Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Porto Moniz Statue

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Tobi … This is the now famous roundabout in Porto Moniz. If you remember back a few weeks, the detail was the subject of the challenge ‘How well do you know Madeira?’

madeira news blog 0908 tobi statue roundabout Porto Moniz

The end of September has arrived, and sadly for me the news service, after over two years in it’s current form, is in it’s last day. So it’s over to Plan ‘B’ : Something will continue to be published, maybe not every day, but most days certainly. As a minimum, things like the daily photo and ‘How well do you know Madeira?’, will continue as long as people continue to send in material.

If the blog becomes an empty shell it will die I guess, but we can see how things go for a few weeks. I will continue to be major a contributor, with even some limited news stories and any other information I pick up, and I hope others will join me with contributions. If anyone thinks it worthwhile, contact me as I can provide access to make postings directly on the blog, so worthwhile things don’t get lost in the ‘comments’. Anything relevant to Madeira is welcome, personal experiences, money saving tips, events news, even local news stories if anyone is up to translating, and of course photos, and even videos.

As always, other suggestions and ideas are welcome, but as in future this will be more of a hobby rather than a job for me, please bear that in mind.

As for donations / pledges (the PayPal button will still be there), I would just say that anyone tempted to click on it to wait for a couple of weeks to see how things develop. I know I might owe some people a refund. Can you please email me with how much you want returned (I won’t argue), and how to return it € / £. Thanks

So I hope that from now on that ‘less of me’ will turn into more of everyone else.

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13 thoughts on “Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Porto Moniz Statue”

  1. I might of known it would rain today, but actually I am quite glad, as it’s the PSD political rally here tonight, along with all the usual political bribery, so I hope it rains all day. Fortunately for them the stage arranged for the entertainment, which has taken three days to erect, is covered. No expense spared with one of Portugal’s top artists, Marco Polo, the bloke who does the yogurt ads on TV.


    The rain is great Der, im liking it alot , but not a very nice smell in the air , its amazing with just this rain all the sewers over flow , they really need to sort this out.

  3. Yup, sad blog day indeed despite Der’s best efforts……No other suggestions Tobi but I will try and add “proper” posts as and when able…..I hope that more readers can do same?

    Rain and some …. guests in galoshes and macks in Madeira!

  4. I don’t know why you put up with such a wet place.

    it’s been sunny and warm for the last month or so here in East Anglia ( It’s where the fords come from)

  5. Martin, why have fords if it dosen’t rain?

    Just had a very nice slice of “orange” madeira cake (courtesey of “Grandma across the road) and a lurvelly glass of “seco” madeira with our guests…’s a hard job but some one has to do it!

    I don’t care care what the weather man says……..

  6. Ford’s Anglia!!!

    If you lived in Britain Jon “”Health and Safety” would have banned orange madeira cake for being too nice and therefore dangerous

  7. Warm and sunny in South West UK too (Bristol area) – haven’t had any rain for so long that beginning to forget what it looks like!!! No doubt when it arrives it won’t want to leave though! The ground is so hard it is like concrete and haven’t been able to take the horse for a good gallop for ages as worried about damaging his legs!

    Any news on when your supermarket job commences Der? Whenever it is, all the best of luck with it – I am sure you will keep everyone there entertained with your great sense of humour!

    I will try and post as much as I can on the blog – I might also have a go at some Diario translation as long as it is not all politics!

  8. I know Martin…..t’was only joking. A ford Anglia obviously comes from East Anglia and maybe makes it back again, sometimes ….. FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily? {‘;’}
    Now enjoying Vino Madeira Doce …. hic!

  9. thanks Emily,

    Please (anyone) don’t use the Google translations without checking / intervention.

    I tried it out a week or so ago, and negative statements became positive. ‘Portugal’ became ‘Canada’, and the verb tenses were a quite incorrect in some places. And of course it understandably would have no idea about context, and so just guesses some of the translations. Also word order is a little strange to say the least, but that isn’t so bad just for getting a gist of things.

  10. Martin, having “supped a few” in our time here I would opt for “Heriques & Henriques” 5 year old finest medium rich (meio doce) – delicious on it’s own (like liquid christmas pud) or indeed with pud or cheese and biscuits …..MMmmmnnn!

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