Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Gizmo & Lucy

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Jon … His adopted Madeiran pets Gizmo & Lucy involved in a bit of a loving rumble.

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"Saturday we’re off for a short break to the island of Madeira. There’s somewhere I’ve never been to in this country of mine, so I have to go, if nothing else simply because I haven’t been. I’m pretty neurotic so right now I am worrying about leaving my mum on her own, the dog, my business being ran by someone else, I’m scared about flying…come on, I am returning on a fokker. There are a few yikes going on at the moment". BON JOVI FAN?

Marítimo play Naval today at 4 pm, on Madeira, but it’s not on TV. No game for Nacional as it has been put off for 2 weeks. The big game this weekend is this evening at 7.15 pm on SportTV 1, Porto v Sporting.

Have a great weekend!

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10 thoughts on “Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Gizmo & Lucy”

  1. Ha Ha , nice story Der.

    I have had a drive round the new road which connects Sao martinho to Praia Formosa, very impressed, the whole road has parking both sides and in the middle is a huge piece of land for planned gardens, so plenty of parking for when they are ready., im sure these new roads , and with the tunnel from the port opening on the 2nd October, it will help keep alot of traffic out of Funchal

  2. The fun you have in your local pub Der, I can’t wait to see the site of your infamy.
    Bloody good job it didn’t happen before the Revolution or Salazar of Portugal would have had you!

  3. Not even my local Martin.

    You can thank our sponsor for that story, who suggested doing stories with a “personal slant”.

    I didn’t really know what that meant until this morning, when I woke up with backache. Working at that angle yesterday, I could hardly see the screen, and operating the keyboard was almost impossible, but at thankfully in the end I figured out what he was talking about.

  4. The problems of living in the country Sue, when i first moved here , we lived in Estreito de camara de lobos, and water and electric where on and off all the time, it drove me mad.

    I saw the bit in the Paper Der about the power cut affecting the whole island, amazing one cable can cut us all off like that…

    2 lovely cats Jon, they look very happy.

    We have a new bit of road to open at the top of our street very soon , and about time, i wonder if AJJ will come and open it???

  5. HEY,

    Google Earth , has up dated its images for Madeira, Looks like the whole island has been updated now , not sure about porto santo , but its looking newer , dont know what they have done with the desertas though.

  6. Thanks Tobi,

    I looked already onto the newly published satellite images but didn’t notice they were new 😉
    btw: all Islands (Madeira, Porto Santo, Desertas) have new images –
    but the images from Funchal region are one year older than the former images.
    Now all images have date 2007



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