Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Caniçal Cast-Off

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Jaquine … Caniçal’s boats all dressed up & ready to take ‘Nossa Senhora’ out to sea … (you probably know the story, something about a lost piece of a picture or a cross which was found years later floating in the sea).

madeira news blog 0909 jaquine canical boats

"Madeira is one big fruit and vegetable basket, and much of the produce finds its way on to the menus, along with the garden’s own haul of home-grown vegetables, herbs and fruit trees. Jardins do Lago’s banana crop is a breakfast staple and you are guaranteed a selection of the island’s daily catch (although carnivores sacrifice meat for fish at their peril)". An independent report on a hotel from the UK Daily Telegraph QUINTA JARDINS DO LAGO

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9 thoughts on “Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Caniçal Cast-Off”

  1. I don’t know about the sailors Martin, great photo though.

    Election day has come at last. RTP have a reporter in Ribeira Brava today, and the latest news bulletin reports that there is almost nobody voting here yet.

    That was a big downpour we had last night. I feel sorry for the organiser of a big ‘End of Summer’ party we had here on the sea front last night, as it must have cost €housands. The guy had two temporary bars constructed, and food organised as well as the music, and it started at 10 pm, just before the heavens opened.

  2. No rain in Gaula overnight and lurvely and sunny here at the moment……
    Yup, our Pharmacies in Gaula and Santa Cruz offer superb service also, will be applauding at 5 with you Der.

    Hope TAP manage to deliver our English guests on time tonight – after stranding our previous visitors for two nights in Santa cruz (thurs & fri). Many other tourists were left here with no luggage, wilting flowers, lost business revenues and missed appointments etc……hope the extra money is worth the trouble they caused to hundreds of people.

  3. The memsahib and me visited the lift in question some while ago.
    We were frightened and did not try it.
    Is this lift and indeed all the other hotel and apartment lifts subject to regular inspections?

  4. I have not been on the lift at Fajã, but i was only there the other day , watching the older lift come up with a few people in , the lift that fell costs 7.50 so its something im not likely to do at that price, and even more reason not to now.

    Der the images your way on google earth are a bit bright, so not as clear as would like. there are quite a few 3D models appearing as well.

  5. Thanks Tobi, will take a look later this week, and hopefully get closer look at my broken roof tiles.

    Yes lifts are subject to annual inspections Martin : This from April this year :

    “If you like to shop in the Anadia shopping centre in Funchal, look out if you choose to use the lifts. According to the inspection discs in the two lifts, the last time they were checked was on 11th November 2005.”


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