How well do you know Madeira?

Sheila sent me this yesterday, so it would be nice to try it out under the category ‘Just For Fun’.

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"Hello Der,
Read Sam’s comment on the blog about having lived in Madeira for 10 years without visiting the Monte Palace gardens. Do you think it would  be an idea to run a "Do you know where this is?" spot, perhaps along these lines?

How well do you know Madeira?

Typical of the traditional Madeiran way of life, this striking statue is adjacent to what may be one of the Island’s least attractive buildings but do you know where it is?

Let me know what you think. The statue is in *******************************. I’m sure that Tobi and many other blog addicts could come up with pictures for a spot like this.
Have a good week.

Thanks very much Sheila … let’s see what happens

Answer tomorrow if no one gets the right answer first. Please post on the comments below, along with any feedback on the idea.

What do you think of this as a regular feature, but it won’t work without reader contributions? It could be varied into Madeira related quiz questions, or ‘what is it?, or whatever.

14 thoughts on “How well do you know Madeira?”

  1. Great idea Sheila. Haven’t got a clue as to where the statue is, but good to generate interest in Madeira. Will also send Der a picture to include as part of this theme.

  2. Easy peezy. The statue is in Ponta da Cruz on the north coast, just down from the wonderful church, with its lovely modern interior.
    Incidentally, we can heartily recommend the restaurant down the road with the wooden window frames and the top of a wine barrel over the door. It has a nice cool, rather dark interior. Excellent food and not over the top expensive.

    This is a very good idea from Sheila.

  3. Hey what a good idea, will have to look through my photos to find something out of the ordinary – thanks for the hint about the restaurant. We are very proud of ourselves at the moment having managed to go to the Camara in Santa Cruz and get copies of the plans of our building – all done in “potted” Portuguese and a lot of laughs – it is true if you try they help and once we got them to slow down we were OK – thanks to the lessons in Ribera Brava, Sue is particularly proud as she understood the copies were ready for collection via the telephone!

  4. Congraulations, Eric and Evelyn, spot on – Porto da Cruz it is! Nice, “easy peezy” one to start with but if blog fanciers are interested, then I have some really tricky mystery pictures lined up. Just watch this space. Looking forward to some difficult puzzles from you folks out there too. Glad to see that the interior of Porto da Cruz Church is “lovely”, Eric and Evelyn – the exterior sure isn’t! Will try the restaurant for a meal and if you just want tea and cakes, you can’t do better than head for Doce Satisfacao (there is another branch in Santa Cruz). Inexpensive and delicious.

  5. Postscript….. I congratulated Eric and Evelyn on being the first to identify the location of the mystery picture. However, I must modify my praise. Actually, you did get the name a bit wrong. The statue is in Porto da Cruz not Ponta da Cruz. Will have to check with Der as to whether you are the winners or not!

  6. Typing error on my part – it is of course Porto da Cruz. We are happy to receive the ‘Clever Clogs’ title, nonetheless!! Obrigado.

    The restaurant is, we believe, called ‘Pipas Bar’. The owner and the young lady waitress speak excellent English.

    Der, your writings are SO funny – you should write a book. You have a great way with words – don’t waste your obvious talent.

  7. thank you Eric and Evelyn … are you real, or do I owe you a €tenner. You cheered me up nicely with such undeserved flattery after that other jerk from planet Twat. Thank you


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