How well do you know Madeira?

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This one from Martin : “I would like to enter this foto in the ‘where is it category?’ Level 5 of 10. “It was taken during the lunch break on the last day of the Volta da Madeira Classic Car Rally. The catering for competitors was extraordinary and extended to ............ more

Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Encumeada Cloud

madeira news blog 0909 martin 2 encumeada

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Martin (no.2) … The cloud that hangs over the peaks at Encumeada

“It is difficult to find the right compromise between speed and caution when you sail at tthe fastest downwind. I ripped a spinnaker but I was that was no big deal. The last 48 hours were ............ more

Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Jaime Moniz School

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TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Tobi … It’s back to school day today, so what better subject than a school photo. This is Jaime Moniz High School, in Funchal. Probably Madeira’s best known school.

I have mentioned before that here in Ribeira Brava we are being treated to musical ............ more

How well do you know Madeira?

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This mystery picture, which has a difficulty rating of 9.8 out of 10, is a perfect example of the way public money (both from the Regional Government and the EU) is being wasted in Madeira. The photo shows part of a lavish project, beautifully designed and extravagantly carried out. Why is it ............ more

Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Ilhas Desertas

madeira news 0906 jon ilhas desertas

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Jon … Ilhas Desertas


This is quite an interesting article from a visitor here and on Porto Santo for a health holiday. Not that I agree with some of the points made, and certainly any perceived lack of cultural treasures is more then compensated for by natural ............ more

Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Cork Cutter

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Paul (do Mar) … Bark cutter. Yes I know it’s not Madeira, but it is Portugal, and something to think about all the same. See below:

How Portuguese corks conserve birds, secretive wild cats and remarkable trees

The BBC documentary “ Cork, Forest ............ more

Madeira Gourmet Festival ; Just 71 Litres Each

(18th September). ‘English Tourist Celebrates 100 Years On Madeira’. I know there are many Brits visiting this website, so this is for you. Mary Luisa Latham celebrates 100 years today, and chose Madeira to celebrate her birthday. She comes from Norfolk in the ............ more

Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Sta Catarina Park

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TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Vic … Santa Catarina park in Funchal

This came from Paul in Paul do Mar :

Madeira Birds Atlas – The website on the Madeira Birds Atlas project, is already online (still in Portuguese), It has information on the team, on which SPEA is included, methodology ............ more

Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … A Beach Thingy

madeira news blog 0909 jim beach combing

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Jim … "Beach Combing" … more than that I can’t say? I asked Jim what it was, and he says he can’t remember, but that maybe one of the clever readers might know?

If my life depended on it, I think I would have to say it’s ............ more

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