"Thank & Repay" Jardim ; Lugar de Baixo … The Fairytale ; Port Taxes May Increase ; Norwich

(5th August). ‘PSD Delivers Lists For The Câmaras Of São Vicente And Porto Moniz – Jorge Romeira selects social matters and quality of life as his priorities’. The social democrats of Madeira yesterday gave in their candidates lists for the two regions, with Jorge Romeira for São Vicente and Valter Correia in Porto Moniz at the top to be presidents.

‘PSD-M Asks 54 to Zero To Thank Jardim – "Thank and repay" all that Jardim did for Madeira with absolute victory’. The achievement of one more historic result would make a great parting gift for Alberto João Jardim, by winning in all of Madeira’s 54 Freguesias (parishes), according to Rui Coelho of the social democrats. The party wants to achieve the result with humility and not send Madeira into euphoria. In the previous local elections the PSD-M won 50 of the 54 majorities, with just Gaula, Água de Pena, Achadas da Cruz and Prazeres bucking the trend.

In anticipation of the visit of president Jardim to the expansion zone in Ponta do Sol town, the PS-M socialist party had a large sarcastic poster made and displayed, that one couldn’t fail to see. It headlined "€42.5 million thrown overboard – what happened to the 80 jobs promised", with other highlights of the government flagship disaster project … Lugar de Baixo marina. That was in the Diário.

The ‘response’ was in the Jornal da Madeira : "The People Know What They Have To Do" – The president of Madeira referred to the embargos placed on works’. President Jardim yesterday pointed the finger at those who suspend works, accusing them of preventing development and the creation of jobs. At the inauguration of the road in Ponta do Sol and other new infrastructures, Alberto João Jardim mentioned the project in the area of Lugar de Baixo. "As you know, there is a great work that someone has stopped because of an embargo", continuing "the people know who embargoed that work", and "who caused that years ago …  not creating the jobs that should have been created, and the lack of economic activity that should already exist. "The people know who did it, and therefore, the people also know what they have to do" said the president. By this time I was feeling a little unwell, so I set the Jornal on fire and threw it off the balcony (metaphorically speaking of course). Uncle Bertie passing the buck is of course not a novel phenomenon for most of us, but in this case his arrogance is breathcurdling. Rumour has it that it was him who commanded the building of marina in the somewhat rougher seas of Lugar de Baixo, when it was all set to safely go in the more sheltered waters of Ribeira Brava. On another subject, where is António Lobo, the ex-president of Ponta do Sol these days?

Enough of politics …

"Thank & Repay" Jardim ; Lugar de Baixo ... The Fairytale ; Port Taxes May Increase ; Norwich 1 ‘Port Taxes Could Rise After Completion Of The New ‘Port Structures’ – Conceição Estudante believes that services and costs should be covered’. The Government may consider an increase in port fees charged in the port of Funchal after the completion of the works. The issue was raised by the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Transport yesterday morning during a visit to the works in the port of Funchal. She said that the prices update will reflect economic developments, in order not to jeopardize the level of use by making the port too expensive. She added that the current rates in the port of Funchal are among the lowest on the Atlantic circuit. The new infrastructure is costing €12.8 million, and should be completed in December.

‘8 Visits In August – Pacific Dream, Aurora, Costa Europa And Black Prince Are Expected’. Eight cruise ship visits are expected this month, in line with previous years, but 4 of those are from ‘Pacific Dream’.

(4th August). This is another one from the dark side : ‘More Hotels Are Likely To Close During The Winter – A meeting to be held between hotels this week could be conclusive’. With the Summer peak still flowing, some hotels on Porto Santo are already thinking ahead to the coming Winter. The strategy adopted last year is certain to last, with hotels that include the Praia Dourada and Pestana Dunas, again closing for 4 months to cope with the high running costs and strong seasonality of tourism. Rumours are that in addition the Hotel Vila Baleira and Torre Praia are considering the same solution. This would be a great challenge for a great marketing mind, to overcome the stupid notion that Winter is not beach time, when you have a beautiful island, a 9km golden beach, cheap top hotels, and great weather nearly all year around. Porto Santo is a ready made success story, that continues to fail, probably because it is just too small to survive alone and too under sourced to market itself. I stayed there at the beginning of February a couple of years ago, and the beach and sea were great, and it was plenty warm enough when the sun was out … but when it is not, there is little to do for the average holiday maker, so you do need to have plan for that eventuality.

(3rd August). This from the Norwich Evening News (UK) : ‘New Destination For Norwich Airport Passengers’. Holidaymakers can now enjoy the destination of Madeira from Norwich airport on two special dates next year. The flights will depart on Wednesday, April 14 2010 and April 21, 2010, courtesy of Newmarket Holidays, with following departures likely to be announced at a later date. Elliott Summers, managing director of Norwich Airport said: “Newmarket Holidays has long been offering our passengers a selection of destinations to the local population and we are very pleased they have picked up on the local demand for Madeira”.

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  1. I would have thought that there was a strong demand for Madeira from this area (Norfolk). A large number of Portuguese in the Thetford area. – does anyone know why? We have travelled to Faro from Norwich in the summer to go to the Algarve but it would be great if they increased the flights from here to Madeira. We are always here in Norfolk for the summer but for the rest of the time are in London. Norwich airport is a great airport – sadly underused – a little like Madeira.

  2. No these people have been around for a while. Normally they do two package trips to Madeira – one in October and one in November. However I would think that there is quite a strong demand for direct flights to Funchal as East Anglia is a popular retirement area – but not at its best during the winter months!


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