How well do you know Madeira?

This week’s second challenge is another from Sheila, who says "I have put it in the EP (easy peasy) difficulty bracket at 4".

madeira news blog 0909 sheila how well do you know madeira

No clues needed, just tell us where it is. 48 hours allowed, then the correct answer will be given if necessary.

13 thoughts on “How well do you know Madeira?”

  1. The leaning tower of Pisa? (the concrete version).

    Only joking – this is of course, the launch site of Madeira’s famous rocket, ‘Tio Bertolimous II’ – the space probe which failed to ignite due to dampness. The scheme was subsequently abandoned and funds diverted to ………..

  2. What do you mean “leaning tower”, Eric? The structure is perfectly straight, I assure you. It was only my photo that was crooked. Anyway, Der has now fixed it and you are all wrong with your answers, so there!

  3. yep, spot on Vela, well done. You’re not Uncle Bertie in disguise are you, as you seem to know our island very well.

    I can only suggest that if anyone else wants a look in they should check in at 7.59 am for this feature.

  4. Congratulations, Vela! I suggest that tour guides should be disqualified from this feature. If you are not a tour guide, Vela, please tell us how you have acquired such a wide knowledge of Madeira.

  5. Sheila ! I am not a tour guide. But I am living in Madeira for 13 years. I love nature and am usually somewhere on the island during most weekends And finally I have been lucky thrice. Lastly Geography was my favourite subject.

    Martin ! There are around 12 lighthouses in archipelago of Madeira (Including Porto Santo, Madeira, Desertas and Selvagens)

    Der ! Please do not compare me with Uncle Bertie (just kidding) or any other politician for that matter (including Rabbit)

  6. Thanks for that Vela.
    has any blogger a photo of every one?
    is this a kind of challange–to foto evry one? like twichers with birdies.

    What would you call the sport of lighthouse ‘bagging’?


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