Porto Santo Full, But No Spenders ; PJ Missing People Search ; Funchal 501? Celebrations

Porto Santo Full, But No Spenders ; PJ Missing People Search ; Funchal 501? Celebrations 1 (8th August). Today’s main front page photo shows a cafe esplanade with a reasonable number of clients sat at tables : ‘Overflow On Porto Santo, But Consumption Is Low – There are many people on holiday on the island, but the traders are aware of a reduction in spending. Business is weak’. High season is underway and the streets are full of people, especially since yesterday, but they are not spending much. They are spending much less, not just in the restaurants, but also on the night activities, especially the youngsters that are not visiting the night time locations they used to visit. This year with the crisis more visible and with still other worries (such as Gripe A), it is already certain that the economy of Porto Santo is going to suffer, and more so later in August when the hotel bookings are down (40 to 70% occupied, with some full).

‘Justice Police Search For 10 Missing People – They continue without giving any hopeful signs of finding the 10 registered missing people; two of them haven’t been seen since they were minors’. Ten people, adults, youths, and children remain registered as ‘disappeared’ by Madeira’s police. The oldest case goes back 10 years, the most recent happened this year, but all the cases remain open, although in some cases the police believe that it is just a case of people leaving home, as people sometimes wish to cut family ties and start a new life. Some of the others that go off ‘Without A Trace’ ask police not to tell their families. A spokesman for the PJ says that it is necessary to make a differential between the adults and children, as in the latter case the communication abilities may not be sufficiently developed to seek help. This complicates matters later on when old memories are lost and appearances change. Some of the cases are discussed: Sofia aged 2 went missing in 2004 from Caniço, kidnapped by her father; João Teles then aged 16, went missing from Câmara de Lobos in 1998. The JP have no doubt that some of them are dead, maybe from suicide, or have died naturally in a place where they won’t be found, in the wilderness or the sea perhaps.

‘Wings Of Portugal’ Return To Madeira – The acrobatic squadron shows its skills on the Day of Funchal, that will also repeat the historic parade’. The parade will have 700 participants and will be made up of period costumes representing Funchal’s history. The Council of Funchal (CMF) has decided to "show some dimensions of its history, that is over 500 years old", says president of CMF Miguel Albuquerque, "it is an example of the cultural wealth of the citizens". There is an invitation to everyone, those who want to participate, and those who want to watch in the streets. The route will be in the centre streets, much like last year, ending up outside ‘City Hall’. The airshow ‘Wings Of Portugal’ will also perform, as in 2008, along with other commemorative events. A full programme of events for 21st August will be released by CMF soon. Celebrating the closing of the ‘500 year’ celebrations, or the forthcoming elections I wonder?

‘Zenit Of Danny On The Path Of Nacional – The Russians come first to the Choupana, on the 20th of this month, in the Europa league. Danny doesn’t play because he is continuing to recover’. Confirmation from yesterday of the news that Nacional play Zenit St. Petersburg over two legs this month. Danny, the star midfielder from Madeira, plays for Zenit normally, but it seems he is injured.

‘Miradouro At Portela With Face-Lift – Jardim says he will tighten the vigilance on illegal traders’. It was in front of a crowd of people in Machico that the president of the Madeira government inaugurated the miradouro (viewpoint) in Portela Thursday afternoon. The work cost €370,000 and gifted Machico with four new sales areas for local arts and crafts, in an area that Jardim said was a sought after tourist location, that was equipped with car and coach parking. 

‘Firefighters delivered a petition to Monteiro Diniz – Over 300 professionals united by the career’. The Regional Secretary of the National Association of Professional Firefighters (ANBP) went yesterday afternoon to the Palace of São Lourenço, and met with the Representative of the Republic, Monteiro Diniz, delivering a petition to implement a decree in Madeira Law (247/2007) which defines the legal regime (?) of the Portuguese Firemen. The document was signed by more than three hundred professional firefighters from the region, wishing to see their careers put on a level equal to their colleagues on the continent. The details of the difference between the firemen in Madeira and Portugal are not given, but I believe it is a matter of status, compared with other emergency services. Anyway, isn’t part of being an antonymous region a matter of taking the rough with the smooth, or is it OK to cherry pick the nice bits and then complain about the bits we don’t like. Just a thought, and certainly not wishing to upset our fine fire fighting forces.

(7th August). ‘Energy efficiency in RAM’. Factorenergia, in partnership with Consulglobal, and the Regional Agency for Energy and the Environment (AREAM) have established a protocol to support and promote the implementation of energy efficiency measures in Madeira’s businesses. This protocol aims to give companies greater facilities for access to EU funds and the advice necessary to enable a decrease in energy consumption. Using various technologies, from lighting, intelligent control of induction motors, installing variable speed drives, capacitor batteries, and other technologies that are observed to be the most appropriate. Companies that want to invest in renewable energy production (photovoltaic and / or wind), are also covered under this protocol. The reduction of costs is increasingly important to competitiveness and business efficiency, and accordingly this combination of efforts between these entities, is intended primarily to provide the link between the work of diagnosis and implementation of various solutions to save energy, with packages of financing through EU funds, which support up to 50% in grants. Companies interested may contact any of the entities involved to start the process of analysis, and the work necessary will be customized for each individual business. 

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