PND Video ‘The Black Car Kids’ & More Politics

(23rd September). The last of the front page headlines that I am covering today, and the story that won’t go away : ‘Guilherme Silva Disrespects Protocol And Principles – He went to a festival as ‘vice president’ of the Regional Assembly and acted like a candidate’. Ah, well there was no mention before of what he said or did, just the fact that he attended when maybe he shouldn’t have, mixing public duties with political ends. To Guilherme Silva himself there is no confusion between the roles of state and party functions. "It is very easy to separate", he said. At the festival of the Pêro in Ponta do Pargo, last weekend, he says he went as vice-president of the Madeira assembly, and not as a candidate for the PSD social democrats in this Sunday’s elections.

In the latest wheeze of the PND new democratic party, you know the ‘rabbit’ party, a video has been published and released called ‘The Black Car Kids’. What it shows is footage of government cars being used for private purpose, along with drivers where provided, contrary to the law and penal code covering the matter. The main theme is the children of government ministers being taken to and from school on a daily basis. I don’t think it will make the blockbuster list, or change anything really, but will probably form an important part of Rabbit’s defence when called to court to answer charges relating to him falsely accusing senior politicians of the PSD-M of corruption.

"Democratic liberty, freedom of movement of persons, and freedom of information have been violated". The words of Rabbit, or José Manuel Coelho, on the prevention of access to the Curral das Freiras (Nun’s Valley). He was prevented from entering the area by police, and believes the order came from president Jardim, who was undertaking an inauguration or something there.

Just two complete days left for this current political election campaign … that’s the good news. I suspect you already know the bad news, that another one starts up straight after. Pretty quiet over my way in terms of campaigning, a few cars with loudspeakers whizzing around now and again, a few political posters, some now quite defaced, and just three party manifestos through the door so far. Uncle Bertie was over here very late at night a couple of days ago apparently, he was skulking around the churches, so my source tells me.

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