How well do you know Madeira?

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This weeks teaser is another from Jim.

It’s a piece of cake, and if I know it, it really is a piece of cake, so no clues, just tell us where it is.

48 hours allowed, then the correct answer will be given if necessary.

All being well I will post another one on Wednesday

12 thoughts on “How well do you know Madeira?”

  1. My hat is nothing like that Martin.

    Usually quite a few guesses by now, so I am surprised no one hasn’t actually got it yet.

    Most of you have seen this I promise … I will reveal how I know that once it has been correctly been guessed.

  2. Im sure i have seen this , but i really dont know where, and it may have been in a book , as my guess is the tropical gardens, but i have not been there. am i right??

  3. spot on again Vela, I think Tobi was on the right track, but as it was only a guess and not as specific as your answer, I suspect Jim will be sending the hamper your way.

    It was the same subject as the daily photo sent in by Sarah late last year, although theatactual photo has now ‘dropped off’. That’s why I said it was easy, even though I have never actually been to the gardens.

    A new challenge tomorrow.


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