More For Madeira Tourism ; New Year Fireworks ; 50,000 On Lobo Marinho ; Doctor Shortage

(7th August). Today’s main news headline : ‘Lisbon Already Gave €64 Million In Incentives To Tourism – At the time of assessment, Tourism Of Portugal, the remit of Bernardo Trindade, realised that Madeira has received €10 million more than the Azores’. The imbalance in support has occurred since 2005, the same period of the mandate of the Secretary of State for Tourism, who also happens to be Madeiran. Quite why the Diário would want to stir up problems between Madeira and the Azores beats me, but I would guess the needs and circumstances of both locations are quite different regardless.

‘Suspicion Of Gripe A Isolates Scouts’. Two teenagers from Las Palmas, Canary Islands, are under observation for suspected Gripe A. They are both being kept isolated in the School of Louros to avoid the risk of spreading H1N1 swine flu, whilst analysis is being undertaken to confirm the virus. The rest of the Spanish scout group continue to enjoy their Summer holidays here.

‘Only One Doctor Per Centre In The North’. Not just in Porto Moniz, Santana, and São Vicente, but also on Porto Santo, there is just one family doctor, and other services are having to be provided using retired doctors. The health centres are open up to 24 hours a day, but the clinical director of Madeira’s health service says that the number of daily visits are low enough that the situation is justified. There are 10 vacancies for family doctors on Madeira, so as a temporary arrangement retired doctors are used to help. I am not entirely clear, but it seems there are still emergency doctors in the health centres that are not part of this story.

Half of today’s front page is taken up with a photo of the Brazilian striker named Wanderley Santos Júnior : ‘Nacional ‘Steal’ Wanderley From The Rivals – After being offered as a Marítimo reinforcement, the forward of Cruzeiro is now a Nacional player for 4 seasons. Rui Alves paid €750,000 and responds to the contract given to Alonso by its rival team’. An attempt by the Diário to invent a tit-for-tat story, but it doesn’t really stack up, and the player hasn’t yet agreed terms anyway.

Apart from a political story to follow later, that’s the front page today, so it looks like it’s been a struggle to fill the newspaper again.

Just announced in football, in the new Europa League, Nacional will be playing Zenit St Petersburg. The first leg is away on 20th August, with the home leg the following Thursday (27th), both fixtures are scheduled for 8 pm kick-offs. Zenit were the holders of the 2008 UEFA Cup, and of the 2008 UEFA Super Cup, after beating Manchester United 2-1 in Monaco. Tough one!

‘Church Robbers Are Repeat Offenders – Detained in Tabua they are answering for robberies committed in March and April’. At least two of the three men arrested by police early Wednesday morning in Tabua are identified by police and judicial authorities as responsible for a string of church robberies, including in Santa Cruz, Funchal, Câmara de Lobos, Ribeira Brava and São Vicente. Police enquiries have revealed a ‘modus operandi’ which denotes "a considerable degree of organization and hierarchy", equipped with various construction tools to break in through bars, doors, and windows, also using stolen cars with false number plates to travel between regions and transport their loot, most of which was the proceeds of collection boxes. Two of the robbers didn’t even have driving licences. The Regional Command of the PSP (public security police) will soon issue a press release revealing more details about this wave of church robberies.

More For Madeira Tourism ; New Year Fireworks ; 50,000 On Lobo Marinho ; Doctor Shortage 1
‘Firework Positions Already Defined – A government resolution is aimed at overcoming objections about the posts’. Although the year end is still nearly 5 months away, the plan for the firework posts has already been prepared. The plan of the positions was approved by the Council of Government and published in the Official Journal of Madeira on the 28th of July. Resolution No. 860/2009 states that "in recent years there have been some objections raised on the part of private entities, and in particular the use of land, structures and spaces for the placement of posts for the launch of fireworks that were traditionally used for this purpose". 39 positions have been approved to launch fireworks above Funchal and the bay. One new post has been accepted in the anfiteatro in São Martinho, and another has been slightly moved. Meanwhile the Regional Secretary of Tourism and Transport has already published the tender contest for the supply, installation and setting-off of the fireworks for the end-of-year celebrations 2009/2010. The successful tender will be known at the end of September or early October. The last few times it has been Macedo’s Pirotecnia providing the show. Some of the locations shown on the map will have several firework launching posts. Wasn’t it at one time one the purpose of the Atlantic Festival firework competition to find the best entrant and then give that company the year end contract?

The dates for the new school year have been fixed, and the new term will start on 21st September, with the school year finishing in June 2010, either on the 8th, 18th, or 25th, giving a school year of between 160 and 172 days. The first term will run from 21st September to 18th December, with some schools being closed at election times. The second term starts on 4th January and continues until 26th March, less the normal 3 days off at carnival time (15th – 17th February). The final term starts on 12th April.

‘Festival of cocktails in Machico – Twenty-five bartenders demonstrate the ‘art’ of creating cocktails’. The Association of Bartenders of Madeira are promoting a festival of cocktails within Machico Gastronomy Week. The ‘first works’ will emerge around 2.30 pm on Sunday, with the prize giving at 6 pm.

This from the Jornal da Madeira : For only the second time in service on the Porto Santo route, the ferry Lobo Marinho transported over 50,000 passengers in a month. The achievement last month show a recovery in the market, but is also thanks to price reductions forced on the Porto Santo Line, due to poor passenger occupation during the earlier part of this year. the maximum capacity per trip is 1,150, and during the first 7 months of this year the ferry has transported 196,000 passengers.

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  1. You are right Der, the Atlantic festival is to decide on who is invited to display the New Year Fireworks, but as the time has gone on the logistics have become so much of a nightmare that I believe the winner now supply and design the display and the local people put on the display – or the other way round!!!


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