PS-M Visits Restricted ; Road Contract In C de L ; PSD Pals List ; No Safe Beaches For The Poor

(7th August). ‘PS Responds To Visit With Threats – After an incident with Jaime Leandro in São Martinho, the socialists remind that MPs don’t need permission to visit works’. They don’t need permits, and they don’t need to give advance warning to visit the sites of government works and services. That’s a power that deputies (MPs) in the Madeira Assembly have, just needing to present an ID card at the location to gain easy access. It was on the strength of this legislation that the socialist member of the PS-M, Jaime Leandro, requested entry to the works on a road connecting the Estrada Monumental to the via-rápida, next to the Hotel Madeira Palace, late afternoon on Wednesday. The deputy managed to gain access, but on his return five minutes later, according to Leandro, some individuals crossed the road and hurled insults and threats at him. The situation, as reported in yesterday’s Jornal, forced Jaime Leandro to call the police for fear for of his physical safety. Those responsible for the threats have been identified and Leandro admits that he is proceeding with a complaint. The contractor responsible for the work (Tâmega) didn’t wish to comment on the situation, but the regional secretary responsible for the project says that Leandro hadn’t asked permission to visit the site. Leandro says he visited the site to investigate complaints of working at night, causing disturbances to residents in Amparo, "all down to inauguration fever", he says. He fears that the socialists will soon find it necessary to have a "PSD card" (PSD-M party membership?) to enter the works and services of the government. After the incident and the threats that he received, and the reaction of the government, the Socialists are now planning to go and see more works. That guarantee was given by members of the PS-M who are already preparing to travel to several work sites that are being finished, and should be opened in September and October.

‘PSD Of Calheta ‘Steal’ Two Candidates From The CDS / PP’. The orange colour of the PSD seems more palatable than the blue and yellow, as Idalina Sá and Olga Sequeira switched their loyalties. The leaders and activists of the Peoples Party / Christian Democrats try to recover from the blow inflicted by the PSD after the two ‘free transfers’.

‘Council Of Government Meets To Award A Road Contract – The connection to Ribeiro da Alforra and Limoeiro will cost €9.4 million’. The weekly meeting yesterday just had one item on the agenda, the decision to award the building of a road in Câmara de Lobos. The road will be 2.5 kilometres in length, including a 225 meter tunnel. A spokesman said "it is a new link road which will very significantly improve the accessibility for the locations of Rancho, Ribeiro da Alforra and Limoeiro, in the parish of Câmara de Lobos, and establishing a new access road to the new Basic School in Rancho / Caldeira and the recently opened football stadium".

‘Basic sanitation highlighted as an example of failure of CMF’. Artur Andrade yesterday again accused the leadership of Miguel Albuquerque in Funchal Municipal Council (CMF) of a breach of election promises. After a tour of several parishes, the communist councillor in CMF concluded in Santo António, that basic sanitation is one of unfulfilled commitments. The communist cites the cases of Vasco do Gil, Cascalho and Preces.

In the same article, the main candidate for the MPT-M Earth Party, says he fears that the beaches that charge are putting families at risk. Concerned with those families that cannot afford to pay to enter, he warned of the consequences. He said that these poor families are forced to use the beaches that don’t charge, and don’t have lifeguards and safety equipment. He has called for CMF to intervene to allow cheaper access to the beaches in Funchal.

In a national story today : ‘Manuela Accused Of Making A List Of Pals – District leader says that the candidate list for Lisbon is composed by people "spent and tired". The district president of the PSD social democrats in Lisbon, accused his own party leader Manuela Ferreira Leite, of coming up with a "spent candidate list" to "pay favours" and "square accounts", in a national PSD Council meeting on Tuesday. "Instead of submitting a list for the voters of Lisbon, they decided to make a list for internal politics, to satisfy the tribe …" said Carlos Carreiras. "Whilst the district of Lisbon was making an effort to produce a list of credibility, nationally it was preferred to make some choices that seriously undermine the image of the party", he added. That will mean that you are not on that list then Carlos … welcome to politics, and be thankful you are not on Madeira where all such decisions are based on the likes and dislikes of just one man, forget the luxury of councils.

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