIREWORKS MADEIRA

Lets hope the weather stays good for tonight’s celebrations, and that a new firework world record is secured for Madeira.

Many thanks to Elaine once again for yesterday’s top news stories :

39 farmers have already signed up. Many more are expected to follow. On the first day after the Government announced financial assistance for storm damage, 39 farmers have registered. There is no time limit for applying, or limit to the amount of funds applied for. 18 farmers were from Funchal, 11 from São Vicente, 5 from Santana, 3 from Ponta do Sol and 2 from Calheta. Teams of experts are to survey the damage and monitor risk areas; Sao Vicente Council has already set one up.


Sea damages areas at Praia Formosa. The promenade between Praia Formosa and Doca do Cavacas has been closed due to bad weather. Bars have been partially destroyed, small pebbles washed onto the promenade, and the swimming pools at Barreirinha, Doca do Cavacas and Lido lashed by 3.5 – 4.5 metre waves. The bar Barra Azul has had further damage, the Docas Cafe was also badly affected and the Yacht Bar has lost its rock staircase. The administrator of the Frente Mar Funchal says losses are huge and will estimate the cost after the end of the year, when he expects an improvement in the weather.

Danger in the Tres Paus. Part of the Caminho dos Tres Paus in Santo Antonio collapsed last weekend. Funchal Council erected security barriers but the residents continue to use the road. They want a protective wall constructed, especially after two men died last year after a car skidded in that area.



Large rock hits a home and threatens others. A large rock fell onto a residence located at Travessa do Ribeira Canavial in São Roque. It was part of a landslide which occurred at 23.30 last Monday. Officials have surveyed the damage but the Council say they are not responsible for clearing the escarpment and will notify the owner of the land to undertake this work.



Court of Auditors censures IHM construction in Figueirinhas.  The Court says the IHM (Housing Investment of Madeira – social housing) should respect the Code of Public Contracts. 50 residential units were built in Figueirinhas in Funchal through a contract between the IHM and the company Soconstroi. The contract was for 2.838.179,34 Euros but the final cost was 3.215.022,09 Euros. The units were completed in 1998 but the contract was not sent for approval until 2000. After an additional contract, which caused the increase in the cost, the work was finally approved six years after the expiration of the five year guarantee.

Fewer ships, more tourists. Table of the number of cruise ships and passengers visiting for the New Year’s Eve fireworks display, since 1962 (shown below)In 2007, there were the most cruise ship passengers (13,156 from 12 ships). There might be problems ferrying more than 3,000 passengers from the two ships berthed offshore this year, due to forecasts of bad weather. The Queen Victoria has a 24-hour delay and hopes to anchor offshore at 7 am tomorrow. For the third day running, the ferry could not sail for Porto Santo.

TOP 10 of the Port of Funchal on 31 December
Year – Ships – Tourists
1962 – 10-5440
1964 – 10-5800
1968 – 13-6892
1969 – 12-6400
1974 – 9-5077
2001 – 9-7935
2002 – 10-9539
2005 – 11-8670
2007 – 12 – 13.156
2008 – 8 – 7.200

* Many fail to buy tickets until the last minute – Getting ready for New Year’s Eve. From the Jornal da Madeira. On the eve of another End-of-the-Year night, there are many offerings for the night of reveillon, shown by the various advertisements that already appear in the pages of newspapers. Prices vary depending on the economic possibilities of each and depending on what they want. In general, there are already many tickets sold for the festival of the passing of the year. However, the contacts we made told us that most people leave it until the last minute to buy the entrance tickets. A fact that, as we mentioned, not only has to do with "the habit of doing things at the last minute" but above all due to indecision. Because as we explained, "as a couple it is easier to decide", which is not true of groups. Although again, as we mentioned, there are also groups that prefer to buy the tickets on time to avoid some of the members being left out. As for the animation, there is also a bit of everything and for all tastes. From dance music with renowned DJs, to live music through performances by musical groups. In general and in relation to the hotels, we found attempts to present a special program for guests, but also for the many Madeirans who choose to enter the New Year in hotels. But the party is not only in hotels, clubs or other places that usually open the doors to mark New Year’s Eve. For the last night of this year, there is also a show provided by the Association of the Light Orchestra of Madeira, which will take place between 21.00 and 04.00 in the Municipal Garden of Funchal. Before the fireworks, in downtown Funchal between 10.00 and 20.00, there will be performances by brass bands and folklore groups. In the Central Square next to the Cathedral of Funchal, the Children’s Choir of the Office of the Coordinator of Arts Education will perform between 18.30 and 19.20. Also in the area of Avenida Arriaga, but in the garden situated to the north of the Palacio de Sao Lourenco, the Ensemble of Accordions of the Office of the Coordinator of Arts Education is also expected to perform between 11.00 and 11.50. I saw in last nights Diário that the Casino has a special do with dinner tonight. For a bargain €180 a head one can feast and then frolic … how the other half lives eh! Der

Today’s news headlines from the front page of the Diário de Notícias :

What changed and what awaits us – 56 pages. Looks like the good people from the Diário have produced a bumper year end supplement with today’s newspaper. If I see an online edition I will provide a link to it, but no sign of it yet.

Danger of collapse in the valley [of the Nuns] – Bad weather caused openings in the road and lands. There are fear of a landslide in Curral das Freiras, into the river, after significant cracks appeared in the road (ER 107) and nearby land. The cracks have been getting bigger since the beginning of the week. MORE PHOTOS The danger area is between the centre of Curral das Freiras and sítio do Colmeal. Residents are very concerned that the rockfall could be considerable. The first cracks appeared on Monday in the tarmac, soon after the tunnel exit, and are growing in size. Cracks in the nearby land, just below the road, have also appeared, in land belonging to the Levada Commission. Huge quantities of earth have been deposited there over the years with the story being that there would be cultivation and forest planting. The president of the Câmara Municipal of Câmara de Lobos, Arlindo Gomes, says that the earth deposited actually supports what is above, and that from what he knows "the situation is under control". With your track record in misleading the public Sr. Gomes, I think I would be off from there like a shot if I was unfortunate enough to live in the area at risk!

Today’s main news headline : Jorge Romeira calls-off the work plan of Humberto – The sea front zone of São Vicente, that was one of the flagship projects of ex-president Humberto Vasconcelos, doesn’t have conditions to move forward, according to the new council president Jorge Romeira, who will also do in his own style administrative restructuring. The project goes to the ‘Greek calendar’ [indefinitely], with no possibility of starting in the next few years. Romeira also intends to do some ‘housekeeping’ to organise his empire in his own style. The sea front redevelopment has now been dropped from the council programme, due to lack of funding, even more so now due to the damage caused by the abnormal rain fall in recent weeks, and the resulting need for priority expenditure. Don’t councils have insurance policies here? That will come as a bit of a shock to the locals I would imagine, as that was a much needed project for trade and to generally improve the visual aspect of the area. I wonder if that was mentioned in the small print of the PSD Social Democrat Party election manifesto a  few months back? 

100 police in the streets to guarantee safety later tonight – ‘Operation Fim do Ano’ [year end] runs on the night when 39 firework posts will light the night sky. Here you can see a list of the ideal places to watch the fireworks.



The most profitable in the world expected today on Madeira. With a portrait photo of a thoughtful looking Cristiano Ronaldo, who may of lost the title of the world best footballer, but has now taken David Beckham’s crown as top money-spinner in the game. The Madeiran revealed yesterday in an interview with a Spanish sports newspaper his desire to "regain the Golden Ball" and his ambition to be "the best player in history." "Thank God I have already won the trophy once for best player in the world, but I hope to win it back again. This year or next I will come back to win the Golden Ball," said Ronaldo, who fills the front page of the Marca newspaper. In a revealing interview he confessed his admiration for the Spanish actress Penélope Cruz, and his ignorance of the main places of night time entertainment in Madrid. He doesn’t like bullfighting either. The newspaper said that Ronaldo, now 24, could generate up to €80 million a year in advertising revenue, dethroning David Beckham as the adverting idiot icon in the world of football.  

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15 thoughts on “Farmers ready to claim support ; Fewer ships but more tourists ; New firework record at stake”

  1. Same to you Martin , hope you have a great time.

    Happy New Year to everyone, especially Der, Elaine and Sue for all their hard work keeping us up to date with the news..

  2. Happy New Year everyone – and Tobi get the op! New Year’s Resolution – my son had a heavy duty op on his spine three pins etc. and was back to work after six weeks – in UK.

    I am happily still coughing but intend to enjoy the dinner out to night regardless!! Again here’s to another exciting year, and hopefully a normal weather year.

  3. Thanks Sue, my Op wont be as bad as that just having a disc removed and will be back to normal after about a week, and driving after 2 weeks.

    Dont think there is such a thing as a normal weather year, but at least we know its better than the Uk.

    Anyone know if CR has arrived yet? is he flying with sleazy jet or coming on his own private jet

  4. Easyjet flight cancelled flight to Madeira – Some passengers bought new tickets for TAP and SATA to ensure they arrived for New Year’s Eve night.

    Easyjet yesterday canceled the flight from Lisbon to Madeira, rescheduling the trip of about 150 passengers until after new year has passed. Several passengers opted to purchase tickets on TAP and SATA to ensure arrival here so as not to miss seeing in the new year. The company’s reason for cancelling : inexperience of the pilots against the strong wind.

    It maybe a good reason for cancelling, but I just hope they are not the same pilots next time I fly. I would hate to think that a strong wind might surge unexpectedly once I am up in the air.

  5. Easyjet are useless, there isnt even a breeze today, everywhere is so calm, those poor passengers who have to miss out on tonight…I bet no pilots want to fly as they were not getting paid enough is more to the truth i would think.

  6. Queen Victoria, Oriana, Aidaluna are the three biggest (there’s another little one between Oriana and Aidaluna but I would need binoculars to tell you what that one is!)

  7. Must be the Boudicca…. I’ve been wondering what happens to all the waste from those massive water hotels… especially as I was put off my Pingo Doce mushroom soup at lunchtime by what can only be described as ‘eau de effluent’. I’m staying in a house right by the sea and the Queen Victoria is really close. Surely they wouldn’t ‘dump’ right by the harbour… would they?

  8. Martin and Becky, the Queen Vic. has had to moor offshore to make room – left if you are looking at the panoramic webcam Martin. The Cunard Oriana (large, yellow funnel) is on the sea-side of the port. Beside her, behind the AIDAluna is the Budicca. On the Funchal side, is the large AIDAluna (yellow/blue face painted on her hull). At 20.00, Saga Ruby and Amadea are expected.

  9. Happy New Year Everyone

    What a difference a little bit of sun makes how it raises your spirits with the help of a few glasses of good old Madeira of cause.

    Letts hope for some great blogs all through 2010 and on and on.



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