Sócrates Wins Another Mandate, Jardim Not Delighted Despite Winning 4 Seats

OK, lets get the politics out of the way first.

(28th September). Today’s main news headline : ‘PS Win With Relative Majority – Votes determined in all 4,260 parishes of Portugal’. The socialist party won the legislative elections with a relative majority of 36.56%, managing 96 seats in the Assembly of the Republic. The PSD social democrats obtained 29.09% (78 seats), CDS-PP 10% (21), BE Left Block 9.85% (16), and PCP 7.88% (15). 60.6% of the 9,227,314 eligible voters voted.

‘PSD Obtain 48.16% Of The Votes On Madeira – PSD, PS and CDS-PP have elected representatives in the Assembly of the Republic’. The Social Democrats of Jardim won 48.16% (66,194 votes), The PS socialists had a late surge to achieve 19.51% (26,822) and the CDS-PP 11.09% (15,244). The PSD took 4 of the 6 seats in Lisbon, the other two parties took one each. In the last elections in 2005, the PSD and PS shared those seats with 3 each. Abstention on Madeira finished up at 45.48%, 1.68% of the votes were spoiled, and 1.13% blank.

"The country has gone crazy and the nation is sick" – president Jardim commented in this manner on the electoral result’. Alberto João Jardim said today that the results of the national legislative elections show that "Portugal is inside a nightmare" and that "the country has gone crazy and the nation is sick." The leader of the PSD-M, and winning head-of-list to the Lisbon Parliament, commented on the PS win at a national level with a lack of enthusiasm. He blamed the result partly on those who failed to vote. "Portugal is now in a nightmare. There is something wrong in this country. After there were four years of governance by Sócrates, and all the trouble in which the prime minister of a country was renowned for being involved, there is a result that still gives him a relative majority, although less than the number of abstentions nationally, this means that the country gone crazy", said Jardim. "The situation in Portugal is very serious, and it is the Portuguese that in part that contribute to the situation. Each country has what it deserves, but in the case of Madeira we are worried that we are involved in this picture of a nightmare", he continued. Despite the election result, Jardim said that the national leader of the PSD, Manuela Ferreira Leite, "is in a position to lead the campaign for municipal elections" that start today. El Bertie finished by offering his heartiest congratulations to the Socialist Party for a well fought victory, saying to prime minister José Sócrates that he was looking forward to yet another productive mandate in Portugal, and that Madeira was rooting for another strong period of mutual cooperation at government level … and then I woke up.


If the election results from Madeira yesterday were applied in the local elections here in two weeks time, PSD-M would win in 53 out of the 54 parish elections, and would continue to rule in all 11 câmaras (councils). Only the freguesia (Parish) would have escaped the social democrat’s clutches.

The full results nationally and in detail for Madeira can be seen in the Diário special pull out supplement today HERE

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  1. Hi Der,

    you translate Freguesia to Parish

    I do not know the system in UK – but in Germany there is a difference between “Parish” (= church community) and “Freguesia” (= political community).
    On Madeira most Freguesias have more than one Parishes (Church communities) included.


  2. In English it is commonly a reference to a church locality, but the concept of a Parish or Town Council, is a level below a District Council (câmara). I find it difficult to cross reference the different levels of local and regional government at times, as there is an overlap / crossover in terminology, but I hope people generally realise what I am referring to.


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