Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Roof Dogs

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Eiryl … roof dogs. They live most of the time on the corrugated roof, clattering around, and leaving little doggy packets for the rain to wash away. I would add that next door to those dogs we have a house that has had as many as 20 dogs roaming around in the back yard. All look quite well looked after, which is a good thing for the dogs but not for us, as I don’t think we can get anywhere with the council re complaints. (… thanks Eiryl, and this photo is also my response to a comment made a couple of days ago. Der)madeira news blog 0909 tobi eiryl roof dogsChanging the subject : 

"I recently returned from a trip to Madeira. This gave me the opportunity to compare the arrival facilities at Funchal airport, which is regarded as a provincial Portuguese airport, and those at Manchester Airport Terminal 2, which local politicians would have us believe merits the grandiose term "International" in its title". I really have no idea what motivates such people to be train spotters or airport comparers, to the point of making a written record of their experiences, but if you do read this don’t forget to look at the first of the comments, which sums up one viewers opinion of the authors credentials. FUNCHAL 5 MANCHESTER 0

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2 thoughts on “Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Roof Dogs”

  1. I wondered where all the woofing came from.
    A quiet evening spent looking Funchal bay woundn’t be the same without it.
    Perhaps the cocolate cocktail Der desscribed might send them asleep?

  2. The monte train looks good , but i bet it will take alot longer to see it working than they plan…

    The view point at cabo Girao is another thing that does not seem to be happening, the poster has been up for ages saying improvement work , sorry for inconvenience , and a nice pic of what it will look like, but nothing has started.


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