Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Botanical Parrots

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Elaine of O Sol … Taken at the Botanical Gardens, or whatever it’s called now.

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7 thoughts on “Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Botanical Parrots”

  1. Hi Readers

    Can anyone help, I recently lost my camera in Madeira whilst on holiday the 6th of September, I have been unable to find a telephone number for the police to report it, but worst of all we have 100,s of photos from a holiday in cuba, and a friends wedding.

    Does anyone know who I could contact.

    Please email ************** (removed by Der for privacy purposes, but will pass on any messages)

    Many Thanks

  2. Lianne, In the first instance I would contact the Hotel/B&B etc. where you stayed – it may have been “lost” in your room or on their premises and handed in?

    Otherwise, some Police details as follows:

    Seguranca Publica (00351) 291208400 should be the correct department, unless anyone knows better………

    Santa Cruz police station [English speaking people available] (00351) 291524355

    Funchal Tourist board [may not be helpful] (00351) 291211902

    Good Luck!

  3. Lianne, ifyou can try to remember names of the places you last used the camera, e.g. cafe for a coffee, did you still have it at the airport? did you realise it was missing before you left the Island. If you can think of any names we can look up their telephone numbers for you. I will check back on Tuesday (away for the weekend) – let us now if it is found.

    Good luck – I was lucky in Portugal, left my on a table on a terrace outside a cafe and they saved it inside, so there are good people around.


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